• Hello everyone and His peace be unto you all. I am on board and I am looking forward to growing in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through NT156. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Stay faithful..
    1. I am being very blessed by this course.  I thought twice about posting since I'm not clergy or a minister.  But I thought there might be some laypeople like me here so I'll dare to share things that may be elementary to folks 'in the business'.  The ironic thing is that I initially bought Logos (back when it was Libronix) for my husband-- once a pastor, now a chaplain but I'm the one who loves it.   So here are my thoughts and I hope more folks will share.   I was amazed at how my familiarity with the crucifixion passages dulled my senses to where I hadn't really thought about the face that the religious leaders had to come up with a political charge in order to get Rome to kill Jesus.  You would think when Pilate saw through their secular charge -- that it was only a vehicle to get rid of Jesus for their own religious reasons, that he would have not taken it seriously.  But the articles on Pilate and why he would care if they made a public fuss about his ignoring a potential insurrectionist were very enlightening. And I never caught the irony before that Rome ended up executing a pacifist and releasing an actual insurrectionist.
      1. Cynthia, as a minister, it does my heart good to see laity studying God's word and sharing their insights. One of my greatest joys is seeing people in my congregation pursue Jesus through his word and see light bulbs light up. Even if you aren't a minister professionally, I hope you know that you are a minister to those around you and God will use the insights given to you to bless the people he puts in your path. I hope you continue to share as you grow through this course!
    2. how do you join the group and get study notes for reading
      1. I'm still working through the course.  Really liking it.
        1. Perhaps I should state that I believe in the liberal use of Matthew 18 for use to solve dissention in the church.  But the truth of the matter is that if either of the parties are not convinced they are dragging around years of baggage due to misunderstandings about what Christians really are even that will not help. I doubt if it is possible to approach another about an offense without arriving at the conclusion that we both have much that contributes to the offense.
          1. I also have enjoyed and I do appreciate the opportunity of taking these free courses. The one "big" thing I would recommend is if you recommend that you have a Platinum Edition of Logos to take the course please limit your recommended reading to what is included in Platinum. I understand the marketing angle here , but the majority of the time when I clicked on those links it tells me that that resource is not included in my library. I did upgrade from a Bronze to a Platinum so the free course did bring new business to you and now I follow many of those teacher's blog sites and watch them daily.
            1. While this is going to be a greater challenge again now that the bar has moved for Platinum in Logos 7, it is quite understandable that with the wide variety of courses and course scope offered today in Mobile Ed, and with even more variety in production and on Pre-pub, it is not really practical to limit all suggestions to a Standard Platinum Base Package, although I affirm Joe's apparent intent in asking that the Platinum package as the recommended package, should provide the majority of, or at the very least a substantial, interesting and sufficient amount of additional material so as not to frustrate those taking the course. In addition, suggested readings that are NOT included in the Platinum package should be offered as a bundle at a substantial discount off regular prices (as they already are for some "groups" of courses leading to certificates.)
            2. It might be an idea to just include the needed books with each course bought.
            3. Wow.  I was feeling bad that I had little to no resources available because I have the Silver package-- I understand how disappointed I would be if I had Platinum and still didn't have the recommended resources.   I would like to make a recommendation that there be a recommended resource for each of the packages.  To keep the current 'up-sell" strategy alive, you could still show what was locked to encourage people to buy more, but it would be very nice for everyone to have access to something.  Also, remember that there are probably more little people like me who own smaller libraries who may have subscribed to LogosNow for the free MobileEd classes.    I would think that is a market you would want to encourage such that you would include resources from all of the packages so everyone has some relevant articles to read and they can feel good about the package they purchased.  I also like John English's idea that you just include the relevant books with the course-- maybe for a limited time if the user is just taking the Logos Now free course.
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            Do L6 base packages have media that would clearly illustrate the connection that Dr. Bock made between Psalm 110:1 and the geography of 1st century Jerusalem? That seemed like something that Logos would have (maybe even an interactive?), so with it being such a vivid description (and Dr. Bock even saying, "…if you were to look at a picture…"), I was surprised that the lesson didn't have an Explore link to such a picture. I'm curious, not only about the relative positions of the temple and the palace, but also what was Dr Bock's concession in saying, "…from the Mount of Olives…allow that the Shekinah is facing you as you look at it,…"
            1. Agree these should have been an illustration per one of the maps available in Logos. Any map of the Old City of Jerusalem or photo of Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives will work. From the Mount of Olives, across the Kidron Valley, the golden Dome of the Rock marks the spot where  the Temple stood: you are facing west. The Palace was either to the south (David's) or to the west-south-west (Solomon's).  (David's more obviously at the right hand: Solomon's to the left and behind looking from the Mount of Olives, behind and to the right hand from the perspective from the Temple as it faced the Mount of Olives.) Logos: Biblical Places Maps, Old Testament Jerusalem or Zondervan Atlas of the Bible, Old Testament Jerusalem (Page 247) (LLS:ZPHATLASBBLREV)or Bible and its Story, Volume 4: Jerusalem (LLS:BBLSTRY04)
          3. Thanks for this course. I have enjoyed it and expanded my understanding of this central cornerstone of my faith in Jesus the Son of the living God.
            1. now it is working, thanks