• A Call To Rise Up From Father To His Children

    The Father of Glory comes to me during prayer and says, “Proclaim to My church, to My people, to My children:

    Are you not Mine? Yet you are asleep. Awake! Arise! Stand up from among the dead. Rise up above the fear and proclaim to all those around you I Am the Great I Am, the One who loves and forgives all sins and brings life to the dead and hope to the hopeless. Rise up! Sing aloud, do not hold back. Do not conform to the standards of the world. Church, rise up! Proclaim My Word! Do not allow the enemy to steal the power and authority I have given to you! Do not allow the lies of the enemy lure you into sullen disbelief and dismay. Rise up! Stand upon Who I say I Am and not what the world deems acceptable in their sight. Rise up and Stand knowing you are My child who I love and desire to be close to My side. Fight for Me. Fight for My Truth.”

    Father places a large glowing Bible on a wood table. “There is so much more in My Word than the few highlights you know. Come, eat at My table of the only substantial food that satisfies and empowers. Come, read. You shrivel up because you eat and partake of all that is empty from the world. Come. For if you are Mine, you will desire that which is from Me. Otherwise you will have no part of what I would have for you. Come.” Father opens the Bible as brilliant treasures flow from the pages into the room and land upon only those who eagerly and joyfully reach for them.

    1. You Choose to Rebel or to Follow

      “Each person will stand before Me accountable for their words, their actions, as well as their inner thoughts. I have declared who I Am throughout creation, from the stars in the heavens to My imprint within the inner workings of each cell. I have been proclaimed to the nations through My Word and the testimony of My Name. None shall have excuse because all know who I Am for each have been created by Me. The spirit and soul within each man know who I Am and choose to rebel against Me or they choose to follow.”

      “Rebellion begins within the heart and mind of every person. As it was from the beginning it will be to the end, each person chooses to believe My Truth or the enemy’s lies. Choose now, for the time is coming when all will stand before Me to give accounting. The accuser stands ready to take with him all who have chosen to follow him. They shall have the same execution of judgment as he, eternally separated from My presence with no hope of return. Tell them child. Tell them to remain faithful to My name no matter what the enemy throws at them. And tell the rest the time to repent and turn to Me is now while My mercy and compassion can still be found by them. Time is short.”

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        God Hears Your Prayers, But...

        God the Father proclaims in a voice sounding as of many waters, “Send this to the masses:

        I hear your prayers: your prayers of healing, your petitions of provision, your cries for mercy. Yet I have this against you, you refuse to cry out for My truth, for who I Am and not who you have created Me to be. You deny My existence, My Creation, My Salvation and desire only what I can give you. Foolish ones, I know your hearts. I see the evil you speak and do. I am uncovering before your eyes the wickedness done within your homes, your communities, your nations, and your churches. Turn from your wicked ways, completely with your whole heart follow Me and I will be your God, your Provider, and your Healer.”

        James 4:1-17

        1. Repent Now For The Time Is Near

          What can You tell me about the Corona virus?

          “This virus has been allotted for this time, this hour and this season to display who I Am. I am sifting My wheat. Many of those who claim to be Mine refuse to understand I am justice and righteousness. My wrath is filled as well with My glory so that My Name shall be resounded throughout the earth. I have had enough of the cruelty to My children and to My creation. My judgment stands as follows:

          The one to who has been given much, much shall be required. The one who has stolen shall have take from them even what they do not have. The one who has spoken evil in the dark, its mysteries shall be pronounced upon the housetops. The one who has done sexual immorality shall pay even more, even with their own life. None who sins in My name shall bear My seal of protection, they shall surely die within their wanton desires. I Am who I Am and there is none beside Me, including none of your idols, your “holy” desires that fill My Name with disgust. Repent now, for the time is near where each of you shall stand upon your own words and deeds. Many will be empty and nakedly exposed for all to see."

          “Tell them child."

          1. Jesus' Perspective of Worship

            Why do people refuse Your amazing love for them? Instead, they hate You and Your people with such vehemence. You are perfect in all You are. I can’t wait to be with You forever in the perfect utopia so to speak where there is no sin or selfishness or greed or pain or hatred. All that the enemy has brought humans will be gone. I long to be where we are perfectly designed, can create and experience everything You have for us to the fullest. I struggle to put to words so people will understand what You have for those who desire to live with You for eternity.

            “Child, I have not only spoken through the prophets, given utterance of holy things to My servant, David, revealed My Father’s perfection and His plan as I walked on the earth Myself, and even transformed lives throughout all of history from hatred to love and peace. Yet, many desire to reject My truth in order to believe the lie that they are in control of their life. How foolish they are. There are only 2 options in human existence, walking with Me or walking blindly following the enemy whose sole goal is to lead them to his own punishment. My truth is within each person for they have each been created by My hand. This is why to deny Me denies them of the eternal home they have been designed for. I am their beginning and I am their end if they choose. Each has the capacity to choose, even those who seem to have none.”

