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Mother's Day May 10
  • Here I Am To Worship
      • Matthew 26:26–29CSB

  • Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
  • Overwhelmed
  • You Know Me Better
  • Introduction
    What an amazing time to have mother’s day?
    How can you honor a person who is doing something no one has done in a 100 years.
    Mom’s with kids still of school age today are trying hold themselves together, working, and dealing with amazing stress
    I love what Rochelle posted on facebook, of the real stress of these mom’s who are doing what are now the teachers of their children
    looking for a sub
    Then the perfect gift for mother’s day
    Yet our mom’s, like Frances, and many more of you out there including my mom who have adult children are dealing with their kids watching out for them and their health. Its great that kids are watching out for parents but I know sometimes that’s worse when everyone is telling you, an older adult what to do. and have you noticed my grandmas and great grandmas that your kids are coming back to you with some of the same stuff you did to them?
    Kids are great at coming back to us with exactly what we give them.
    At times it’s infuriating as my kids can procrastinate just like me! They can give me full blown sarcasm and sometimes my kids in their anger show such good wit, just like me! I’d give you examples but they are controlling exactly what your seeing right now so I don’t want to mess with them because I know what I would do.
    But in all of this is a hidden secret to answer a grand problem. With all the dangers of disease, mental illness, bad influences, horrors of this world not to mention the schemes of the devil what hope is their for Mom’s, Dad’s and even those with no kids but all of us who are trying to follow Jesus by loving others and encourage each other to good deeds.
    Their is actually a clear, God given, hard wired biological answer that God spells out for us in the Bible.
    Yep, God shows us a way to help our kids respect us that really works. God shows us a way to get our children to grow in the Lord. It isn’t limited to our children either, the Lord Jesus showed us that it works with people who are the same age as us, no relation at all.
    Hebrews 13:7–8 CSB
    7 Remember your leaders who have spoken God’s word to you. As you carefully observe the outcome of their lives, imitate their faith. 8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
    Imitate, copy, do what you see, speak as you see your spiritual leader speak

    God call us to Imitate the faith of others; copy our leaders acts of belief

    Imitate, just like most people are very aware that if you cuss around a child learning to speak they will begin cussing as they speak, all of us learn how to live by imitating the actions of others. While we think of it so negatively about bad words it is also so extremely powerful in the positive.
    When my girls were little I was annoyed that they never said please or thank you when they were given something. Than it hit me, I never said please to them, never said thank you to them, after all I am there father I shouldn’t have to ask please as they should obey. But if they don’t observe me saying please and thank you they won’t know how to do it themselves. I started and sure enough, they started too!
    Imitation is so powerful in speech and action that social scientists and even FBI criminal profilers know a person will adjust how they speak, the words they use, even their accent by the people they are around you. We imitate how we hear others speak, it’s what we do!
    I’ll never forget coming to class when I was in junior college and everyone was standing outside, all ready to go in, even though it was about to be time for class. I walked up looked around and tried the door. Everyone was amazed, It was open! Everyone had imitated those who came early and didn’t even try the door. We copy others actions. Even in a crisis!
    We were designed by God to imitate others. God himself uses this as the main way that He helped people learn how to live their lives in a right way
    When Jesus was asked by the disciple Philip to see God, he replied
    John 14:9–11 The Message
    9 “You’ve been with me all this time, Philip, and you still don’t understand? To see me is to see the Father. So how can you ask, ‘Where is the Father?’ 10 Don’t you believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? The words that I speak to you aren’t mere words. I don’t just make them up on my own. The Father who resides in me crafts each word into a divine act. 11 “Believe me: I am in my Father and my Father is in me. If you can’t believe that, believe what you see—these works.
    Jesus, God the son, imitated God the Father, He lived out what He saw the Father wanting him to do. It was so good that to know Jesus is to know the Father.
    The disciples learned to be Christians by imitating Jesus, the way he talked , the way he lived, the way he handled others, the way he prayed, they saw it, they lived, than they imitated it, they in turn call on others to imitate them until it gets to us, to just do life as followers of God is exactly the simplest way God made us to learn from other.
    Frances told us in the video that Raymond learned what it meant to be a Christian by being with the two pastors we saw in the picture.

