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  • Welcome to the group! I'm so excited to have the Ministry Tracker team joining Faithlife, and we're excited to start making Ministry Tracker even better. If you've got a 'Top 3' list of things you'd like to see added (or changed) in Ministry Tracker, I'd love to hear it!
  • How do I add a cellular provider that is not in drop down?
    1. Hello, -- I will find out. It's not certain that the value set in that field is actually functional or if it is there simply as a placeholder...
    2. NexTech is a regional cellular provider that is quite popular in our area. We are trying to get cell providers so that we can do group texting more frequently.
  • Does anybody ever answer these questions?
    1. How do I set up new Gift types?
      1. Hello everyone, does anyone knows if it is possible to import in Ministry Tracker a group of people at once with a csv file? thank you for your prompt answer if you know. Blessings.
        1. Hello, -- Our developers were in the past able to read in CSV files on this end for customers. I would assume we are still able to do that, but I will get a definite confirmation for you. You may see the documentation for this here -- scroll down about five paragraphs to the "Import" topic: https://www.ministrytracker.com/faq#pricing
      2. Because of limited broadband in our rural area, Faithlife Equip pricing does not make sense for our church as a whole. However, MinistryTracker has been a good solution for our ChMS. Is there any way to export MT data into our church's Faithlife presence?
        1. I have had two occasions where I was sending a tax statement to just one person and the system sent them to everyone. It worked correctly one day and then the next it sent them to everyone. Needless to say, this confuses the entire congregation. What's happening. I was very careful to just choose one name and the dates, so why is it doing that?
          1. Does anyone know how to turn off auto-renew in MT? The only option I see in MT itself is "cancel," and MT is not in my list of subscriptions with my Faithlife account.
            1. Is there a way to print mailing labels in a different color and font ?
              1. any answers available to this question ?
            2. I have a volunteer, added as an AD-HOC to a children's group, that is showing up as one of the children instead of as a volunteer on the attendance sheet. How can I fix this? Thanks
              1. Hello, -- Just bumped you an email for gathering a little more information. We may have to look at this more from our end here.
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              Is there a way to have an active alternate address for one person in a household?