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Faithlife Equip

How Holy Temple M.B. Saves 20+ Hours a Month with Faithlife Equip

Faithlife Equip

Faithlife Equip

How Holy Temple M.B. Saves 20+ Hours a Month with Faithlife Equip


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When Rev. Dr. Brian Carmichael saw how much time he and his team at Holy Temple spent on church presentations, he knew they needed something better. What he found was a solution that "connected everything we were doing"—one that helped him save time, build digital discipleship avenues, and encouraged his members to engage more meaningfully with one another.

Holy Temple’s Ministry Challenges

At first, all Holy Temple was looking for was presentation software that didn’t make their lives harder. Back then, Pastor Carmichael was stuck with software that required a lot of manual work (each line had to be adjusted individually), which, of course, left too much room for error. Since Pastor Carmichael was already writing his sermons in Logos, moving to Faithlife Proclaim was a no-brainer. He could automatically send his sermon slides to Proclaim, saving time and trouble every single week.

The integration between Faithlife Proclaim and Logos got Pastor Carmichael thinking. Where else could they save time and effort? As it stood, their church administration software, church website, online giving, texting, and more each required its own billing, login, and updating—which meant there was a ton of double-work.

Plus, the church was paying more than it needed to.

How Holy Temple Overcame Those Challenges

With Faithlife Equip, Pastor Carmichael realized he could replace all the church software they were using with software that truly integrated. Not only that, Holy Temple could get a hub for online church communications—all for $200 less than the cost of patchworked solutions.

  • Once they got started, they discovered how much less time it took to do what they were already doing.
  • Pastor Carmichael can send church-wide texts from the same place where member information is kept. Plus, he can send fewer texts because he shares the group Bible reading plan, weekly verse, weekly theme, and weekly word right in the church’s group on Faithlife.
  • Posting an event in the church group automatically adds it to the church website. And adding it to Proclaim only takes a click.
  • Carmichael says, “Our messages can be everywhere. You can start it on Faithlife and put it on the website and Proclaim. I love that versatility.”
  • Church communication is all in one place—whether that’s member to member, leader to leader, or leader to member.

Finally, Holy Temple enjoys other new capabilities, like having an online member directory. Because it’s online and accessible to the church, members can update their own information and, most importantly, more easily get to know one another.

Holy Temple’s Ministry Today

Today, members are now connecting more online. Pastor Carmichael asks members to post a picture and share about their interests and hobbies in the church’s Faithlife group, and it’s working.

The leadership is saving commute time by holding meetings on the group’s video chat. They’re finding it much simpler to prepare for events, since they can schedule facilities and resources right inside Equip.

Holy Temple already uses digital bulletins, Faithlife forms, and Bible reading plans in Logos. The next step is online newsletters—Carmichael knows they’ll feature a weekly theme, and he’s thinking about ways he can use them to engage his congregation, like quizzes and games, like giving descriptors of members and asking “Who is this?” (Picking from the member directory will come in handy!)

He says, “You can’t weep with those who weep if you don’t know them. The more we connect as a body, the more we can really carry out those ‘one anothers’ that God has called us to do.”

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“When I added up the cost of all the other stuff, it ended up being less than what we were paying, and it offered more. When I realized how integrated it was, it was a no-brainer.”

—Rev. Dr. Brian Carmichael

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