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  • Welcome to the group! I'm so excited to have the Ministry Tracker team joining Faithlife, and we're excited to start making Ministry Tracker even better. If you've got a 'Top 3' list of things you'd like to see added (or changed) in Ministry Tracker, I'd love to hear it!
  • I am not able to find where to add a new "type" of gift. We are now accepting gifts via text & would like to have that shown on our records. Can you please help? Please do not call our office, there is no one there at this time. Either post an answer of send to me at books@hpcuu.org. Thank you.
    1. You can add a new Gift Type on the Options -> Organization Options page. See the attached photos below.
  • I have had several families tell me they aren't getting my weekly emails in the past couple of weeks. They are still active in the system. How do I fix it?
    1. Have them check their spam and trash bins. Many email providers can auto flag emails and email accounts.
    2. Thanks Alexander. They are getting sent to the spam, but this is new. They have been getting them up until a couple of weeks ago. Just wondered if it's a MT thing.
    3. it’s most likely is just a result of the email provider updating their spam filter rules or maybe just one person marking an email as spam one time. If you encourage all of your congregants to whitelist your emails and mark them as “not spam” that will help train the filters. It’s is not something we have control over at MT.
  • Has anybody else noticed an unusually high percentage of sent but unread emails when you send from Ministry Tracker? Yesterday we sent a weather cancellation and nearly 70% are still unread 20 hours later. I know that some of these are going into JUNKMAIL folders because MY OWN copy of this email was automatically sent to my Junk folder. I'm pretty sure Ministry Tracker is sending a unique message to each recipient so it isn't a matter of too many addresses in the to: field. Perhaps it is an issue with the from address (no reply@MinistryTracker.com) and the "reply to" being different?
    1. I'm having this problem too.
    2. Yahoo seems to be the only service that people have sent our way. Yahoo has strengthened their spam filtering. There is nothing we know of to adjust things on our end. Please have your Yahoo customers report to Yahoo that their spam filtering and blocks are overzealous.
    3. Interesting. I'll check in to that! Thanks!
  • Hello, I'm looking into ways of communicating cleaning lists for people who use our space after they're done with their events, as well as cleaning lists to send to our paid cleaners. Is there a function within Ministry Tracker that I could use? I see there is a function called "Tasks" but I'm not sure if that would be suitable for what I want to do. Has anyone done what I'm describing? Is this even a good spot to post this question? Please advise! :D
    1. do you mind elaborating on your specific needs here? I'ld love to learn more about your use case and what exactly you're looking for. With the additional information I might be able to recommend a way to do it as part of the current system, or we can look at building some new features to meet these needs. A few of my first questions: 1) What do you mean by communicating? A push notification?, or a list of jobs to be completed? How time sensitive is the communication? what sort of devices do the people carry that do these jobs? 2) Are these lists almost always attached to an event -- or are they tied more to a space that an event was in? e.g. If the executive pastors met in a room, the room wouldn't need to be completely cleaned, however, if the children's nursery met there, then a thorough disinfectant would be used? 3) Is someone notified when the list is completed? If so, who and how? Help us understand more of your needs so we can best answer your question.
  • directory - printing yours - is there a way to make it print on legal paper - landscape and make the words and pictures "bigger" as they resize to the larger paper?
    1. We offer both a 5.5" x 8.5" (letter size folded) and a 8.5" x 11" (folded tabloid 11x17) size directories. No one has ever asked for a legal size paper and when folded the 8.5" x 7" is a pretty non-standard format. Have you looked at the tabloid option?
  • is there a way for us to receive a notification (sound or a number by TXT in Ministry Tracker - ) when we receive a text ? or a reply ?
    1. you can set several preferences for incoming texts. You can have the incoming message forwarded to an email address or forwarded to another cell phone if you'd like. But we don't have notifications per se. Since text messages are usually short (e.g. 160 characters or less), we might as well forward the whole thing rather than just a notification about it. You can set up your forwarding options in the TXT -> Preferences menu.
  • Is there a way to pull back a scheduled email and make edits?
    1. As long as the email has not been sent you can cancel it, copy the body, and schedule a new one to be sent with any edits you need to make.
    2. Yes, go to Email -> Sent Messages in the main menu. From there you'll see your message in the message list. Click on it to view more information including a Stop Delivery button. Click stop delivery to cancel the scheduled message.
  • Good afternoon! Is there anyway to be able to select a logo/pic when setting up Event Sign On configurations. We have 2 areas in our organization but a lot of events in the Youth Area and it would be really nice to be able to assign a logo or pic for an event. Example: In our Youth Area (babies-12th grade) we can only have 1 logo. It says HCCKids. The Youth in this area are not always thrilled to be called kids so if we could assign a different logo/pic for specific event sign ons that would be wonderful and would allow us to make the sign on match the event theme, etc. Does that make sense? Thanks for all you do!
    1. you can have one logo per database area and that logo is used on the event sign-in for events in that area. If you have everyone in one database area then they will see the logo for that area on all events. If you had more than one area, you could set logos for each area and the events in the respective areas would have the corresponding logo. As for event specific logos we haven't added those yet but it is on the idea list.
    2. Yes I'm familiar with the set up. So if we can't change it is there a way to have a toggle to not show the logo on the event page if you didn't want it? Can that be added if it's not available? It would be nice if, say, we had an event that was a ping pong tournament we could upload a pic to go along with the event. Or choose to use our logo if we felt that was a better fit.
    3. The only way to remove the logo currently from the sign-in page is to remove the logo from your account entirely which would mean you wouldn't see it elsewhere where you probably want to. So there's no immediate work around, but as I mentioned earlier, event specific images are on the idea list.
  • Is there a way to get an excel data file of all those who gave to the church in a given range to use for a mail merge letter?
    1. Is there some way you could make the Cover page for the Directory Booklet editable? I'm not real pleased with the fact that Faithlife branding is more prominent than the church. I would prefer our name be bigger and Church logo be used. Also the title "Member Directory" is inaccurate because the Directory includes both Members and Attendees.
      1. , Where is the link to upload the logo? I don't see any place on the Account Tab (which is where I believe all the rest of the cover page data is stored)
      2. Options -> Area Options.
      3. Thanks ! The final directory now is something I can send to our printer and distribute widely. It looks great! Thanks to your team.