• Men - don't miss a great opportunity for prayer and fellowship! This Saturday at 8 am at the church, we will gather for prayer, then head off to breakfast at a local establishment. Join us!
    1. Reminder! Men’s fellowship and the Men’s prayer breakfast combine this Saturday at 8 am. We will meet at the church for prayer, then all who would like to go out to breakfast together will caravan to their collective establishment of choice! Hope to see you there!
      1. Thanks to all the men who willingly gave up their Saturday morning to serve our ladies. You guys were awesome. What an honor to minister and work alongside you.
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        2. Yes, thanks so much!!! Grateful!
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        A BIG THANK YOU to all who showed up to work on our PRAYER TRAIL project this morning. If you were unable to make it do not worry, there is still much more to do. A good time of FELLOWSHIP was had by all and a TREMENDOUS amount of work was accomplished this morning. Once completed our Prayer Trail will have an unlimited number of possible uses for all age groups of our Church Family and Community. Bob Thomas
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          Good Afternoon Mens Fellowship, Don’t forget tomorrow morning. Bring your cup of coffee, work gloves, tools and a strong back. We will be meeting at the rear of the church at 8:30 a.m. and work on clearing deadfall along the Prayer Trail till noon. Plenty of drinking water will be available. See you in the a.m. Until then peace be with you. Bob Thomas
          1. Welcome to the middle of the week, men! We will meet at our usual 9 am this Saturday for an abbreviated gathering. Anyone who is available to help with our community 'Rise Up!' event setup after our gathering, please comment here and we'll get you connected to folks with the plans!
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              Men's Prayer Breakfast scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled due to the impending snowstorm. Of course, prayer and breakfast on your own are still encouraged. :-)
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              Good morning men! We have a fellowship gathering scheduled on Saturday at 9 am and wanted to put a post here and ask those who plan to attend to please RSVP by adding a comment to this post. Thank You!
              1. Hopefully I will see you at 9am
              2. I’ll be there.
              3. Sorry I will miss it. I will be on my way to a District Meeting. Be blessed!
            3. In preparation for Worship and Revival services, we will not be meeting tomorrow as originally scheduled. Enjoy a chance to sleep in, go to breakfast, and pray for our church, our ministries, and for the work God will do in us and through us.