McKee's Creek Chapel
April 17, 2022

McKee’s Creek Chapel

On Oak Hill at 4750 U.S. 68 South

West Liberty, Ohio 43357


April 17, 2022

Resurrection Sunday


Welcome ~~ Announcements


*Song ~~ Christ the Lord is Risen Today         # 217 blue hymnal


Special Music ~~ Crown Him! Crown Him Lord of All


Sharing of Testimonies & Prayer Requests


Song ~~ In Christ Alone                                                on screen


*Doxology ~~ Tithes & Gifts                         # 625 blue hymnal




Song ~~ Christ Arose                                      # 216 blue hymnal


Message ~~ Resurrection Sunday                      Chris Starbuck

                        Resurrection and Prophecy


*Song ~~ He is Lord                                      # 105 blue hymnal





* Those who are able, please stand.



Join us each week for Sunday School at 9:30 AM and Worship Service at 10:30. Today we focus on Christ and His Resurrection.


There will be no Sunday Evening meeting today.


Quarterly Business Meeting is scheduled immediately following Sunday morning service next week, April 24th.


Thoughtful Quotes


         We understand and acknowledge that the Resurrection has placed a glorious crown upon all of Christ's sufferings.                              A. W. Tozer


“The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the crowning proof of Christianity. If the resurrection did not take place, then Christianity is a false religion. If it did take place, then Christ is God and the Christian faith is absolute truth.”                                Henry Morris


         Jesus Christ did not come into this world to make bad people good; he came into this world to make dead people live.                                     Lee Strobel


         One of the questions the Jewish children ask at Passover is, “Why is this night so special over every other night?” The question our children can ask is “Why is this morning so special over every other morning?”.... HE IS RISEN!—the proof of the hope we have of eternal life with our Savior.                                Wes Miller

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