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From Paper to People: Lei Felmey

Faithlife Equip

Faithlife Equip

From Paper to People:
Lei Felmey


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years in full-time ministry

When Lei Felmey started working at Cumberland County Community Church (CCCC) as the administrative assistant, she told the pastor she was a “paper person” not a “people person.” But the first time she spoke in front of a small group, that completely changed. Lei learned she loved leading other women in small group Bible study. More than 18 years later, Lei continues to work as CCCC’s administrative assistant, oversee the weekend production team, and lead a vibrant women’s small group ministry.


Lei’s responsibilities span multiple areas of ministry: administration, staff support, production, and women’s small groups. Lei needed technology that could help her become more efficient with administrative tasks like giving, announcements, and emails to leave margin as she leads the production team and women’s small group ministry.

There are 50 women participating in the three women’s small groups Lei leads at CCCC, and all are dramatically different. CCCC's small groups have a broad range of people, from 20- to 80-year-olds, biblical novices to experienced teachers. Lei needed a way to bridge both communication gaps that come from age differences and learning gaps to effectively lead each woman toward a closer walk with Christ.


With Faithlife Equip, Lei simplified the giving process by providing a way for members to give online. She also taught small group participants and women in her Bible studies how to use Faithlife’s Bible study tools to dig deeper and grow in biblical literacy. She’s opened conversations online through Faithlife groups to encourage people to pray together and share about their daily lives. She taught four lay leaders on the production team at CCCC how to use Faithlife Proclaim. “They absolutely love Proclaim,” Lei says. They enjoy the simplicity of Proclaim and how much time it saves as they prepare for Sunday services. “I think their only complaint is that we didn’t start using it even sooner.”


Even after 21 years of full-time ministry, Lei shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As CCCC continues to grow, she’s hopeful that even more people in the church will begin using Faithlife tools.

“I had the opportunity to visit the offices at Faithlife,” Lei said. “When I saw the way Faithlife approaches communication, it renewed my passion and fervor for ministry.”

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“I wanted to expand communication for our small groups so women could connect and build relationships throughout the week—not just during Bible study. We’ve been using multiple Faithlife tools to pray together, give insight into our Bible study, share pictures of our families—all kinds of things. And the two biggest changes I’ve seen are women enjoying deeper relationships with one another and deeper relationships with God.”

— Lei Felmey, Administrative Assistant at Cumberland County Community Church