• Please give thanks to the Lord for something He has done.

    Just heard from Gloria. Mike is scheduled to be coming home today from his hip surgery.
  • Thank you for joining our FaithLife Group at Mt. Olivet Baptist. This is quickly becoming THE PLACE to stay up to date with all the happenings at our church. I hope you will find this online community helpful.
  • Yesterday we learned that our path is of paramount importance. This leads to a logical questions - How do you choose the right path? How do you figure out what path you should be on? Or, maybe, how do you figure out what path to get off of? Join us this Sunday at 10 am for "The Path: Part 2 - Making a Course Correction Proverbs 27:12 It's also Super Bowl Sunday. Feel free to wear your favorite Jersey!
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      1. As we journey along "The Path", join others in the church and read the book of proverbs over the next 6 weeks.
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          Sunday, January 26th
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          Patriotic Picnic

          Sunday, June 28th  •  4:30–6:30 pm (CDT)
          Home of Mark & Sylvia Young
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            Weekly Newsletter of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Week of January 26
            Business Meeting Update

            We had an excellent business meeting on January 15th. Thank you to all who presented.

            Decisions made and approved unanimously:

            • 2020 Operation Budget
            • 2020 Missions Goals
            • 2020 Nominating Committee Report
            • Sanctuary Improvement Recommendations including new seating solution, ceiling repair, AV Booth relocation, Vestibule updates, new lighting and flooring.

            For more information on these items, please contact the church office.

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              DiscussThe Path : Online Discussion Group

              Can you share with the group a time where your direction and your intentions were not in alignment? What was the result?

            2. Please pray.

              Please keep praying. Bruce remains in recovery in much pain. Pray that he get some relief soon. He will be staying the night and hopes to be released tomorrow.