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  • Welcome to the group! I'm so excited to have the Ministry Tracker team joining Faithlife, and we're excited to start making Ministry Tracker even better. If you've got a 'Top 3' list of things you'd like to see added (or changed) in Ministry Tracker, I'd love to hear it!
  • Can a "preschool" and "pre-k" be added as a selection in the School category?
    1. That's where I found it. Thanks!
    2. , one thing to remember if you are adding pre-k or preschool as grade levels is that they will be subject to the same grade level annual update schedule as the actual annual grades of K-12. for example: Everyone in pre-k will be moved to kindergarten on June 1st regardless of whether they are 5 years old.
    3. Perfect! Thanks David.
  • I am looking for advice. I've used Logos since Libronix Series X and our church recently switched to Proclaim. I have found some helpful stuff on FaithlifeTV. I was told by a Logos Sales Rep that Faithlife Equip is the future of Faithlife's ChMS endeavor. However, I don't want to implement a ChMS that requires all of our people to create Faithlife Profiles. We are a rural church and Internet is spotty, so people do not use it as in larger cities where Broadband is ubiquitous. Attendance and Communication (Text, Email, Phone Message) are my biggest needs. Weekly attendance in the 90's so a high dollar program would be poor stewardship. Advice??
    1. it is great to see you using so many Faithlife products already. The upcoming Faithlife ChMS tool as part of Faithlife Equip doesn't require people to create Faithlife accounts in order for you to use the ChMS. You can manage your people inside the ChMS regardless of them having a Faithlife account or not. Certainly if they want to view Faithlife TV or Mobile Ed which comes as part of your Equip subscription they would need to login, but you and your admin team can manage attendance and communication without your people ever needing a Faithlife account. When they do create an account the records will be "merged". Faithlife Equip ChMS is still in development. At the present time you are invited and welcome to use Ministry Tracker for your ChMS tool. We are working on a migration plan so that we will seamlessly bring your information from Ministry Tracker into Equip ChMS once it is ready. And best of all, if you subscribe to Equip today -- unlocking Faithlife TV, Mobile Ed, Giving and more and including your existing Proclaim subscription, you'll get Ministry Tracker included at no additional cost. Equip subscriptions are based on your congregation size so we'll meet you in the middle where it makes stewardship sense and you'll get all the resources and support that Faithlife Equip brings to the table. If you are interested in proceeding please reach out to one of our amazing customer success representatives. I've tagged a few here for you: , or feel free to comment back. cc:
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    2. Hello , Just as , our goals with our in development Faithlife ChMS is not to require that your congregation create a faithlife account, however in the long term we would like you to invite them at their own pace to take advantage of everything that is included in Faithlife Equip. Equip is not just tools for you and the staff at the church, it includes tools and resources for your congregation. Our goal is to equip the church to grow in the light of the Bible. That means giving the staff and volunteers the tools they need to deliver God's Word to, Follow up with, and serve the congregation and community.It also means promoting Biblical literacy. Every member of your congregation will have the opportunity (no requirement) to access Logos Bible Software or the Faithlife Study Bible and 200+ biblical resources to help them build their library. They will also get access to FaithlifeTV+ and Mobile Education as part of the Church's subscription to Faithlife Equip. I have sent you a private message with contact information here on faithlife.com feel free to reach out if you would like to connect and learn more about what we are building. Look forward to hearing from you!
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  • Anyone else having this problem? I ran the weekly attendance report. The date of the weekly report includes Sunday, December 30, but those numbers are not pulling into the report. Is it because it's 2018 compared to 2019? If so, confused that the report shows the date of December 30th but isn't pulling in those numbers for Sunday School or Worship. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    1. I have verified the result you are seeing I will have the Dev team take a look.
    2. This little bug has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know. For the fastest service remember you can always email support@ministrytracker.com and that reaches our Church Support Center who will notify the people who can best address any issues.
  • Can a category be added to the "income transaction search" screen, that would allow you to pull the difference between "cash" and "check" income for a given week. I find all other types of searches but not one that will allow me to pull the $ amounts separately for cash and then checks.
    1. Hello , If you expand the "Advanced Options" menu on the income search, you can set the "Type" to cash results only. Also, for any generated reported you can hover near the column names to enter into customer criteria to limit the results. I have both forms used in the picture I've attached. Let me know if this isn't generating the result you want!
    2. Perfect. That's exactly what I needed. Sorry, I overlooked the advanced options. Thanks for your help on this.
  • Just released new feature: From a group you can now select "record group contact" and have a contact recorded for every member of one or more groups. This greatly enhances the record contact feature making it much easier to record contacts for multiple people at the same time.
    1. I might have missed it, but I could not find the family member field "brother-in-law" or "sister-in-law" as options. Would it be possible to add this if it is not already in the system?
      1. Just missed them in the last "in-law" updates. They're available now .
    2. I'm having trouble creating a user name for a member that we've upgraded to staff. She's tried to log in with her email with no luck. The help section instructions tell me to go to the username and password section on the right side of the screen but I'm not seeing that on any part of the screen. Help!
      1. Thank you! I'll go back through and check the permissions.
      2. Thanks Mark, I misunderstood her question. Sorry Kelli, hope that wasn't overkill for you on the explanation.
      3. No worries . Great explanation.
    3. What is the best way to attach the online giving feature to my website?
      1. There are several ways to do it Greg. The first question I would have you ask yourself though, is do you want your members to login to give, or are you happy to do a little "linking" on your end so they don't have to login? Answer that question and you'll know which URL to use. The EasyGive URL (which you can make a button as Matt shared) doesn't require people to login. They can give via an email or telephone number and then on the backend administration side your staff would link each giver to an actual record in your Ministry Tracker database (only have to do it once per person.) The easy give URL is just your existing web address for Ministry Tracker with easygive in front. So for example, if your URL was "rockmin.ministrytracker.com" you can use "easygive.rockmin.ministrytracker.com" as the EasyGive URL. I would usually recommend Easy Give to new giving customers because it doesn't require login and can get your donors started right away.
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      2. how has this gone for you? Is there anything we can help with to ensure you are ready to go for Jan. 1 and 2019 giving?
      3. Thanks for this information.
    4. When I am using Ministry Tracker on my IPhone, there have been times that I would get a text that I have to respond to immediately. When I return to Ministry Tracker I have to log back in and start over. Is there a solution to this? I'm excited to have the access to the system through my phone, but find it a little aggravating at times to have to go back in and log in when I'm multi-tasking.
      1. we've never heard of that happening before. I use Ministry Tracker on my phone in a private Safari window all the time and have never experienced that. Looking through the customer service logs we've never had anyone report that before. What phone and browser are you using? Do you have any anti-virus or ad-blocker software installed?
      2. Hi Mark, I'm using on IPhone 8s. I have a link directly to Ministry Tracker saved to my phone. I followed the video provided by Dave to do that. I'll be happy to speak with you and walk through the steps if that will help. Both me and my Pastor both experience the same issue.
      3. Thank you Mark for your tremendous assistance on this issue. Your time was much appreciated.
    5. I need to see if there's a way to alter a view on the site. Going to Families and then overview, it pulls "new members". The new members view shows the family name as well as the family members. When you click into "active" or "inactive" though it only shows the family name. I need this view to also show the "family members" as well. Also can this view also show the photo of the family?
      1. This is on our list of updates. It will be coming but we're not sure exactly when at the moment.
      2. This feature has just been released. It's live as soon as you login. Thanks for the feedback and idea for improvement.
      3. Awesome. Just tried it out. Perfect!! Thanks for helping with our need to see that.