• Good Morning Mo! I just completed the Camp Logos Inductive from your website. I'm looking for the best way to get access to the documents/filters/visual filters that you shared with the class. Can you help me?
    1. Im pretty sure Morris does not monitor this group. And Im not exactly sure which docs you are referring to. But perhaps you can find what you need at documents.logos.com. That site has all users' shared documents.
    2. Thanks Myke. They where the specific shared items that Mo created during his inductive Camp Logos training. Appreciate the help!
    3. 10-4. There are some here, but they are older, it looks like, so probably not the ones you need: https://faithlife.com/mpseminars/documents
  • Mo, I went to look at the timeline from the tools menu and it was overwhelming. Not that I was scared or anything; so I went to the Logos help and it started to explain the timeline. So I happen to scroll up and I got instructions to type timeline in the library search. I can tell you I was completely blown away as I opened or started to open each resource. So I stopped to tell you before the year end we need a Timeline webinar. The timeline seems to be treasure or pearl logos Hid and I found it its absolutely amazing. Guys, open the library and type "timeline". Stupid me I thought one or two of the resources applied to what I was looking for. so for those who have not found this treasure, do it , open them all. I'm gone
    1. I remember seeing that it is possible to add a web link to Logos if you could let me know how this is done and where should I place the link as my shortcut bar is very busy? Thanks waiting on reply.
    2. Here's a general question for you pastors. We all appreciate Logos Software and MP Seminars, and we all know that you have to invest time in learning the software to master it well. I know a pastor who is an excellent teacher, and he incorporates a lot of research into his sermons. But, I also heard one of his older church members complain, "The pastor spends too much time in his office on the blame computer instead of getting out and being with people when they're hurting..." So, pastors, how do you use Logos and master how to use it well... without it mastering you? Suggestions?
      1. Find a way to show Logos to members of the church, and get members of the church interested in using Logos for their Bible study. Then the member that is complaining may be “spending too much time in his office on the computer” when he realizes he’s going deeper into Bible study than he ever imagined.
      2. This is most likely NOT a study issue (maybe, but probably not). I would suspect that the congregation member has issues with computers and thinks of them as a waste of time. This won't be fixed in a board room. This will only be handled one on one with that member. And they may never agree. But Logos is not the issue. I would tell them it would take me longer without Logos to do them same amount of work. As Morris says, think of it as your own team of research assistants. Best part is the church doesn't have to hire them.
      3. I agree with John Bass and Nathan Parker. (To Parker's Point: You can show the infomercial that Faithlife has in church for the announcement. Use Faithlife Groups for your Bible study classes and have the congregation download the free Faithlife Study Bible.) To John Bass' Point: You first have to settle with God the priorities of the pastoral call and the time spent doing those things: as preacher (giving them a fish to eat), as teacher --equipping people how to break open the Word (teaching them how to fish and feed themselves), as Priest (helping people find wholeness and healing via the 12 steps (like Celebrate Recovery), the spiritual disciplines, and other books on spiritual, emotional, and relational wholeness and sanctification), as Pastor/Encourager and Counselor/Comforter; as a Deacon (doing all of the things we now associate with the visiting of the sick and shut ins and delivering benevolent aid), and as a Pray-er (which is one of the two responsibilities that the apostles chose not to forsake). If you add Prophet to your list just know most of the Prophets spoke and prophesied primarily to the people of God and only secondarily to the gentile and unbelieving peoples or nations. Most congregants do not therefore want you to be a prophet to them. You must seek God and God's directions on what is the primary, secondary, tieriary task you are called and what are important, but not urgent. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders will help you avoid the tyranny of the urgent and not important to intrude on (A) the Important and Urgent and (B) the Important and Not Urgent. |--------------Seminary professor will tell you that you need (after doing your own devotional reading) another 12 to 20 hours to do the work for crafting a sermon--unless you are buying them and tweaking them. (I'm not judging.). You first need to pray, do an exegetical study, take notes; pray, re-study the passage. Second, you need to switch from exegesis to doing a hermeneutical study of the passage for the sake of application (whether the sermon you are crafting will be informative, exhortative-ethical, pragmatic and tasks based (how to have a better marriage in seven steps, etc), etc. or some combination of the same). Here, you must again return to prayer, write the first draft, edit it, pray some more, add sermon illustrations, rewrite or re-edit, and then practice the oral delivery. Third, you must again go back to prayer, re-edit the sermon, do more oral delivery and re-writing and re-practice. And finally, you must again return to prayer and personal sanctification. |---------Unlike mega churches today, if you read any of the Reformers' actual sermons out loud in the English translations and note the time it took to actually deliver them as sermons. And if you add another hour for the time they took--after delivering their sermon--to field and answering questions on their sermons from parishioners. (The reformers would often come down from the pulpit after they had preached and would then sit at a desk or table in front of the congregation.) You would then get a feeling for the length, depth, and breadth of their sermons and the preparation they took to craft their sermons and why the reformation took hold of the people. If you did the same with the great preachers of the First Great Awakening, you would also discovered that their sermons were longer and more like expository sermons than exhortorial sermons we have in most churches today. Revivals happen because of the serious manner in which the Word was preached and taught and in which Prayer and the Spiritual Disciplines were used and practice. You have to make the decision whether to go miles wide and inches deep or to go to a living spring that is feet and inches wide and miles deep.
    3. I am recent member to the MP Seminar group. I completed viewing the Camp Logos Inductive video training from Murfreesboro. In the last session you sent out an invitation link to the members of the training to download guides. Can I have access to the group link so that I can download the information?
    4. I'm trying to learn the ins-outs of the Sentence Diagramming Tool in Logos 8. Have you done any videos or know of any guides that will help?
      1. Thanks, Myke. Nathan — I looked on MP Seminars, but didn’t see anything. Maybe I missed it. Thanks!
      2. There are links to a guide and another video here: https://www.logos.com/features/sentence-diagramming
      3. You can get this book in logos that will walk you through the process from the very beginning. "Diagrammatical Analysis" by Lee L. Kantenwein. I checked and it is still available from the logos website. Posted cost is $8.99. This is very helpful if you fell asleep in those diagramming parts of English OR Greek. Hope this helps. It is worth the cost.
    5. A Logos user emailed asking if it's possible to create a Reading Plan based just on the words of Christ in red. I created 2 plans, one based on just the Gospels and the other the entire NT. You can download them from the Bible Study section in the sidebar and then edit them as you desire.
      1. I have a question to you Morris. While you were training inductive study you have shown a CD with which you are able to magnify the text could you mention me here please what it is while you have spoken so fast that as some one whose English is not his native language. As you have mentioned it you can distribute the article. Could you tell me please the price and how I can get it in Germany. Thank you.
    6. Find new relationships between Old Testament and New Testament passages:
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        1. Do You have seminars on campus training. If so, when?