• Who Does Jesus Choose To Proclaim His Truth?

    Jesus tells me, "Write this down. Some take My truths as if to be handled as a currency of different values." I see multiple coins and bills from many different countries. Jesus continues, "They believe My truths can be taught as figures of men. They do not seem to understand My truths supersede and extend beyond their biased understandings and logic. Look at the verse Paul writes about not allowing women to be leaders over men. If they would comprehend the voice within them saying how man dominates women to the extent of piracy or dominance, they would understand that women were uneducated then and unable to teach. But yes, who spoke of My coming to the multitude before I arrived? Many women, not just the Samaritan, but Anna, as well and my beloved Mary. You should have heard her shout as she ran from the tomb,” He laughs. “She was as mighty a warrior than any. None could stand in her way for her faith in who I am. She told many men who I am, even after I ascended, and none could keep her silent. Many others also testified of who I am, not just men, but women also. Teaching comes from wisdom and from My Scriptures which were not readily available to the women at and before the turn of the century. Men have tried to quiet the testimony of women throughout the ages, yet they still rang, and even do today. How can the sound of the bells in the cathedral tower be silenced when the bellman is My Spirit? The ones who cover the voices of women, and even young men, shall be accosted before My presence."

    "For does it matter from the mouth of which My truth comes from? Did I not proclaim My Words shall come from the mouths of babes? From the innocent? From the unlikely? From the little ones? Surely My Words and My truths shall fill the temple’s very atmosphere in the voices of the women I have filled with My Spirit. Keep writing. There is none before Me who can claim to know My truths without Me. None. All who say to proclaim My Word and the hope I have placed within them must first acknowledge I Am He who saves and I Am He who saves ALL who endure to the end. I shall protect who calls upon My Name for the sake to bring Me and My Father glory and honor. Those who deny Me that honor and take it upon themselves for their own benefit before God, others, and the mirror are deceiving themselves and the truth is not in them."

    "Speaking My Word is for all, freely I give and freely it should be given. Freely it should be received regardless of through whom I choose to give it. Some may say they cannot discern if what is spoken is from Me or the enemy. To them, I am ashamed for they then do not know My Written Word. Even in the simplest of translations or transliterations is the truth of Who I Am as well as My nature. But when one denies a portion of the text or an aspect of My nature, then yes, they will have issues discerning who is from Me and who is against Me."


    1. Foolishness Before Jesus

      “Come sit with Me again, here.” I sit beside Him on the mountain ledge.

      "It is neat, Lord, to learn the meaning of 'mountains' in Scripture. How the word 'mountains' can often mean the intersection of Your realm and earth, Your power and authority as well as representing man’s empires. Right?"

      Jesus answers, “Above all that man is and even above all they aspire to be.”

      My feet dangle below me. I realize I do not have the fear of being up so high as I do in the world. I jump down and land couple inches below where my feet were hanging like I am standing on solid ground. I look and see nothing there. I look up at Jesus, He reaches for my hand. I grab it and let Him lead me back to sitting beside Him.

      “There is a clear separation between the two realms. Only those I allow in and out can enter or leave. Don’t worry about how others will interpret your writing. These are My words, man has the ability to twist beauty into disgust."

      Jesus stands suddenly as I sense a vileness approach. It cowers before Jesus speaking a petition I cannot hear. Jesus’ hand draws me beside Him without touching me. I am sitting next to His radiant feet. Even His feet shine brightly with authority and power emanating from them. I reach out to touch His foot. The color of the light changes slightly as my hand approaches His foot as if my hand was entering liquid light. The enemy is a wolf/dragon form that snaps something I do not understand and leaves. Jesus looks down at me, “See, when you focus on Me, the enemy has no right over or for you.”

      He bends down to reach for my hand to stand me up. Up until now, I have not comprehended how Jesus would touch me or what His skin was like. It is as if that aspect of our union or connection was withheld from my vision and understanding. I look now at His hand and then look up at His eyes to see if it is ok. Jesus nods. I look at my arm and hand which is now glowing with the same liquid light I perceive on Jesus. As I look at His hand holding mine, I see brilliance so bright I cannot distinguish lines or forms of any kind. I sense His hand that is holding mine is much larger, just like an adult holding a child’s hand. I also perceive His hand is magnificently larger than all the universe. All this makes no sense to my worldly brain, but here in His realm, I have the perfect understanding to which it is difficult to put into words.

