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    Do you ever worry? Do you wish you didn't? Are you searching for ways not to worry? We all battle anxious thoughts, and it can be hard to shut them down. Now available for August: How to Overcome Worry by Dr. Winfred Neely gives a biblical and practical answer to the question of how can we live life free from worry, and experience peace . Get it for $0.99 through September 9th, and join the reading plan. Follow the Moody Publishers Women group and you can receive this special pricing!
    1. Still listed at 7.99 three days later :(
    2. I apologize for the confusion. You will need to follow the Moody Publishers Women group in order to receive the promotional pricing.
    3. It's now listed at the correct price: $0.99. Apologies for the confusion!
  • Have you ever felt stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of overeating, yo-yo dieting, and obsessive thoughts about food? Whether you feel defeated by your lack of self-control or enslaved by your longings, the answer to food fixation isn't in the $500 billion diet industry. Nor is it in a diet book or eating plan. Journey with asheritah as she shares honestly about her own battles with food and reveals the path to freedom in this free reading plan for May from