• Dear Faithlife friends, We are pleased to announce that we are offering our lowest prices of the year between now and the end of 2018! We always offer group pricing to Faithlife, but now it is even lower! To get your discounted price, go to the order form on our web site (www.notabene.com and click the link to the order form) and enter “Faithlife” (without the quotes) as the group name. This will change the prices on the order form to reflect the following: 30% off for new purchases of Nota Bene Workstation 50% off for the Lingua, Archiva and Orbis+ add-on modules There is a lot of information on our web site about how Nota Bene can bring new organization and efficiency to your work. Please see www.notabene.com. In addition, please take a look at the PDF file that we just made to describe how Nota Bene can be used by biblical scholars and pastors: http://www.notabene.com/nbtips.PDF I hope that Nota Bene will be useful to many of you. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Anne Anne Putnam sales@notabene.com anne.nb@notabene.com www.notabene.com 718-382-1500
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      Welcome to new members who just started following Nota Bene! Nota Bene provides tools for scholarly writing and research, and I hope that many of you are finding that it brings new organization and efficiency to your work. It is great for writing a dissertation, handling a book length manuscript, writing sermons, or searching hundreds (or thousands!) of previously written sermons, papers or other documents and finding what you want instantaneously. If you are not familiar with NB, please go to www.notabene.com and download our trial version. Or read what NT Wright, Eckhard Schnabel and others say about it: http://www.notabene.com/NBAuthors.html If you would like to purchase Nota Bene, we can offer you special Faithlife group prices! Just go to the order form on the Nota Bene web site and enter "Faithlife" (without the quotes) as the group name at the top of the order form. This will take you to the Faithlife order form with group prices -- 20% off for the NB Workstation and 40% off for the Lingua, Orbis+ and/or Archiva add-on modules. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Anne Putnam aputnam@notabene.com
      1. Somehow, going to turn the NB help file into a Logos personal book. When I do that Hamilton I will share the source file so we all can make a personal book of the help and then we can search on it on Logos.
      2. LOL, you are the best Matt. The word processor is probably easy. I am mystified by Orbis and pdf searching: can it do proximity searches like L7, how about field searches? Ok Anne, went from v10 to v12, and I am downloading the new help file. I see there are some videos. Please consider the following: Mobile ed course on integrating NB with L7 and searching pdf with Orbis for research, that would really be something else. Peace and grace.
      3. NB12 is out now, and I highly recommend upgrading if you haven't. I beta tested it under the Friends program, and it's a solid upgrade. For Matt, you can export your NB file to RTF, open it in Word, export to DOCX, then bring it into Logos as a Personal Book. For Hamilton, I still plan to put together some tutorials on integrating Bible software with NB as well as using NB in biblical research and writing. Since I've been overly swamped, my plan on putting these together is I'll be putting together some content for some courses I'll be teaching, and when I do, I'll put together some videos on how to use Nota Bene for my courses I'm teaching, but I'll keep them generic enough for any Bible software user and enjoy them.
    2. Hi Nathan -- Sorry to take so long in replying to you. The 5 formats are available for $79. Just go to www.notabene.com and click the link to "log in and upgrade." (Those who are not current users can click the "see prices and purchase" link.) Initially, we recommended changing *.nb to *.*, but some people have encountered problems with javascript files when they do this. So we now recommend that you specify the types you want to include (e.g., *.NB, *.PDF, *.DOCX, and *.HTML, rather than the global *.*) For details about this issue, see the third Q/A in our current newsletter at:     http://www.notabene.com/NBNews2016-December29.html If anyone would like to subscribe to our free newsletter, you can sign up by going to:    http://www.notabene.com/dada/mail.cgi/list/nbnews/ Best wishes for a happy and productive 2017! Anne Putnam aputnam@notabene.com sales@notabene.com
      1. Thanks for this Anne! I did purchase this while it was on sale, and I managed to get everything configured in Orbis+. I LOVE the ability to search PDF's in Orbis+!
    3. I'm interested in "the new Orbis".  I'd like to purchase all the file formats. How much would it cost for me to purchase all of them? Additionally, once I purchase and install the new file formats, what search setting do I need to change so Orbis can index them? Just change *.nb to *.* ? Thanks!
      1. I just ran a test on converting a paper from NB to RTF format then to Word (docx) format inside Word. It actually did very well at preserving formatting from the style manual through each conversion process (someone asked me for a Word copy of a NB file I was working on tonight). So for those that need to export to Word, it's a couple steps to get there, but the process is very clean and works well. I'm impressed at how well it actually works.
        1. I was trying to see how much it would cost me to update to NB 11.5. I enter and go to the cart but it does not show any update offer for 11.5.2. What is going on?