      Something enters the throne room before us. It looks like people in a comic horse costume coming before Jesus. He only moves His hand slightly and they are gone. I sense I understand no matter how man may try to appear in deceit before God, they are as obvious as a cartoonish character in their foolishness. Jesus has no time for them and brushes them aside. “Many are the wiles of the foolish and unperceiving. They deny My very existence while at the same time try to overcome My truth with their empty justifications. They do not understand the deadly game they are playing within themselves. They attack My children because of Me and what I either represent within My children or am doing in the lives of the unbeliever. They cannot get to Me directly so they attack those who I am within. Yet, as each of My children falls or comes home to Me, another person will always appear before them as conviction or condemnation as they choose. They rightly see the truth yet cannot comprehend My existence for their good, but see Me as their demise.”

      1. Jesus Addresses You, His Child

        Jesus says, "Write for My children: Much of what you are about to see and do and even learn is not going to make any sense to others and sometimes even you. Remember how I have worked in the past, in your life as well as in others. My ways are higher than your ways, but I can only work within the realm of limitations you have placed upon Me. Do not have boundaries or limitations for My work and being within your realm of life. Know that all things are possible with Me. Learn to expect the impossible and even the inconceivable. Remember Father and I created everything you see and do not see from the heights of the furthest star to the depths of the core of the earth. Nothing is beyond our work and influence even in the darkest dungeons or the depths of hell.”

        “Other's actions are not your responsibility. Other's words should have no impact upon you and your life, only My own. Does it matter if another human confirms you or believes as you do, no? I Am and I Am everything you need or should even desire.”

        “Walk in My truth children, not the world’s, not your own, not in other’s, but Mine and Mine alone. Know that all things will be revealed soon enough.”

        “Do unto others as you would have done unto you. When others revile you, what would have worked for you when you did the same in the past? Being angry back would have fed your injustice perception. But those who showed love back to you emptied your vengeance and made you begin to contemplate the truth. Do the same.”



        1. Jesus Explains His Existence

          Jesus calls me to His side. "Write child. The distance between My words and the proclamation of My being is a margin for little to no error. The standing of My presence within the being of My text is one and the same. None can destroy My Word, nor can they destroy Me for both are unending in the scope of your realm of understanding. The existence between the exemplifications of the issuance of My Words is the proof of the existence of My very nature and being. For this is how My Father has established all that is known of Me into your reality of existence. Since nature has taken upon the exemplification of who I am then there is no excuse for denying I exist and that I am the one who holds all things together for the glory of Father. All that is seen created by all that is unseen which is upheld by the existence of the one who died and rose again shall culminate into the perfection of reality to lay down at the Father’s feet when the time comes. None shall get in between all that I have begun for none can even come within My presence without cowering unless they know Me and are known by Me."

          "The darkness that overtakes a person is only granted power by the nature of the hope that resides within that person. When looking upon the self within the mirror of vanity or disdain, one can only see darkness and loss. This is the nature of eternity without My truth and hope. Disgust has another name, fear. But fear knows it cannot articulate itself as it truly is for many will recognize it and flee so it must disguise itself to be the form of a victim, one to be embraced and protected. Do you not see? All that is within the aspirations of the human heart can be produced in a form to embellish reality to its extent or final use. None of which can be transpired unto hope unless it is first recognized as the abusive form of the enemy’s toolbox first. The signature of the enemy is easy and plain to see, but many refuse to acknowledge it and even ascribe that which is of the enemy unto Me, which is even a greater demise for them. The events of the heart are plainly written upon the books of life and each will understand the significance without explanation, even though on earth they transcribe the atoning value as worthless. The identity of evil within the heart will be plain to see when My light shines upon them and emits through the pages of the Book of Life. Repent therefore for My presence is about to be seen as a deluge cracking through the sky for all to see. When others say this has been spoken of before as from the beginning, acknowledge that is true, for I have been warning all that the end is near and to repent and be ready to present yourself to the Most High God. Child, My time is coming, it is nearer than all think, even you. You shall see Me coming in the clouds of radiant light so bright all eyes shall fail them except those who also are filled with My Spirit. All of the prophecy written within My Word shall be fulfilled exactly as written with no lack of understanding at that moment. My justice at that moment shall be final and quick. There shall be no time of repentance or even acknowledgment that I Am who they have denied."


          1. What Matters In Eternity

            Jesus says to me as I am praying, "Child, you are zigzagging as if to find My right answer. Stop and come stand before Me."

            I stand before Jesus and look up at Him. His brilliance and glory are beyond description. His smile is filled with gentleness and His eyes – How can I describe His eyes? I have only one word, “Love.” How God can blend unlimited power and authority with compassion and mercy to the point that love flows from every radiance of His essence, I cannot wrap my mind around it. As I contemplate the complexities of His nature, my attention is drawn to the iridescent blues and golds radiating from His presence.

            Jesus smiles and tells me, "Oh child, do not forget what I have already spoken to you. Remember My teaching and training. Remember I am your Teacher, as well as your Lord and your Friend. Come, sit with Me."

