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    COVID Survey- We need to hear from you!

    At our last business meeting, the need for another survey was mentioned. In order to help us to continue to move forward in regards to COVID, please fill out this survey. We need to hear from you! Here is the link:


    1. Apr
      Sunday, April 11th  •  11 am – 12 pm (CDT)
      202-Atrium, 200-Narthex, 201-Sanctuary
      1. Apr
        Sunday, April 11th  •  9:30–11:00 am (CDT)
        202-Atrium, 200-Narthex, 201-Sanctuary
        1. Apr
          Wednesday, April 14th  •  6:45–9:00 pm (CDT)
          305-The Loft Kitchenette, 306-The Loft Conference Room, 310-The Loft
          1. Apr
            Sunday, April 11th  •  8:30–9:15 am (CDT)
            101-Fellowship Hall
            1. Come Alive

              "Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!"

              These are words we heard a lot last weekend as we celebrated Easter. What if we greeted each other like that on a regular basis? After all, everything we are is because of the fact that Christ loved us, died for us and rose from the dead. This is something we should be celebrating every day. I don't mean by having a big dinner with family or singing only Easter songs all of the time. I mean, let's celebrate Christ's resurrection and our life in Him by living each day for Him and by His strength. I think sometimes (often?), our daily lives may not reflect how "alive" we are. And yet, if you are in Christ, you are a new creation. You are made alive by the same power that raised Him from the dead.

              At the Tuesday Night Women's Bible Study we continue to talk about the Alongsider Study. This past Tuesday, we talked about and practiced "wondering" about each other and about God's Word. We are learning about deepening relationships with others and God by asking questions, even "out of the box" questions, wondering.

              "Be curious about God. Remember Jesus' provocative statement 'Come, and you will see'? [John 1:35-39] He arouses our curiosity to know more about Him. This insatiable curiosity leads to a wonder about His person. Wonder leads to worship." (Bill Mowry)

              When we practice "wonder", we experience life. Wonder infuses new life into our perspective, our conversations, our relationships, and our reading of Scripture. When we live with a sense of wonder, our actions reflect this. As we live in awe of our wonderful Lord, acknowledging His greatness and His work in our lives, we cannot help but worship.

              I encourage you to practice wonder. If you can't remember how, listen to the children- their little lives are filled with questions of wonder. (And here's a plug for volunteering in children's ministry!!). It's spring time-what a great time to look around outside in wonder about nature coming alive again after winter! Listen to the people in your life. Think about them, listen to what they are saying, and see the ways God is moving in their lives. When you read God's word, read it with a sense of curiosity. Ask questions you've never asked before. Come alive and worship our Lord!

              2 Corinthians 5:17

              "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come."

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                ReadMeadows Christian Fellowship
                MCF Worship - April 11, 2021
              2. Preparing for Worship - April 11, 2021

                It was wonderful to gather and celebrate Easter this year! And while those Easter celebrations are now behind us, our life in the risen Christ does not end! The resurrection of Jesus continues to motivate our worship as we gather this week to celebrate the new life that we have through faith in our risen Lord Jesus Christ. We’ll begin by hearing the truth from God’s Word in Romans 6:5-11 that we are united with Christ, both in his death and in his victorious resurrection. In Jesus Christ we are dead to sin and alive to God! We’ll respond to this truth together as we sing Resurrection Power and The Way.

                Pastor Andrew will follow up last week’s Easter message by continuing to explore the New Beginnings that are possible in Christ with a message entitled “New Beginning, New Walk.” We’ll sing in response with a new song for us, All Praise (Sing Praise) which says:

                All praise, all praise

                See the old life has gone and the new has begun

                Your name, Your name always

                Jesus You alone deserve all praise

                Lastly, we’ll close our time of worship with a prayer for our Giving, a couple of brief Announcements, and a Benediction. As always, tell us how we can be praying for you. Send your prayer requests to: prayer@meadowsfamily.org.

                Spend a few moments reflecting on the Scripture and songs for this week, and come prepared to gather in worship together. This week’s song playlist can be found on Spotify and YouTube. Remember that attendance is still limited at our in-person services right now, so you must register if you’d like to attend. Everything you need to know about our Sunday worship services, including RSVP and live-stream information, can be found on our website at meadowsfamily.org/sundays.

                I look forward to worshiping with you!