• How does the Hebrew word Chesed relate to the Greek word Agape? Is there a distinction?
    1. Not linguistically. The Septuagint (Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible) never translates chesed with agape. Instead, it mostly uses the word eleos—which in the NT is usually translated as "mercy" (example Eph 2:4). This is probably why some English translations translate chesed primarily as "mercy" even though the richness of chesed is not really captured by just that English word.
    2. Forgive me for interrupting I just realize that I may have accidentally erased my article on " Different Fools" by Miles Custis. I was about to share it and realized it was not there, luckily I remembered the author and did a search . So here I am. Can I have another copy please. Again pardon my boldness
  • How do you harmonize Proverb's use of fool with Jesus' exhortation in Matthew 5:22?
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