            Jesus leads me to the bench surrounded by a meadow. It is lush green with countless shining flowers in all colors including colors I cannot articulate. The scents are beyond description as the air around us is light and clear. Everywhere I look is lit up with no shadows or darkness to be seen. I can even see every blade of grass without darkness to hide their lowest depths. It is so beautiful here. A slight breeze is blowing, although I sense it was not wind or what I understand as wind in the world’s realm.

            "Child, continue to do what you are doing. Remember, you are more than what is at the moment. You affect others in even what you consider ordinary." Jesus asks me, "In all the expanse of eternity, where is the limit or boundary?"

            I look around. I can see beyond the meadow in every direction. It is like different movies are playing in each direction. Somehow the movies are playing within each other, yet separate, in the horizons as far as I can see. There was harmony with all I see, yet there are none the same.

            I stand up. Immediately, we are set in the universe somewhere as I look around at all the immensity and beauty of the galaxies. I reach out my hand. I feel what seems like energy flowing through my arm into my palm. Jesus blows towards my hand. As He blows, the energy I feel becomes an item I have never seen before.

            "Child, is there any limit or boundary in eternity?"

            My limited mind and comprehension seem stuck at this moment. I am in a place of endless creative power. I set aside my own understanding so I can receive and accept what Jesus is showing me. I turn to Him and say, “How can there be any limits or boundaries with You, Jesus? You are eternal, no beginning, no end. All I know is that in our human minds I can say that You have limits. These limits would be You do not sin, there is no evil in You, Your ways are perfect so that You would, in human terms, be imperfect. But as I stand here with You Jesus, somehow those are not limits or boundaries. The only way I can explain it is that those things do not exist here, sin, pain, evil, pride, or anything bad or false. Somehow they are not even options or possibilities. So, therefore, no, in eternity, You have no boundaries, no limits.”

            Jesus nods and responds, "This is why My people must be holy. That which is not surrendered to Me shall never enter into My presence. Even the demons call Me Lord, yet they do not surrender. They cower. They cannot stand before Me."

            I see flashes before me of dark beings before the throne as well as some coming and going freely. These images all transition into one another. Bright streaks of light appear as One of tremendous power and authority enters, standing in victory! He is the risen Lord! Then, immediately, all that is not of the Father’s flees and is no longer able to return.

            "Soon, child, I will make all things new for all eternity." I see Jesus with His robes filling the throne room. He reaches down and wraps His hand around the earth and the realms that are somehow intertwined with it. Then everything becomes pure in His hand.

            "The seconds that are perceived within the confines of human experience will soon succumb," Jesus says. Then I see His foot step down into our world. It is large and I cannot describe how His greatness within just His one foot can enter into our tiny earth in comparison. "I shall come. I shall deliver My people in finality, in the perspective of all. There shall be none without reason or excuse. For I Am."

            Suddenly I am back on the bench in the meadow with the Lord. "Question for you, My child. What matters? Does money, or value, or anything that you can hold or touch, or finances, or even the price of your home hold any importance in comparison to My glory, My Truth, or My ability to sustain or remove you? Does the fretting of this world have any constraint upon Me or My will?"

            I answer, “No, my Lord. How can it? All that is in eternity, all that You are, is separate from all that will have its end in Your presence - not only when You come, but even now.”

            "For you, for Mine elect, for My People who love Me, these things are as dust. Let go, child, help your loved ones to know they too must let go. I Am, and I Am the author of all. I Am the giver of anything good. Do not fear or trust or cling to that which you can see. Fear, trust, and cling to Me in all your ways."


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              Satan Cannot Destroy God's Perfection

              Jesus' robes flow around Him so thickly that I remember the Scripture of His robes filling the throne room. I look up at Him and say, "The world, Lord, is so evil. There is nowhere to go away from destructive people anymore. Their words are filled with lies and hate. I am seeing their terrifying agendas coming together powerfully by either denying Your Truth or even twisting it. How can anyone continue to stand? I know You are with all those dying in Your name. I ache so deeply for the men, women, and children being tortured or exploited. Please, have mercy on them."

              Jesus nods, “The end is coming soon.” He leads me to the bench in the meadow. “Look at My creation."

              I look up and see many wonders of all He created. A shadow of darkness starts to play what looks like multiple movies upon the landscape. The darkness grows so it is hard to see God’s creation and beauty with its presence.

              “All I have created is still there, even with the attacks of the enemy to twist, change, and even divide or destroy what I have begun. It all is still there.”

              Jesus brings parts of His creation closer to us for me to view. He keeps drawing them ever closer so that I can see into microscopic aspects of His creation. The effects of the enemy's work are easy to see, even to the molecular level.

