• Hi all. This is my first time using the Forum so please forgive me if I appear ignorant. My question is the following: I attended Camp Logos 2019. There Mo provided 4 commentary collections for the group. Application, Critical, Exegetical, and Language. In my enthusiasm to apply what I learned, I created duplicates of all four categories. So, my question is: a. Is there a way to open Mo's commentary collections in order to identify which ones he included in there? When I open the collections feature it only provides a limited number at any given time. I'd like them to all be listed in one complete list. b. If not, is there a way to merge his collection with my collection? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thank you for your patience and input.
    1. I am not 100% sure it’s the actual document you are searching, but click Docs in the top Bar, select "Groups" in the top menu of the window open and then in the Left section select "Morris Proctor Seminars" there you find several commentary collections, including ones named like the ones you describe. Give it a try,  select them and press "add to your docs" and then open the imported document to see the collection.
    2. Thank you so much for the reply. I did give it a try and unfortunately, there was no feature "add to your docs" which, I'm guessing means, I've already done that. Not sure what to do or where to go from here, but thank you for your input.
    3.  — Edited

      Add to your docs should be there independently, Steps: 1. Once you see the collection (previous instructions) select one. 2a. Once selected there should open a panel in the right where you find the "add to your docs" link 2b. If the previous fails at the top right of that window, at the side of the "New" blue key there should be an "Add to my docs" key. Press it. 3. Repeat for each of the collections. Once imported move in the window from the Groups category to Yours (at the top left), search for the collection (searching the name in the search bar is a good idea) and double click on the name to open it once you find it. I hope you can see the collection.
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    1. Thanks Rev. I am registered and it said the replay was unavailable and when I went to Morris’s site it said only this seminar was only available with subscription. I’ll try again though.
    2. Hey this time it worked, thanks for the prompt.
    3. did you change anything the time it worked? (still doesn't replay for me)
  • Is there a way to invoke a layout from a workflow. I know I can copy/paste individual panel URLs to a workflow, but I'm not seeing an easy way to set up a layout, and link to/invoke my layout in my custom workflow.
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      1. The replay functions as the livestream rather than as a recording. You'd have to watch it in another player with playback controls, which is not provided.
      2. Thanks for the quick answer. How would I move this livestream to another player? Can you give me an example of how it is done?
      3. You would have to somehow type the address of the webinar page into another player or somehow download the video and play it in another player. Hopefully Faithlife will add playback controls to the replays, but that may be a long shot.
      1. what information did it require? You can put in as much, or as little, data as you feel comfortable.
      2. , it was required to enter phone number, church name, church position, number of members, etc., a little unusual to be mandatory data. FWIW, I also never got a link to join after registering and so was unable to participate, so they got free information from me without my being able to get anything out of it. Also unusual.
      3. oh the registration for the event, I understand now. It actually makes sense the information they requested. Different tiers of equip based on church size. Not like that is super sensitive data. The link was displayed on the screen when you were done registering but I will say it would have been easy to miss.
      1. I have registered but did not receive any link to view the event.
      2. For me the same!
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        1. Hi Morris, is the book available digitally as I am in the UK and postal cost are usually very expensive. The book and study guide would be a great study for my small church of 25
        2. Ordered my copy! I need to read this right now.