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    1. Posting at the request of FBC Inglis FBC Inglis is in need of children's tables and chairs. Please contact Wanda at 352-447-2858 if you need more information.
      1. A severe weather warning has been issued for Marion County tomorrow starting at 1 pm ending early Friday morning. Flash flooding and high winds are expected. Please take all lose items in your yard and secure them.
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          Posting at the request of FBC Ocala The Lord's Supper table Monty Grant or Kristi Weber First Baptist Church of Ocala, Florida 352-629-5683
          1. Attention MBA Churches
            1. New Year Update Happy New Year! I am writing to update you on the Human Life Protection Amendment.You'll recall that this proposed amendment, when adopted, will embed in our State Constitution that human beings -- the preborn, the disabled and infirm, and the aged -- have a right to life from first to last detectable heartbeat. The current requirement is verification of 766,200 petitions signed by Florida registered voters. Our objective, therefore, has been to submit one million signed petitions to make sure we meet the required number. As you know, our initial goal was to get the proposed amendment on the November 2020 ballot. By the time the exact wording of our proposed amendment was finalized, submitted, and approved by the Florida Division of Elections for circulation, less than sixty days remained to submit the required number of petitions to get on the 2020 ballot. We knew this task would require a herculean effort as well as the hand of the Lord, but we saw no reason to simply do nothing and wait. While we did not receive enough signed petitions to meet this short deadline, we did make tremendous progress. We have already received signed petitions from 62 of 67 Florida counties, and are well on our way to meeting our first important threshold that triggers judicial review of our amendment. So, while our amendment will not meet the ballot placement threshold for the upcoming 2020 general election, once we submit the required number of valid petitions, the proposed amendment will be put before the voters on the 2022 general election ballot. The petitions received so far are good for up to 24 months from the date signed, so we have a running head start. For those of you who are still receiving signed petitions from friends and family, or have signed petitions to send to us, they can continue to be mailed to the address below. Protect Human Life Florida 14260 West Newberry Road, #420 Newberry, FL 32669 We are re-energized with the expanded timeline, and with new connections made on a weekly basis around the state. We will continue to fight to legally protect innocent human life in Florida and ask that you continue to do so as well. We remain certain that this is a battle for life that the Lord has called us to wage and win. There is no giving up, as nothing worth doing is accomplished easily. While there is much to do, we can do it together, with the Lord’s help. Sanctity of Human Life Sunday In the coming year, you will receive information periodically about ongoing efforts and how you, your friends, and your church can be involved. An important opportunity is next Sunday the 19th, which is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Churches across the nation have recognized the third Sunday in January as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday ever since President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation in January of 1984 designating the first ever National Sanctity of Human Life Day. This is a great time to emphasize that God is the author of life, and that all human life is precious to Him. To assist you in this, attached is the petition, as well as the full text of our proposed amendment, both of which are linked on our www.HumanLifeFL.comwebsite. Also contained on our website under the “Resources” tab is our Human Life Protection Amendment Video that gives a brief overview of our proposed amendment. This is a great resource for churches that want to conduct a petition drive during their service on January 19th or simply want to make their congregation aware of our initiative so they can go to our website or download our phone app, to learn more. To those of you who volunteered tirelessly over the past two months, gathering petitions as fast as you could, you have created a momentum that we will continue to build on. Thank you for your commitment and passion for the protection of innocent human lives, and know that your work is making a difference. To those of you who are making this possible with your financial contributions, thank you for your generosity and your willingness to support our work to amend our State Constitution through a citizen initiative. Finally, to those of you have been praying over our efforts, thank you for doing so, and please continue, as there is much remaining to do and your prayers are integral to the accomplishment of our objectives. Here’s to a purposeful 2020! Mark Mark Minck State Chairman Protect Human Life Florida
              1. The phone lines are down in this area. If you need to contact us, please email us @ mbaocala@gmail.com