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    Please give thanks to the Lord for something He has done.

    Thank you for leading us in worship this morning. We are so blessed to have individuals gifted to step up and step in.
    1. Please pray.

      Please lift a prayer for Pam Anderson. Her father recently passed away. He was 94 year old Believer living in Camden, TN.
      1. Bless Every Home: Care for Your Neighbor

        Dear friends,

        In this morning's worship service I mentioned to you a way to get to know and reach your neighbors by being a LIGHT in your own neighborhood. The tool is called "Bless Every Home". Jesus said, "I am the light of the world. Anyone who follows me will never walk in darkness but have the light of life."

        The Lord planted our church where we are to help our neighbors discover the light of life. So, I am asking each member of our church to consider becoming a Light to their neighbors and living intentional pray-care-share lifestyles.

        Becoming a Light is free and confidential. You'll receive a map and list of your closest neighbors, along with emails at the frequency of your choice to pray for your next five neighbors that day. When you get a chance, walk or drive by those homes as you pray for them.

        To learn more about this opportunity visit the following link and watch the 2 minute video by Stephen Kendrick. When you are ready to get started, click the sign up button on the page:


        May God bless you as you bless your neighbors,

        Pastor Rodney

        P.S. Use the link above and it will automatically link your account to our church.

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          1. published a newsletter

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            Weekly Newsletter of Mt. Olivet Baptist September 18, 2020 ___________________________________________

            More Seating Added to Sanctuary

            The GREAT NEWS is our attendance for worship continues to grow each week. Many are coming back to God's house to worship and be among family.

            In order for us to continue in our efforts of providing "social distancing" as much as possible, we have added two additional rows to our worship center and have spread out the choir seating. We have added 12 additional seats. These are on the front rows. In order to accommodate the additional rows we have had to temporarily relocate the pulpit and communion table from the front.

            As we strive to provide a safe and comfortable worship experience, I would like to encourage two things:

            1. Please continue wearing your face coverings.
            2. Do not be afraid to use the front rows in our worship area.

            I appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this challenging time. I am also thrilled that we can continue worshiping together each Sunday morning.

            See you Sunday!

            Rev Rod


            1. Please pray.

              Please continue to pray for Bob as he transitions from this life to his eternal home. Debbie and I spoke with and had prayer with Becky this morning. Bob is not responding verbally but seems to hear conversations. She states Josh and Rocco have been with them since Bob's hospitalization and remains with them now. Two requests Bob had at the hospital; 1) take me home 2) let me go see Jesus! Becky said he is home. They had family visit last night and now Bob is receiving comfort care with Hospice awaiting his time to see Jesus. Becky thanked all of us for the prayers and encouragement.
              1. This year Mt. Olivet has partnered with other Baptist churches to provide backpacks for children living in poverty regions in Tennessee and Kentucky. We encourage you to support this ministry.   Our goal this year is 50 backpacks, we have backpacks and some supplies available for packing. (There is a bin in front of the mission wall). Folks, grab a backpack and fill it to help us reach this goal. Deadline to return the backpacks is October 11th. Contact Ray Frazier with questions or suggestions. Presently, we have 27 packed!! Giving Praise to God!  Thank you to those who've completed this Missions project.
                1. Please pray.

                  Kenny Flippen who is on our prayer list for a heart transplant will be having that done in the morning at Vanderbilt. Pray that everything goes well and he will return home soon.
                  1. Kenny is in ICU at Vanderbilt recovering from his transplant surgery.