            As I rest for a moment in Jesus' presence, I realize something new is happening. I hear from with in Him a song? There is music of indescribable existence. Not sound, but sound, I feel it and sense it in the spiritual realm not like here on earth. I smile as I realize Jesus’ 'sings' or 'makes music' within Him. It’s like He is humming for lack of a better explanation. I let Him fill my being with His 'song' of life, hope, love and peace. Yes, my Lord, I proclaim You are the beginning and end of all that exists. There is none other beside You, none who can compare to You, none other I desire to be God, but You.

            “The song sung in the heart and mind of a believer rises unto Me as worship. The one who refuses to worship Me, I too shall refuse acclamation of. I created the soul to sing, to worship Me, its Creator. To deny worship from within to without will cause the soul to become hard and calloused. So, My child, keep singing. Life from eternity will grow within you as you do. My joy will be made complete in your heart and mind as My Spirit refreshes your soul from the river flowing from My throne."

            My heart aches for those who refuse to try to understand how wonderful You are for I know there will come a time when they will realize their mistake. And it will be too late. (Luke 16)

            1. Perspective on God's Kingdom

              "When the impossibilities of the world around you is understood to be insurmountable and overwhelming, remember who I Am. I have not only created all that you can see and experience, but also walked it Myself. When one follows my footsteps, they will begin to understand My perspective. My teaching was to help people understand the eternal nature of their being. Did I not proclaim to Pilot that My Kingdom is not of this world? So why are My children still trying to force My truths and teachings to conform into an earthly kingdom? Why are My words being taught to harm, destroy, and attack others? Especially against other Christians who are My children? No, those who do and say such, especially the teachers, will not only be held accountable, but many will not enter into My eternal home. Why should they when they have misused My truth for their gain. I tell you the truth, they have their reward as they reap worldly treasures. They are not reaping treasures from My hand, but instead, they will receive My judgment!”

              1. The Enemy Is Ready To Reveal Himself

                Jesus brings me into eternity and says, “Child, all that you see...” I look out and realize I can see quite far, not like the world that curves on the surface of the globe. Eternity flows out in every direction including upwards. I know that eternity continues in every direction, including below us even though I can not seen it. “I am bringing into completion soon. You have asked many questions about the fulfillment of this age.” He smiles. “You shall see it unfold before your eyes. Get My people ready, for many are not. Many are gorging themselves upon the world’s delights that will sour their souls. The sin of man is now coming to completion. The enemy has his cards stacked and ready to reveal himself too. Do not be deceived even when others are. Do not follow the crowd.”

                Jesus puts His hand on my shoulder, “Remember, I am with you. He must reveal himself first and then gather his troops with a motion of his hand.” Jesus flicks His hand. "Know that all who follow him are heading to destruction. Do you not understand, he will be leading everyone into the pits of hell because he knows I am coming for My faithful ones.” The verses about the angels gathering the chaff to throw into the fire comes to mind (Matthew 3:12, Luke 3: 17).

                “Child,” Jesus turns me to look up at Him. “Child, you cannot follow them, you cannot look upon their destruction. You must keep your eyes on Me.” Jesus stands up until He is extremely tall. He stretches with arms spread out wide. “It’s about time.” Jesus walks off. I stand amazed at His beauty, majesty and power.

                1. God Delights In His Remnant

                  “The shepherds are to tend to My sheep, My children as if they were their own; in tenderness and in truth. Training and rebuke are required to maintain their safety and maturity. Each shepherd will be accountable, not for the numbers or money or increase, but for their representation of who I Am and My work through them. Child, did I have a mega church? No, I poured into a few and spoke My Truth to the masses. But the masses could not, nor did they want to, change their lives for Me. They wanted Me to change Myself and give to them so they could continue in their ways.”

                  “Why is it the divorce rate, the suicide rate, the porn and alcohol rate is the same in the church as well as outside? I keep calling, healing, feeding, revealing Myself to those who call upon My name, but are they changing? Are they growing in holiness? Are they surrendering to My Kingdom and authority? Many times, no. But I keep searching for My remnant who will continue to follow Me in all their ways. Those who will forsake sin and the ways of the world for Me.”

                  Jesus sits down on His throne. “Many are called, few are chosen; especially in America where it is all about the dollar, the prestige, and the entertainment. So few of them can handle an offense or even a verbal attack that they are Mine. I am faithful, even when they are not. But My delight is in the one who loves and follows Me.” He leans forward. “They are numbered, they are sealed, they shall experience My Kingdom in their lives. They must not desire that which others appear to have. Remember, all is vanity, except Me.”