          1. Are you "logging in" before you add it to cart? I read somewhere you need to "log in" for upgrade pricing, although I'm not sure how to do this. Might be best to email sales@notabene.com and ensure they work with you to handle your upgrade purchase correctly. I'm sure 11.5 is worth the upgrade for PDF export alone.
          2. Yes, I did, and after login in, then I put the group: Faithlife. Went to the cart, and it showed 0.00. As you can see my version is 11.0.2, but I see nothing to update to 11.5.2. I work on a Mac. so I do not know that is a factor (maybe the update is not ready for mac yet). Peace and grace.
          3. Yeah, I'm not sure what you need to do there. I'd email sales and find out. Anne is excellent to work with, and she answered all my questions (I even called in with some and she went over exactly what I needed with Nota Bene). By the way, how is performance on the Mac? I've recently moved to a Windows workstation as my primary machine and am curious as to how you're finding it on a Mac.
        2. I finally took the plunge and went for Nota Bene, Lingua, and Archiva Platinum! I can't wait to dive in! I took the trial and LOVED what I saw, and sales and support have been downright excellent to work with. For those on the fence, please do not dismiss this as "just another word processor" or feel "overwhelmed" by the interface. This is NOT your average word processor! Compared to Word, it's like sailing across the Pacific on an ocean liner (Nota Bene) vs paddling in a rowboat (Word). Once you master its power, you'll see it's a dream tool for academics. I love the beautiful and luxurious integration of Nota Bene+Lingua+Ibidem+Archiva+Orbis and can't wait to use this tool for a lifetime of research. I also plan to produce some screencasts later this year that show how to more seamlessly integrate Nota Bene into a Bible Software workflow (working with biblical language fonts, exporting research from Bible Software into Nota Bene, transitioning to Nota Bene for citations, etc.).
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        3. Hi everyone, Good news! We are now offering a 25% discount on new purchases of the Nota Bene Workstation and a 50% discount on add-on products like Lingua and Archiva. This discount will be available until the end of 2016. To take advantage of the Faithlife discount, go to the order form on the Nota Bene web site (www.notabene.com) and enter "Faithlife" (without the quotes) as the Group name. You will see the prices on the order form change, and you can place your order at the reduced rate. If you have any questions, let me know.  Anne Anne Putnam aputnam@notabene.com
          1. God bless: Thanks for the information. To my understanding in the latest release there is now phrase search capability. Do you know if in a future will an "proximity search" capability be implemented (kind of capabilities Logos 6 has)? Proximity search uses operators like: NEAR, WITHIN x words, etc. Thanks for any guidance. Blessings.
          2. Hi Anne! I'll be sending you an email shortly.
        4. Hi Everyone -- I just wanted to let you know that we have extended the special price that is available for any of you who have not yet purchased Nota Bene (and for your friends). Just go to www.notabene.com, click the "click to purchase" link to go the order form. Then enter Faithlife at the top as your group name. This will take you to an order form that allows you to purchase for $186.75 -- that's 25% off of our regular student price and you don't even need to be a student! Also, for a limited time, you get a free copy of Lingua when you purchase. Lingua is normally $50 -- it gives you support for Hebrew and Greek (and Cyrillic and Arabic as well). This offer is valid until September 8 -- just after Labor Day. We plan to continue offering special prices to Logos users for as long as there seems to be an interest. (We'll discontinue if we go for a month or two without a "Faithlife" purchase.) But starting after Labor Day, we will be charging for Lingua. So place your order now to make sure that you get Lingua added to your order for free. Thanks for your interest! Anne Anne Putnam aputnam@notabene.com
          1. We are about to announce a general back to school sale. But I just want all of our Logos friends to know that the Faithlife prices are even better than the general sale prices, and they have been extended to September 14! If any of you want to purchase Nota Bene, this is a great time to do so. Everyone (student, faculty or other) gets 25% off of the already discounted student price. And you get a free Lingua (support for Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic and Arabic) with the purchase of Nota Bene Workstation. To get these prices, just make sure that you enter "Faithlife" in the group box at the top of the order form, replacing "FALL2015" and make sure that you place your order by Monday September 14. Please tell your friends. This offer is available to anyone who puts "Faithlife" (without the quotes) in the group box at the top of the order form. Let me know if you have any questions. Anne Putnam aputnam@notabene.com
        5. How does Nota Bene on the Mac compare with Mellel? I'm trying to see if there's a reason I should purchase this.
          1. Can you send me the link to Turban 8 Online? I store some of my references in Logos Bibs (if the resources are Logos format), but I need a good citation manager for non-Logos books. As for formatting the papers, my college provided me with a Word template and converted it to Mellel for me when I told them I needed it for Hebrew classes, so that helped somewhat.
          2. Thanks! I'll check this out.