    Keep imitating your spiritual leaders

    One mother I know loves the Bible so much she read it, highlighted where she found it important and then gave it to each one of her kids for their birthday.
    I did the same thing with my kids and they wondered why their was highlighter all over their new phones.
    I’m kidding. But Im not kidding that their was a mother who did that, just as my mother would take the time to learn and teach a lesson out of the Bible to me in sunday school or a children’s time even if I was the only one who ever showed up.
    I know from what my mom showed me, that if you show up your important enough for me to give you all my effort to share God with you.
    This piece of the Bible is actually speaking of leaders in church
    Hebrews 13:7 CSB
    7 Remember your leaders who have spoken God’s word to you. As you carefully observe the outcome of their lives, imitate their faith.
    ]but like many places in America our woman are the most significant attendees of the church and in most of our lives, our moms, grandmothers, aunties, and for all of us as was said at the beginning of our worship we have many spiritual moms, aunties and church grandmothers have played huge rolls in speaking God’s word to us.
    What we see in the lives of women we look up to in their walk of faith is what we will imitate , it is exactly what the Lord commands us to do.
    Just copy how you see spiritual leaders live, ask them why they do what they do, and learn to grow in the Lord just by doing it too.
    I have a surprise for you though.
    You must also realize that others see you as a spiritual leader too.
    As the old saying goes, “You may be the only Jesus some will ever see. You may be the only Bible some will ever read.”
    You may be the only person that someone knows who honestly believes in Jesus, like lets it affect their daily life, you may be the only person who they know goes to church, you may the only person they know who even knows a pastor.
    Therefore you are a spiritual leader too.
    What happens if they start copying you?

    Live a life worthy of imitation

    We say lay down our lives one another as Christ laid down his life for us, The most loving thing you could do for someone else is live a life worthy of being copied.
    Imagine a person who copies you, your habits, the way you live, how you talk, the places you go, the things you do, the way you speak of God, what you think is true, how you think, when you talk and when you don’t, the way you treat others, the way you are or are not generous, they copy you because copying you is what it means to follow Jesus.
    It’s happening right now, your being imitated.
    People are going to copy us no matter what. We need to be careful that what they copy will pull them closer to God and not farther away.
    Why is this appropriate to coronavirus time?
    Because this is incredibly stressful. People know us by what we do in this stressful time.
    If they see us pray, they will know our strength comes from the Lord
    If they see us care for others, they will know loving others is a real way to follow Jesus.
    If they see us humble ourselves, and respond to anger with love, they will see we take Jesus seriously in how we respond to people.
    They will copy us as we battle with ideas of liberty and submission, trust and hope, faith and fear.
    You’ve got this. If you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior than the Holy Spirit is in you, this is exactly the life He is showing you to live.
    Think about those who pull you closer to God. Imitate them. Copy the ways you’ve seen them live out their spiritual disciplines and the ways you’ve seen them talk of faith.

    If you haven’t been imitatable

    The blessed thing about Christ, is if he has given you another new day, than he has also given you a new opportunity to have a new way in your life today.
    And maybe like our dear mother, Frances, God surprises you with someone you never thought you would see get saved, by asking Jesus to take over their life, seeing them live a completely transformed life in Christ.
    Hebrews 13:7–8 CSB
    7 Remember your leaders who have spoken God’s word to you. As you carefully observe the outcome of their lives, imitate their faith. 8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
      • Hebrews 13:7–8CSB

      • John 14:9–11CSB

      • Hebrews 13:7–8CSB

      • Hebrews 13:7–8CSB

  • Forever
  • 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)
      • 1 John 3.16NRSV

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