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  • Ha Mo I was called to an emergency and was unable to view most of the Study Smarter webinar. Is there a chance I can view it again?
    1. I was able to click the link, enter my name and email, and see the replay. I had already registered, though. That doesn't always make a difference with the free webinars. Might be worth trying anyway.
  • Hola. He identificado las diferentes palabras de mi Biblia con colores a través de los filtros visuales. ¿Cómo puedo copiar un verso a word pero mantener los filtros visuales.
    1. Hallo. About Bible browser it's not clear to me whether is possible - and how - to search throughout the all bible or the whole OT or the all NT. The section "common division" does not include such categories. Best regards
      1. If we don't select anything from the "Bible Books" and it's subsections, the search will be on the entire text of the selected Bible. At this time we cannot limit to the entire OT the entire NT unless we select a resource that has just the OT (like the Lexham Hebrew Bible) or just the NT (like the SBL GNT). I discovered that if the selected Bible includes Deuterocanonical / Apocrypha books, they will be included in the Bible and can be used to limit the search. Some resources (e.g. Swete's LXX, Clementine Vulgate) include Deuterocanonical books as part of the the Old Testament in the Bible Browser. Other resources (e.g. Scrivener's 1873 Cambridge Paragraph Bible of the Authorized English Version, RSV, NRSV) have a separate Apocrypha subsection of Bible Books in the Bible Browser.
    2. how do i watch after it is over
      1. how do i watch after it is over
      2. I received an email after the webinar. It contains a link to watch it again. Did you get one?
    3. I really learned something from the “best kept secret” webinar. I’ve watched it several times and pick up something new each time. Question though. Is it available on IPAD? I can’t seem to locate it in tools.
      1. I participated in the free webinar yesterday on the Bible browser and really enjoyed it. I can't seem to locate a link to go back and review the information that Morris covered in the webinar. Can someone point me in the right direction?
        1. I was disappointed that I don't have the option to use this tool. I signed up thinking it was a tool all could use. I wish it was clearly indicated when these things are offered that it is only for the invested.. Unless I spend significantly I will not be able to use such training.
        2. Maybe they could write starting which package the webinar is useful.
        3. I did not receive an email after the webinar. It would really be nice to be able to watch it again. There was some really good information in the webinar.
      2. Please join authorized trainer Morris Proctor for a FREE webinar today, June 30th at 2 pm (CDT) as he explains the potential of Logos’ best kept secret.  Can’t make the June 30th time slot? No worries. When you register, you'll be emailed details to access the archived event once it's posted. If you have already registered, we look forward to seeing you.  https://event.webinarjam.com/register/17/54wmoag
        1. I’m registered and excited to learn more of Logos . Thank you Bro Joe for laying these things out for us.
      3. Hi Moe. As a Logos instructor you are great. Stick on it. As far as exegesis ... better you give it up (https://mpseminars.com/course/webinar-hebrew-greek-word-study/section/word-study-part-2/). See you
        1. If there is a fault in exegesis, 'give it up'?! I say press on. Study and improve, that's the call for all. When others, or further study, show our faults then good. We can thank them and will have learned. But if you have a fault in someone's exegesis, show a kindness and explain it.