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    ReadWelcome to Our Church Group
    Newman Baptist Church
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    Welcome to Newman Baptist Church's online community! Check back often to stay up-to-date on upcoming events, access your Bible study resources, learn more about opportunities to serve, share prayer requests or praise reports or to connect with your small groups.

    Why Faithlife?

    Build Relationship, Deepen Word Study & Avoid the Noise

    Are you tired of scrolling through cat videos and political rants? Do you want to stay connected with your church family instead of hundreds of friends you really don't know?


    Then ditch those other social media platforms and try Faithlife! This is an app and website that you can join for free. It allows you to follow everything church related, from daily verses and weekly sermons to prayer requests and praises from our church members.


    Get started today by visiting Faithlife.com or downloading the Faithlife app and join the Newman Baptist Church group (which you've already done if you're reading this).


    You also have access to a number of amazing, encouraging Bible Study resources for the whole family! Read on to learn more about Faithlife TV and Mobile Education.



    How to Access Your Bible Study Tools

    Faithlife TV

    To access FaithlifeTV, download one of the following applications and then login with the same email address and password you used to login to faithlife.com.

    Download for iPad or iPhone

    Download for Android




    Access on your Smart TV or other streaming device


    FaithlifeTV and Mobile Education gives you access to thousands of Lectures, Documentaries, Bible Studies, Films, Biographies and much more!

    Watch this video to learn more about Faithlife TV.

    Faithlife Study Bible App

    To use the Faithlife Study Bible, click one of the links below to download it for your device.

    Download for iPad or iPhone

    Download for Android


    You can use the Faithlife Study Bible to read the Bible and follow along to Sunday Service, which includes signals that are presented with Proclaim.


    Mobile Education & Bible Study Resources

    Faithlife is the maker of Logos Bible Software. Whether you have used Logos in the past, or are interested in getting started, every member of our church is able to download and use a copy of Logos Basic for themselves.


    Download Logos

    Check out the Mobile Education online courses we have available here!

    Online Giving

    It's easy to make one-time and recurring gifts online! Simply go to https://newmanchurch.org/give [3] and follow the prompts.


    For a recurring gift, you'll need to create a Faithlife account so you can keep track of your giving methods.


    Watch this video to learn how to give with Faithlife Giving. 


    Upcoming Events

    -      Add Events to your church group’s Calendar and pull in an Events section here.[5] 


    We’re Glad You’re Here!

     Thank you so much for choosing to be a part of what God is doing here at Newman.


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    ReadSpring! Is that you?
    Opportunities, opportunities everywhere

    Our current Stay-at-home order has been very difficult for many people. This hasn't been helped by our lovely Ohio weather; one or two warm days followed by 5-6 days of cold and rain, then repeat. It is finally looking like Spring might actually be here. AMEN!

    As we look forward to better weather we can also look forward to new opportunities to live out the faith we proclaim. I hope that you've taken some time to reflect on where you are in your walk with Christ. What are some things that you've been doing well? What are some things that might need to change? Who can you encourage this week? Who can you pray for this week?

    COVID-19 has been a huge interruption in all of our lives. Because of this it's a perfect time to do something new. Is there a book that you've been meaning to read? Do you need to catch up on your annual bible reading plan? Is someone in your life hurting and needs lifted up? Whatever stage of life you might be in there's one thing that I'm sure of; God intends to grow your faith during this pandemic.

    pastor Jamie

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      ReadBack to normal?
      Church services to begin again

      That title is bound to get a variety of responses. For many of you the idea of gathering together this soon feels unsafe and stressful. For others this idea is very welcome and you can't wait to come to church again. The truth is that all of us are somewhere on spectrum between "stay closed indefinitely" and "open everything up tomorrow". We all realize that that we cannot stay closed forever. In Ohio, Gov. DeWine is outlining a plan to begin slowly opening our economy back up. Likewise, we (the Deacon Board and I) have decided that it's tme to begin slowly opening the church back up. Therefore, we will be having a service this coming Sunday, May 3rd. A couple things to note though:

      • This will be a service of worship only. Sunday School classes will not be resuming at this time.
      • Childcare will not be provided as of yet. The Nursery will be open for parents with small children but we will not be providing childcare workers. All toys will be temporarily removed from the Nursery also. Parents will need to bring anything you need to occupy your children with you. We apologize for the inconvenience.
      • Social distancing will take place in the sanctuary. We will have every other pew roped off. DO NOT remove them! If "your seat" is not available, then please find another seat. You are welcome to sit with your family unit (if you drive together, then you can sit together). Otherwise, allow for the recommended six feet between yourself and your neighbor. This will probably only apply to the center section and the front pews on the sides.
      • We will not be passing the offering plate. You may place your offering in the plate on your way in or your way out.
      • When we offer Communion you will be served and will not be passing the trays. Since we will be spaced out there will be no reason to pass the trays. Also, we will place the bread in individual cups to reduce the chance of any cross contamination. We have discussed several options here and believe that this will be the best one.
      • The pew pads have been removed so please plan accordingly. If you need something to sit on, then please plan on bringing your own.

      I think the most important thing that we need when we come together is grace. If you are not feeling well, have a cough, fever, etc., then please stay home. If you are struggling with other health issues that may leave your immune system vulnerable, then please stay home. If you just don't feel comfortable yet, then please stay home. This decision is not intended to make anyone feel bad for not attending. We are taking small baby-steps and need to be understanding and full of grace with one another. We will continue to post the sermon online and are looking at adding a video of the full service soon.

      As always I am praying for you. May God bless you during this difficult time. I pray that the gospel of grace is sweeter to you now than it ever has been.

      Soli Deo Gloria

      pastor Jamie