                  1. I Have Seen. God Is Exactly Who He Says He Is.

                    How can one describe in human words and understanding the magnificence and grandeur of the Living God? How can one possibly put into the confines of human language that which man cannot even fathom without the gracious spirit of Jesus? What I have seen and experienced firsthand may seem as mystical craziness by the critic and blaspheme by the Christian. Yet what can I do? I stand here after many years of communion with the Living God, the Great I Am, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and with His Son, Jesus, the Christ. I’m wondering how to even begin to articulate a fraction of what has been revealed to me in a coherent matter to people who are too busy to even care. And to those who do care or who are seeking the ultimate truth of reality, how can I put into their linear thinking that which is outside our time and mathematical configurations.

                    I am the least of the least, sinner of sinners, the one tossed aside by many including myself. And yet, a man, God Himself, revealed a love beyond comprehension for me. In the depth of my deepest heartache, Jesus appeared to me telling me He loved me. Who is this Jesus? I did not know at the time, but have been on a lifelong search ever since trying to discover who is this Jesus whom countless attempts have tried to silence, kill, and destroy any evidence of. Why had such hatred flowed within my own thoughts of One who loved all of mankind so much that he allowed himself to be tortured and put on a cross not only by them, but for them? As the woman in the gospels wept at His feet, I too have come to love Jesus greatly for what he has done for me and for who He is.

                    As a nobody, chosen and blessed by God, I stand here to tell the world, God is real. Not only is He real, He is intrinsically involved in your life as well as the lives of everyone around you. There is nothing done in the dark that He, and all of His realm does not see. Nothing is hidden, all is exposed. He is aware of every thought you have experienced. And yes, His Word, the Bible, is Truth. Every word, every thing that you may not want to hear or accept or desire with your whole heart to deny, every word in the Bible is Truth. And nothing you can do or say will change one little dot of any word written in that book. Nothing can stop the advancement of His Kingdom, which will soon culminate into fulfillment. I stand to declare, I have been in what many call, “Heaven”. I have stood in His throne room to hear His judgment upon those who have denied Him. I have been surrounded completely without and within by His consuming love and compassion. I have been empowered to do that which is impossible. I have seen unknown parts of the universe and have been shown mysteries that man has contemplated from the beginning of time. For it is true, those who seek Him with their whole heart find Him. You will not find the god that you have created within your own understanding, that god is nonexistent and worthless. Open your heart and mind to the awesomeness and the greatness of the One True God to find that He is EXACTLY who He says He is in His Scripture. Whoever believes in the name of Jesus shall be saved. You can become a new creation with Him, where the old and painful in your life passes away.

                    Jesus. He is the greatest treasure any person could ever possess. And yes, He is worth dying for. The great thing is, He is also worth living for!

                    Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, “Jesus is Lord!” I have seen it, and someday, so will you.

                    1. Accepting God’s Mystery

                      “Hope is found within My complete control and unfathomable wisdom, within My mystery as you say. Depression is not trusting Me to work all things to good, especially outside your understanding.”

                      “Just take a moment and wait… with Me.”

                      I stand beside Him. Immediately my mind begins to wander, I stop the thought and go back to Jesus. Normally I look up at Him eager to learn something new: something about Him, about His truth, His word, something for me or the church. This time is different. I reach up to hold His hand and just stand with Him, waiting. His brilliant light surrounds us to the point I see nothing but extreme brightness. I wait and rest within the only understanding I have at this moment. Jesus is above all, in control of all, power over all and is right here beside me holding my hand because He chooses to love me.

                      Before me word, “Mystery” appears. My desire for knowledge and truth is great, I have studied all my life in one form or another, always learning, always reading. Wanting to know everything I can about Jesus and God and His Word. I have found that all of His truth points to this; He is God and He loves deeply, intensely with every part of His essence. All the details we humans try to articulate in every area of study only touches the tip of the ice berg of His being. The rest… is His mystery. And one day all of us will understand tremendously more about His mystery than we can physically comprehend now. On that day, each will proclaim “Jesus is Lord!” I cannot wait until that day! On that day every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. All else is worthless, empty, vain, without substance. True reality will then be revealed. And somehow, within everyone’s heart, they know the truth. They just don not want the greatest of all treasures, the love of God.

                      Jesus, thank You for being patient with me and choosing me by never giving up on me. Your faithfulness is wonderful and beyond measure: from eternity to eternity.

                      Lord, You are magnificent. You are beyond all my comprehension and understanding. I look up at Jesus, and I think I am finally fully okay with You having Your mystery about You and within my life. Remind me when my anxiety rises that Your mystery can entice my eager expectations into what You have been, are, and will do in my life as well as those around me.