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  • Welcome to the group! I'm so excited to have the Ministry Tracker team joining Faithlife, and we're excited to start making Ministry Tracker even better. If you've got a 'Top 3' list of things you'd like to see added (or changed) in Ministry Tracker, I'd love to hear it!
  • Hi, MT Support, Happy New Year! I was wondering if anyone received my question I posted in September regarding changing the name of our MinistryTracker database? Can someone reach out to me? Thanks Frederick
    1. Has the Ministry Tracker email issue been resolved?
      1. Hello, - MinistryTracker emails are going out. There were quite a few poised to be sent so it is taking some time getting them all to go out.
    2. I have sent two emails through Ministry Tracker to our congregation and they have not went through. It says that they are still in the que. Can someone please let me know what the issue is? These are 2 very important emails. Thank you!
      1. We are having the same problem. None of our emails have been sent since 11/3
      2. I really wish someone would respond as to where we are at with emails! This is our only way to email the congregation and we have alot of emails that need to be going out this time of year!
      3. If you look at the top left hand corner in Ministry Tracker there's a note regarding this issue that I saw yesterday under system note: Email Issues 11/12/2022 12:00 AM We are continuing to work to resolve the outbound email issues that have been affecting users since 11-07-2022. A Major Fiber Interent Outage in Northwest Washington (Caused by a storm) has affected our ability to send outgoing email messages. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible, we appreciate your continued patience.
    3. Don't know if it is due to server migration, but today I cannot print a directory. The PDF says "couldn't download - Network Issue"
      1. We are working to resolve this,
    4. Does anyone use Ministry Tracker for the "checkin" features. I'm really struggling with building the template for name tags. Not sure the way the help section describes how to do this is even possible anymore. I'd appreciate any help you all have. Dymo printers are hard to get your hands on. Finally got one, and got it printing, but with Dymo connect, it doesn't even recognize the ""Function as a variable object" feature. I'll be grateful for any help you all have!
      1. Hello, -- I'm glad that we got to connect in our Chat Room. I'll be getting back to you once I review the information you provided for me there...
      2. So I pulled out a way old computer and was able to set up the template. I think that problem is solved. I'm curious now if anyone is able to get phone numbers printed on name tags? We've almost got things set up the way we need them...
    5. thought was changing password in ministry tracker but Im getting logged on to faithlife and i want to log on to ministry tracker.
      1. Hello, -- A Ministry Tracker password can/will be reset by changing your Faithlife password. If you have successfully reset your Faithlife password, you should be able to log in with the same credentials at Ministry Tracker.
    6. Hi, the systems keeps deactivating all of our accounts. I spent hours reactivating one by one yesterday to find out today it deactivated them all again. Has anyone gone through this?
      1. Hello, - Looking at your account and wondering if the individuals are being moved to inactive due to inactivity...?
    7. Our church has just started using the financial portion of the application. My questions is what is the best way to input the previous balance of the accounts so the reports will show the actual balances and not just what has been entered this year? The previous treasurer used a spread sheet. Please offer your suggestions! Thanks and God bless!
      1. Can anyone help me understand the purpose of the UPC code for group attendance sheets? I assumed it would be to quickly scan to input attendance, but it only seems to bring up a number, not a person. Any help would be appreciated, I'm a new user of this program!
        1. Is there an issue with Ministry Tracker service today? I have been unable to log in all morning.
          1. I can't sign in either.
          2. Hello, , -- We are sorry for the inconvenience and frustrations due to this. Our MT platform teams are actively looking at this. We will update you just as soon as we can.
          3. Hello, , - The Ministry Tracker login should now be working properly!