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  • Welcome to the group! I'm so excited to have the Ministry Tracker team joining Faithlife, and we're excited to start making Ministry Tracker even better. If you've got a 'Top 3' list of things you'd like to see added (or changed) in Ministry Tracker, I'd love to hear it!
  • We're having another email issue - we have a number of emails that need to go through to one of our local providers (nvc.net) and all were dropped or failed to arrive. They would include any addresses that ended in nvc.net, nrctv.com as well as some local business addresses that I assume are hosted by nvc.net as well. Could you look into these email issues for us?
    1. Hello, Jason -- I will report this to those who helped with the recent concerns with Ministry Tracker emails for their insights.
    2. Hello, -- Working with some of the individuals who worked on this previously. They were able to get 9 addresses with nvc.net addresses cleared from a bounce list. Still looking into doing the same for those with nrctv.com addresses...
  • I went to record an amount one of our members contributed and he 15 years of data is gone! I have looked over and over, restarted, did everything I can think of and his data is just gone. How can that happen and how the heck can I get it back?
    1. Hello, -- I will look into this right away for you and will keep you up to date with whatever I uncover!
  • And we are back!!! Thanks
    1. Hi Guys I don't know if this information is helpful or not. One of my staff members did not get my email on my bulk mailing and when I checked on the Sent list, she was not on it. When I checked her profile it looked perfectly normal. Secondly, my personal email was shown as Sent and Read, yet it was sent to my Junk Mail and I had not opened it and it was marked Not Opened in my Junk folder. The report said that 108 were opened, but I don't know. Just thought I would let you know. Les
      1. Thank you, , for your feedback -- One of the last things our Platform Team is working to resolve is the automatic sorting of emails into a Spam or Junk Mail folder, even for recipients who have been getting email from Ministry Tracker for years. They believe they are very close to a solution. We will keep you updated.
    2. Has there been any resolution to the email problem? We're finding it difficult to communicate with our congregation. I do see the post on this forum from 5 days ago from Brian Burkhart w/Faithlife. Thank you for any futher updates.
      1. Brian, we would like detail on what your team is doing and when they think they may have a solution. I appreciate the fact that they are diligently working on it, but in all honesty, they have been doing that for several weeks now. As for things we can do... I assume in item (1) you are talking about adding an email address from Ministry Tracker to our Ministry Tracker database, and include that within the emails that are being sent out? If so, what email address should we use? And if I understand what you have said about Items (2) & (3), you are talking about work around's for the recipients of our emails. Item (2) is easy for me to share with my folks and we have already done this, but item (3) is not really any help. Our emails are going to individuals (personal accounts) with gmail, aol, verizon, etc. accounts, not corporate accounts. If I've miss understood any of your information, please let me know as soon as possible. And again, we really need to know what you are doing and when to expect a solution. I can't over emphasize the importance of this. Our congregations don't tend to be tech savvy, and they get frustrated with it quickly.
      2. Hello, , et. al. -- Here is the latest status update that I can give you: Late yesterday, our platform team identified the issues which cause all emails from Ministry Tracker to be automatically sorted to Spam or Junk mail folders, even those who have been getting emails from MT for years. All testing so far is has been going well and we are cautiously optimistic. We will continue to keep you up to date.
      3. Excellent!
    3. I was attempting to send out an email in Ministry Tracker but changed my mind. How do I simple cancel and start over. I can't seem to find a delete button?
      1. Nevermind, I finally exited the whole program and went back in and it was cleared. Thanks!
    4. During my six years as a customer, I have been very pleased with the insights Ministry Tracker offers, but I need to communicate with my attendees and just texts don't cut it. Seems like this email problem has been going on for a couple of weeks. Is your CEO aware of the problem? It might be time for your Platform Team to phone a friend. Just saying!!!
      1. Thank you Brian for your timely response. I look forward to hearing about a successful resolution. Les
      2. Thanks to Faithlife for working diligently to resolve this issue.
      3. Hello, , , et. al. -- Our Platform Team continues to diagnose the problem and are diligently working on a solution so that your Ministry Tracker emails reach your intended recipients. Our Team will continue to work on a solution and we will continue to keep you updated. In helping us diagnose the problem, our email delivery service listed several things which can be done from the customer side: 1) "Add us to your address book!" - Having a recipient add your from address to their address book or trusted senders list can go a long way. More often than not, if one of an ISPs recipients trust a sender, they will be more lenient to similar messages to different recipients! 2) Star or Mark as important - A simple inbox action like this is just another way your recipients can tell their mail providers that "Hey, I want these messages". 3) IP Allow List - Some ISPs or mail admins can add rules to always allow all incoming mail from specific IP addresses! Consider reaching out to the postmaster(usually example@example.com) of problematic mail domains to see if they can allow your dedicated IP address. We understand how frustrating this is to you and assure you that it is to us as well. We appreciate the patience and understanding you have already shown.
    5. Any update on email server? It is my primary contact for close to 1000 people. Thanks Les
      1. The Ministry Tracker email situation does not appear to be fixed These are copies of todays email stats. I called the nine people that I emailed and none of them recieved an email.
        1. We have noticed a problem last week with email delivery. Our usual 'sent & read' is about 165, but last week on two mailings the 'sent & read' was only18 & 23. I have checked with some people and the email is not in their spam/junk folder. It is nowhere to be found. We experienced this a few months ago and I was one of those not receiving my emails-and sometimes I was the one sending them. I made sure my email was 'whitelisted' and not in my junk folder, and advised everyone with the problem to do the same. It did seem to be resolved withing a few weeks. However, the problem has returned. We are sending out advisements every week due to changes in worship, so it would be good for everyone to receive their emails. Thanks for looking into this.
          1. Thanks Brian!
          2. Hey can you let me know, have more of the emails been sent as of this morning? it appears things were moving slowly yesterday.
          3. Hi , things appear to have gotten worse.This morning Pastor Sal sent an email to his men's group with his Zoom meeting link. None of them received it. He did it twice. So five minutes before group, he was emailing through his Outlook. Our normal newsletter went out today with only 3 getting it instead of about 165. Peole have contacted me and said they have not recieved the church emails for several weeks. When this happened to us a few months ago, I thought it was only large amounts of email being the problem, but it is not. Those staff members using Ministry Tracker are very frustrated and concern for the news we send out for the weekend directions for our services.