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    Hi Northview family! Did you know there is a cool calculator to help you plan out your giving goals? This video walks you through how to sign into your Giving user portal and shows you how to use this exciting new feature! You can now easily set up a one-time or recurring gift to Northview through: 1. The blue 'Give' button at the top of our church group 2. Text-to-give; simply text 'Give' and a numerical amount to: (530) 206-8900. Save this number as a contact in your phone to give faster! 3. Opening a web browser and visiting: https://faithlife.com/northview-n/give 4. Clicking the 'Giving' page on our church website
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    Honoring the Faithful

    There really are two sections in this newsletter but don't forget to read the next, where we honor some really great people!

    I know we are sick of hearing about it but COVID-19 has drastically affected all of our lives...

    What I really would like to say, is...

    Thank you for sticking by my side through COVID-19. Thank you for praying for Northview. Thank you for giving to Northview. Thank you for having faith and believing in God's work here at Northview. our vision is big and we are seeing people, even during COVID-19 begin to call Northview Church their home church.

    Sometimes it can seem like nothing is happening or like we are just spinning our wheels but God is still doing a good thing. There are changes that occur both changes we want to see happen and changes we do not want to see but ultimately God is in control and we must remain faithful to the cause set forward. I am doing all I can to see that we meet again in the not-to-distant future. There are some things that have to happen for this to occur but like anything else, we believe that God can and does move mountains.

    I was praying over a couple pastors tonight and the words , "let us be led by the fire at night and the cloud by day" came out of my mouth. In these brief moments of prayer, I asked God to give us direction so powerful, such as that had happened when Moses led the Israelites out of the captivity in Egypt.

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      ReadPraising God in the Storm

      I was just sitting here talking to a friend, when I realized…

      A storm has hit most of us in different ways. There are some who have lost their loved ones due to COVID-19, some are facing health issues, surgeries, family concerns, and jobless, and financial issues. 

      Wherever you are, what ever you are doing, take a moment to stop and breathe! It will be okay. Another way to help bring encouragement is to start a gratitude journal. By simply writing down your thankful thoughts you can make it much easier to go back and review them, which brings encouragement. 

      Psalms 125:1 is powerful and says, “Those who trust in the LORD are as secure as Mount Zion; they will not be defeated but will endure forever” (NLT). 

      God provides hope each day, give over all your anxiety to Him, He does care (1 Peter 5:7). 

      Don’t forget to log subscribe to our newsletter and get your friends and family subscribed. We are marching forward through these times and strengthening our e-church. 

      Don’t miss an important update. Sign up for the newsletter toward the top of our website at https://mynorthview.org. 

      Our website is having videos uploaded today.

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        We can do great things while at home

        Northview Update

        As you are probably aware, the governor has closed indoor church gatherings. This has not affected us as we have not returned as of yet. 

        Here’s how I feel about the entire COVID-19 situation and the church. If we cannot physically meet and because of our limited resources as a new church plant, and because I believe it is our duty as believers here’s what we should be doing:

        1. Praying over our families, friends, coworkers, country, and our world for a release from COVID-19. GOD is mighty and powerful!

        2. Pray for the aforementioned individuals over finances and economy.

        3. Pray people will seek GOD and we will be part of HIS plan for connecting others to CHRIST. 

        4. Become more active and strengthening our e-church (together).

        5. I believe the LORD is allowing us to build up an amount of finances but we still need everyone who believes in Northview to give, so we have a future. While, I believe in tithing, I also know we are not all there yet in our faith. What I ask, is to trust GOD with something and pray GOD will bring and increase. If you have friends or family who can give, please let them know. Northview is and will be great but we do need to think about having funds available so when we can reopen safely that we can run with the vision, do large outreach events. We have a message and vision and GOD is our source but we do need people to come alongside and believe in our cause to change a city. 

        6. Ask GOD for help to connect to others around you to help in times of need. I was visiting my parents this past week and saw some a homeless individual sleeping in 108 degree weather and figured, something, anything has to be done for homeless people in California. We have families who are struggling and worried they will lose their jobs, homes, family members, etc. we have the hope that fills hearts and will open eternity to them. How precious would it be to let someone know about CHRIST. 

        As many if you are aware, my grandfather Dr. Robert L. Hardcastle passed away. What I am thrilled to know is that he is with the LORD. What I am saddened to know is so many people die everyday without knowing the LORD. Northview exists for these people who do not yet have a relationship with JESUS. Please help me to “inspire others to know CHRIST.” Please help me, build relationships with others, so they can know the peace of GOD. 

        I pray for each one of you and know, our beginning has stretched us as a church but I know GOD is faithful to bring to heart and awaken our spirits to see lives changed!


        Dr. Justin L. Hardcastle

        Founder & Lead Pastor of Northview Church

        Davis, California

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