              Jesus says, “If you look closely, you will see that My beginnings, My origins are still there.” I see a level within the DNA strand that is in another dimension for lack of a better word. It's perfection and beauty displays that it is untouched by the enemy's work. I understand it is sustained by God’s presence so that the enemy has no effect upon it.

              “That, My child, is the beginning and the end, the word of My hands and the power of My spoken word. And that will soon be restored to perfection, never to be even in the presence of the enemy again or anything that is evil.”

              I stop and think about my shortcomings and the imperfections within my life. My hands reach inside me and grab something that looks like charcoal from my chest. I give it to him as I say, "Lord, how many times will I keep handing to You areas in my life that I need Your help?"

              “As often as you need.” He puts the charcoal next to His robe as if in a pocket. I watch as it turns into a brilliant gem within His robes. He smiles at my reaction. “Do you not know that your gift of least worth in your eyes, can be a treasure in Mine?”

              Tears fill my eyes at the realization of what He is saying.

              1. A Call To Rise Up From Father To His Children

                The Father of Glory comes to me during prayer and says, “Proclaim to My church, to My people, to My children:

                Are you not Mine? Yet you are asleep. Awake! Arise! Stand up from among the dead. Rise up above the fear and proclaim to all those around you I Am the Great I Am, the One who loves and forgives all sins and brings life to the dead and hope to the hopeless. Rise up! Sing aloud, do not hold back. Do not conform to the standards of the world. Church, rise up! Proclaim My Word! Do not allow the enemy to steal the power and authority I have given to you! Do not allow the lies of the enemy lure you into sullen disbelief and dismay. Rise up! Stand upon Who I say I Am and not what the world deems acceptable in their sight. Rise up and Stand knowing you are My child who I love and desire to be close to My side. Fight for Me. Fight for My Truth.”

                Father places a large glowing Bible on a wood table. “There is so much more in My Word than the few highlights you know. Come, eat at My table of the only substantial food that satisfies and empowers. Come, read. You shrivel up because you eat and partake of all that is empty from the world. Come. For if you are Mine, you will desire that which is from Me. Otherwise you will have no part of what I would have for you. Come.” Father opens the Bible as brilliant treasures flow from the pages into the room and land upon only those who eagerly and joyfully reach for them.

                1. You Choose to Rebel or to Follow

                  “Each person will stand before Me accountable for their words, their actions, as well as their inner thoughts. I have declared who I Am throughout creation, from the stars in the heavens to My imprint within the inner workings of each cell. I have been proclaimed to the nations through My Word and the testimony of My Name. None shall have excuse because all know who I Am for each have been created by Me. The spirit and soul within each man know who I Am and choose to rebel against Me or they choose to follow.”

                  “Rebellion begins within the heart and mind of every person. As it was from the beginning it will be to the end, each person chooses to believe My Truth or the enemy’s lies. Choose now, for the time is coming when all will stand before Me to give accounting. The accuser stands ready to take with him all who have chosen to follow him. They shall have the same execution of judgment as he, eternally separated from My presence with no hope of return. Tell them child. Tell them to remain faithful to My name no matter what the enemy throws at them. And tell the rest the time to repent and turn to Me is now while My mercy and compassion can still be found by them. Time is short.”

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                    God Hears Your Prayers, But...

                    God the Father proclaims in a voice sounding as of many waters, “Send this to the masses:

                    I hear your prayers: your prayers of healing, your petitions of provision, your cries for mercy. Yet I have this against you, you refuse to cry out for My truth, for who I Am and not who you have created Me to be. You deny My existence, My Creation, My Salvation and desire only what I can give you. Foolish ones, I know your hearts. I see the evil you speak and do. I am uncovering before your eyes the wickedness done within your homes, your communities, your nations, and your churches. Turn from your wicked ways, completely with your whole heart follow Me and I will be your God, your Provider, and your Healer.”

                    James 4:1-17

                    1. Repent Now For The Time Is Near

                      What can You tell me about the Corona virus?

                      “This virus has been allotted for this time, this hour and this season to display who I Am. I am sifting My wheat. Many of those who claim to be Mine refuse to understand I am justice and righteousness. My wrath is filled as well with My glory so that My Name shall be resounded throughout the earth. I have had enough of the cruelty to My children and to My creation. My judgment stands as follows:

                      The one to who has been given much, much shall be required. The one who has stolen shall have take from them even what they do not have. The one who has spoken evil in the dark, its mysteries shall be pronounced upon the housetops. The one who has done sexual immorality shall pay even more, even with their own life. None who sins in My name shall bear My seal of protection, they shall surely die within their wanton desires. I Am who I Am and there is none beside Me, including none of your idols, your “holy” desires that fill My Name with disgust. Repent now, for the time is near where each of you shall stand upon your own words and deeds. Many will be empty and nakedly exposed for all to see."

                      “Tell them child."