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    Ukraine Update - February 28, 2022

    Last Thursday, Russia followed through on its longstanding threat to invade neighboring Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have stood their ground, even though their country is at a substantial disadvantage in military resources. The Russian attack initially targeted Ukrainian military installations, but now residential areas have come under fire. Some Ukrainian residents have temporarily abandoned their homes and sought shelter in subway stations and other underground locations that provide protection from Russian bombs. Others have fled the country.


    The situation is dire, but the latest reports indicate that most Apostolic believers, churches, pastors, and missionaries are safe. One of our national leaders reported that Ukrainian believers are experiencing supernatural protection and assurance thanks to the prayers of Apostolics around the globe. “It’s like we feel an angelic presence around us,” he noted.

    We are grateful for this report and urge you to continue praying for the church in Ukraine, as well as the nation at-large. Global Missions has set up a fund to help provide humanitarian aid, including food, medicine, and other supplies, to those who are suffering. You can donate to this effort by visiting the Global Missions giving portal. Select “Ukraine Humanitarian Aid” on the “My donation is for” tab, and one hundred percent of your contribution will be used to aid the people of Ukraine.


    Once again, please continue praying for Ukraine and for our fellow believers in Russia and surrounding nations. We believe God can use these tragic events to bring revival and promote the spread the gospel in eastern Europe and beyond.


    Sincerely in Christ,

    David K. Bernard

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      February 25, 2022

      Email from Brother David Bernard

      Pray for Ukraine

      We received a report from our leader in Ukraine. He and his family are in a small village outside of Kiev. Currently, they are safe and in close contact with our churches and pastors. Cities throughout the county are under attack, including Odessa, where there is a naval base and an Apostolic church. Some of our people in nearby countries have been put on alert. Let’s join in focused prayer for these specific needs:  Peace and safety for the Ukrainians 

      •A rapid end to the aggression 

      •The Ukrainian President and other leaders

      •The neighboring nations and their leaders 

      •The people of these countries to realize their hope and future is in the Lord 

      Compassion Sunday

      The annual Compassion Sunday offering is this Sunday, February 27. The focus this year is to help the persecuted church throughout the world. Click here to view a brief video featuring Terry Shock as he describes this effort. The video may be shown in your churches this Sunday or on an upcoming Sunday. You can use this giving link and any major credit card or mail your offering to Compassion Services International, PO Box 14, St. Charles, MO 63302. Your church will receive Global Missions credit. Make checks payable to Compassion Services International, and in the memo write Compassion Sunday. We can make a difference as we help the hurting and share the gospel globally.


      Sincerely in Christ,

      David K. Bernard

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