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Rewards of Faith- by Pastor Mark Sage
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Scripture Reading: Ruth 2:1-12

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Sermon: Rewards of Faith

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PM Sermon: Our Church Series - Seeking Harmony


It is a most lamentable thing to see how most people spend their time and their energy for trifles, while God is cast aside. He who is all seems to them as nothing, and that which is nothing seems to them as good as all. It is lamentable indeed, knowing that God has set mankind in such a race where heaven or hell is their certain end, that they should sit down and loiter, or run after the childish toys of the world, forgetting the prize they should run for. 

Were it but possible for one of us to see this business as the all-seeing God does, and see what most men and women in the world are interested in and what they are doing every day, it would be the saddest sight imaginable. Oh, how we should marvel at their madness and lament their self-delusion! If God had never told them what they were sent into the world to do, or what was before them in another world, then there would have been some excuse. But it is His sealed word, and they profess to believe it. - Richard Baxter.

Do not be worn out by the labors which you have undertaken for My sake, and do not let tribulations ever cast you down. Instead, let My promise strengthen and comfort you under every circumstance. I am well able to reward you above all measure and degree. You shall not toil here long nor always be oppressed with griefs. A time will come when all labor and trouble will cease. Labor faithfully in My vineyard; I will be thy recompense. Life everlasting is worth all these conflict, and greater than these. Are not all plentiful labors to be endured for the sake of life eternal? Lift your face therefore to heaven; behold I and all My saints with me--who in this world had great conflicts--are now comforted, now rejoicing, now secure, now at rest, and shall remain with Me everlastingly in the kingdom of My father. - Thomas a Kempis.


If you would like to help with meals, talk with Pastor or one of the teams listed here:

You are invited to stay for lunch and the afternoon service. The schedule for upcoming meals is:

6/13 Lisa & Stephanie: Tortilla Sou and Salad

6/20 Ruth, Joyce & Flo - Lasagna

6/27 Janelle & Shannon

7/4 No lunch.

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