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August 16
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    New school
    In all honesty thought these aren’t tragedies but inconveniences right?
    If you have ever been in a tragedy, lost a friendship because of your own stupid actions and though you want to blame other people, when you are alone you see I did it.
    I’ve been there, it’s that time when you look back on your situation, and you honestly have to say

    This is all my fault.

    Perhaps you’ve come to realize that your addiction to alcohol or another drug has cost you everything, your addiction to pornography ruined your life again, You are found out or you have just realized I found myself out. I am addicted to myself, to what I want, and I am awful.
    In a world of instagram with its pictures of great lives ...
    Even religious leaders trying to lead us into our own personal happiness, where they appear to have everything all together.
    Where everyone tells you the right way to think and be and yet it never adds up for you
    Where judgment is all around that even in the midst of your shame, you try to do something nice or good and still others criticize you.
    Perhaps you’ve lost the relationship, the job, and maybe even the property you own.
    Brother Dave shared in his story about buying a house when he was in high school, to go on and own many homes, and then lose it all and become homeless.

    My friend if you know that you are completely unworthy today or if you know someone who feels completely unworthy today than listen.

    Listen to this true story)
    (paint the scene of the Sermon on the mount)
    Jesus looks right at some just like you and says, “

    “It’s awesome for those who feel worthless for the Kingdom of God is theirs.”

    Let that sink in,

    “It’s an amazing gift God can give a person who knows they are worthless for the Kingdom of God is theirs.”

    My friend if I connected with you today because no one likes you, everyone hates you for a good reason, you don’t really belong in a church than I mean it. Jesus speaks right to you, right now, that realization, is like key to opening the Kingdom of God.
    All that good is, all that is lovely, all that is right, all that is Holy, its about to be all yours.
    Some of you who have been in the church right now you might be grabbing your Bibles or turning on those Bibles on your phones thinking I done lost it. Jesus never said “feel worthless”
    I tried to translate it a little more modern but the words he said where
    Matthew 5:3 CSB
    3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.
    Some of you who have read the Bible in the old English might have heard it like this
    Matthew 5:3 KJV 1900
    3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    This is an awful feeling, and it’s really not something anyone wants to be in. It’s that time when you know only God can help you. Only God.
    This is traditionally called the Beatitudes and some think, I ever read a book and believed that’s because these are the attitudes we are supposed to be, I have thought that once but its totally not. These are awful feelings. Poor in spirit, mourning, looking but not yet finding, being in the midst of war. Those of you I connected with today you know that and right now, right in the midst of your life Jesus is talking to you.
    Beatitude isn’t a Jesus word, its not even English and has nothing to do with the verb be or the noun attitude.
    it comes from the French language and means supreme happiness. It is a gift, a blessing, something given to us.
    And I want to tell you I get it! I get while they call Jesus promises supreme happiness.
    I was honored to talk with EJ over a month ago, when he called me, and he shared with me the realization He shared with all of us two weeks ago, that he needed to give up and go into treatment for addiction. And I was happy. My buddy EJ was hurting and I wasn’t happy He was hurting and Im not happy you are hurting today but I want you to see what you know to be true
    Pa-ToKas To PaNEW-matee
    Blessed are those who know only God can help
    It is awesome happiness to lay down everything you’ve been doing to control your life, to keep up appearances, to overwork, cheat, and steal to maintain the lie and realize it’s over, I’m done, I surrender to God. Only He can Help
    He says to you, welcome home, welcome to my Kingdom.
    There is a feeling before Poor in Spirit. I know it very well.

    If you are stuck today.

    Your debating between suicide or abandoning all your earthly responsibilities because nothing is working., you don’t feel accomplished and there is no hope. I understand you. God understands you.
    And God closer to you than you think. There is another option.
    I sat on the phone with a person caught in the midst of their sin. They could lie again or they could admit the truth. Admitting the truth meant everything they were doing, living and surrounding themselves was wrong.
    Those were the words that came out of my mouth. “Are you stuck?”
    And they said, “Yes.”
    It was the first confession among a 1000 lies and it is the moment they became Poor In Spirit
    My friends I have been stuck on myself. I have been stuck on fear of others perceptions of me. On believing that if I just work harder than everything will work and yet in the midst of a meditation on the Lord God said

    God’s more power is enough for me.

    As EJ did, as my friend on the phone did, as I did. I gave up and did exactly what God wanted me to do with no real idea of how it was going to turn out.

    Give up!

    Give up control of your life and surrender your life to Christ. Surrender your happiness, your self-worth, your all. Right now.

    You are invited right now to admit you are powerless to control you life, that it has become unmanageable. You realize that only God can restore you to what is truly sane. Today you are willing to turn your life over to His care.

    If you are willing to do this Jesus says to you, welcome home, welcome to my Kingdom.
    If you want to keep up appearances like you are something. If you want to continue to act like you don’t need Him. If you want to say I’ve got it all. I’m living my wonderful life. Im so kind and nice to everyone. I’m a good person. You’re not ready.
    If you want to say you need God and you want His help to get other people to like you, to get your friends back, to get your job back, to go back to people believing what they used to believe about you, You’re not ready.
    God isn’t here to help you go back to seeking what you used to seek.

    But if your ready to surrender. If you know you can’t manage it anymore.

    You are ready for supreme happiness.
    If your wiling to welcome God into or back into your life today

    You are ready for supreme happiness.

    Join me and tell the Lord you accept His wonderful invitation into His Kingdom.
      • Matthew 5:3MESSAGE

      • Matthew 5:3MESSAGE

  • Sweetly Broken
      • 1 John 3.16NRSV

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