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          ReadSpecial MPS Training Offer
          Camp Logos 9 New Format Included - Offer Ends Soon!
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          1. I jumped on this. Thanks for re-offering it!
        2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. We recently lost our son and know that he is with the Lord. However, there will always be an empty spot and pain in this world because he is not physically with us. God bless and keep you in His loving care.
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            ReadPrayer Request
            Please Pray for Morris & His Family

            We're incredibly heartbroken to share that Morris' beloved wife Cindy was involved in an auto accident that was ultimately fatal for her. She passed away Sunday, July 11th. Most of you who have attended Morris' live, in-person seminars have also met Cindy; her infectious smile was probably the first you saw as she welcomed you, and if you had questions for her you undoubtedly experienced and remember her unique warmth and kindness.

            1. You will meet again, praise God
            2. I'm sorry I've just heard. Lifting up the Proctor family to our Lord in love. Just know our god's strength is made perfect in weakness. Allow him to come alongside and wipe your tears, allow him to be your leaning pole for you and your family. He will never leave you, he will walk with you all the rest of the way.
            3. I just drove through this area recently and was thinking how it was blessed with an abundance of visible churches and beautiful land. God's country was written on a sign somewhere. Praying for this family and, no doubt, an entire community as they mourn. May God continue to bless and comfort everyone affected but may they rejoice that Cindy is in His hands, grace, love and presence without the cares of this world. To live is Christ, to die is gain. May God strengthen everyone she loved for the journey onward and upward.
          2. I registered for the webinar Power Reading an never got an email for the webinar. Is it going to be rebroadcast? James R. Woodard
            1. I would definitely email them and ask. Must be a glitch somewhere?
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            Please join Morris for a FREE training webinar as he shows you how to customize and use this very practical Bible study tool. Your Bible reading will thank you.

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            1. When I access this, there is no facility to pause, nor a timer to indicate how long it will take, or how far through I am (let alone being able to speed up or slow down the clip). Is there a way to access any of these features. It is frustrating having to leave part way through because of an interruption and have to listen to the whole thing again to get the end part. Thanks
            2. I think you have to subscribe to be able to pause and rewind.
            3. Every time I register for a seminar, I'm told if I can't attend I'll receive an email with instructions on how to watch the video. I have never received those instructions. Why?
          4. Hi all. This is my first time using the Forum so please forgive me if I appear ignorant. My question is the following: I attended Camp Logos 2019. There Mo provided 4 commentary collections for the group. Application, Critical, Exegetical, and Language. In my enthusiasm to apply what I learned, I created duplicates of all four categories. So, my question is: a. Is there a way to open Mo's commentary collections in order to identify which ones he included in there? When I open the collections feature it only provides a limited number at any given time. I'd like them to all be listed in one complete list. b. If not, is there a way to merge his collection with my collection? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thank you for your patience and input.
            1. I am not 100% sure it’s the actual document you are searching, but click Docs in the top Bar, select "Groups" in the top menu of the window open and then in the Left section select "Morris Proctor Seminars" there you find several commentary collections, including ones named like the ones you describe. Give it a try,  select them and press "add to your docs" and then open the imported document to see the collection.
            2. Thank you so much for the reply. I did give it a try and unfortunately, there was no feature "add to your docs" which, I'm guessing means, I've already done that. Not sure what to do or where to go from here, but thank you for your input.
            3.  — Edited

              Add to your docs should be there independently, Steps: 1. Once you see the collection (previous instructions) select one. 2a. Once selected there should open a panel in the right where you find the "add to your docs" link 2b. If the previous fails at the top right of that window, at the side of the "New" blue key there should be an "Add to my docs" key. Press it. 3. Repeat for each of the collections. Once imported move in the window from the Groups category to Yours (at the top left), search for the collection (searching the name in the search bar is a good idea) and double click on the name to open it once you find it. I hope you can see the collection.
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            1. Hey this time it worked, thanks for the prompt.
            2. did you change anything the time it worked? (still doesn't replay for me)
            3. I have never received instructions on how to watch the archived video. I have registered each time.