• Check out the current issue of Ministry Team! Find tech tools and ideas to keep your people engaged throughout the summer, insights on long-term preaching plans, inspiration for church interior design, and much more. What will your church be doing to engage through the summer months?
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    I love reading this magazine. I always find useful suggestions, ideas, and articles throughout each issue. Thanks Faithlife!
    1. Hello! Just getting myself out there. I hope to share more another day. Blessings on this adventure. What are your hopes for this magazine?
      1. Hi Chad! Thanks for joining! We hope the Ministry Team will equip, empower, and encourage all those working in local church ministry to grow and work together by providing tools and methods, case studies, insights, and more.
    2. I'm looking for the free social media planning template that was supposed to be at faithlife.com/MT-SocialPlan (found on p.7 of the Summer 2018 magazine) Any help?
      1. Hi, Phil - Did you get help with this yet? If not, please send me an email at david.bomar@faithlife.com. (The webpage is broken, but I can email you the template.)
      2. Hi, David - Were can I see or find the summer 2018 magazine?
      3. The Ministry Team Magazine group features this: Welcome to the Ministry Team Magazine online community! We’re so excited to share this resource with you, and we hope that it’s a source of encouragement and inspiration, as well as practical help, to your whole ministry team. And we hope that this group can take that even further. Thanks for coming! If you haven't received Ministry Team Magazine and you're interested in subscribing, you can learn more at ministryteam.com.
    3. In a recent Ministry Team article on social media, there was a link to download a free social media planning template. The link does not work. Can anyone help? I'd really like to have the template.
      1. If anyone else is needing the social media planner, shoot me an email ... david.bomar@faithlife.com. The webpage is down, but I can send you the template directly.
    4. What’s the best sermon intro you’ve ever heard? The worst? Where do you look for illustrations?
      1. Has your church made a transition to a multi-site model? Is your church considering it? Share your experiences and questions here.
        1. I used to be a church planter and we became a multi-site church in Kansas City about a decade ago. I have visited many of the initial multi-site churches and many others over the years. I have seen this format done in many different ways. Presently, I attend a huge multi-site church called The Crossing. I also am the coaching pastor at a small church of 40 hoping to grow. I have seen the good and ugly in this model and would be more than happy to share my experiences along the way. Peace!
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        Does your church follow the best practices listed in the article from this issue? Do you have your own? Share your ideas and solutions.
        1. How do you follow up with first-time visitors after an outreach event? Share your ideas (and results!) below.
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            1. "What is God telling you? Discipleship is all about hearing and obeying his voice." #goodstuff