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  • Welcome to the group! I'm so excited to have the Ministry Tracker team joining Faithlife, and we're excited to start making Ministry Tracker even better. If you've got a 'Top 3' list of things you'd like to see added (or changed) in Ministry Tracker, I'd love to hear it!
  • Does anyone know how to turn off auto-renew in MT? The only option I see in MT itself is "cancel," and MT is not in my list of subscriptions with my Faithlife account.
    1. Is there a way to print mailing labels in a different color and font ?
      1. any answers available to this question ?
    2. I have a volunteer, added as an AD-HOC to a children's group, that is showing up as one of the children instead of as a volunteer on the attendance sheet. How can I fix this? Thanks
      1. Hello, -- Just bumped you an email for gathering a little more information. We may have to look at this more from our end here.
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      Is there a way to have an active alternate address for one person in a household?
      1. Hello- We are wanting to add a mobile check-in option to our Sunday morning check in for children. Is there a training video on how to set that up? What app do families use to check in their children? Thank you for your help.
        1. Hi , see this article with a video: https://www.ministrytracker.com/child_check_in You can use check in for children inside Ministry Tracker -- most people used their iPads.
        2. Thank you for your reply, Eylen. I'm sorry, I need to clarify. I was looking for the option where parents could check in their children using their mobile phones. The video does not give that detail. Thank you for your help.
      2. I tried twice yesterday to give online through Ministry Tracker. Each time the 'giving code' arrived six hours later.
        1. Hello, - Reporting this to our MT giving team and will get back to you with whatever we uncover!
      3. I posted 7 days ago and called last Thursday with promise that someone would call me back that day. I haven't heard from anyone. I'm looking for any thorough, updated training videos, specifically on the email portion of MT? Is MT still a supported product?
        1. Where can we locate updated training videos or content?
          1. There seems to be a problem with the Giving Code. Someone alerted me to the fact that they recieved two giving codes when attempting to donate. I just tried it and also recieved two giving codes. He chose one and gave, hoping it goes through correctly.
            1. Hello, -- Since you and I talked about this on the phone yesterday, I've been looking at this for you...
          2. Does Ministry Tracker provide a way to do background checks for volunteers and staff?
            1. I found that when I click on "Volunteer" in the "Permissions Tab" of "User Account" then a box appears on a persons' page that allows a background check through AccuFax.