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  • Hi John - I have a question about format. If I buy these, I'm curious how I go about filling in the blanks. I'm used to accessing all Logos materials via the app on my iPad. Seldom do I use my laptop. What format do I get these in and what devices can I use to fill in the blanks? Thanks.
      They will be visible as the text written. There are actual boxes to type your answers in. The answers show up inline, in the book, below the questions.
      John, are there plans to add the inline not boxes for other Bible study series that Logos. Specifically I'm interested in the Spirit Filled Life Study Guides by Jack Hayford.
      Stephen: I can't say at the moment. I'm not sure if we will add the inline boxes to other series or not. Currently, they're part of the Studies in Faithful Series and the Not Your Average Bible Study series.
  • I simply cannot recommend this commentary strong enough.