• I enjoyed the video on the rapid spread of Christianity. I think the Social aspects of the spread of Christianity was the outcome of the "religious" aspects that he mentioned and in my humble opinion glossed over. I remember in the 60's and 70's when the truth was told from behind the pulpit and it was lived out 7 days a week. There are now so many canned "Rick Warren" sermonettes that don't have the Holy Spirit breathing out into the church, to be lived and exhibited 7 days a week. There was a reason why the 1st century and 2nd century church grew so fast because the precious story of the Gospel was breathed into people from the flock leaders and it was lived out with passion and people reached out to others.
    1. The fervency and passion with which the early church declared the gospel message is evident in how rapidly Christianity spread throughout the world. The Roam Empire sought to stomp out Christianity, but the more they persecuted her the more she thrived until the Roman Empire had to embrace her as the official religion of the empire.
      1. I am writing about the Remnant Followers of Christ and I must agree that Christianity grew despite the efforts of Rome. God is in control and his plan will move forward no matter what. I want to be a part of that movement! Thanks Michael.
    2. The evidence of the death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is undeniable and His teachings plus those whom He has called to proclaim His Gospel message cannot be refuted but is reliable with infallible proofs.
      1. I need something that pulls me into my Bible. I am called to preach someday after my professional career. Maybe another 6-7 years. I got my wife through Bible college, I didn't get to go, but I wasn't prepared then. I hope I can afford this program.
        1. Hi John, great to read what you wrote about your calling. I am a Dutch missionary in South Africa. It could be helpful for you to find out what your learning style is: reading, discussion, lectures, video? Secondly, it will be very good for you to find a coach, preferably local, to check in with and to get encouragement from to keep you on track; life can interfere with long term plans and you can get distracted when you have a 6-7 year plan. And thirdly, if you think it could help you, find a group of people with the same interest (local or online) so that you can discuss your questions and your progress. God bless you!
      2. I am really amazed and glad to see that there was such a rapid growth in Christianity as God used his chosen ones to preach His word and spread the Gospel for all people to hear.
        1. I am re-writing my essay on History of Christianity. This seems like a good reference. I can already see how this course can connect the dots between discipleship and the New Testatment principles like the Great Commission.
          1. I am facing great tribulations pray for me God has revealed Him self to deliver me I am moving forward Joseph stay in Egypt till his father died due to kindness of the leader toward him God made that for him even though he had possible enemies I not sure if that is for me at this time pray for me
            1. I love the way this course is set up so far through segment 1. It's my style. I studied about Rome when in college and it was very interesting to pick a place I'd never heard of in the region and find out so many neat things about it.
              1. This is the second course I have taken w Logos and on both the syllabus has a link to download notes, but I have not been able to find them for either course. Are they available for this course? If so, how do access them?
                1. You can find them under Bible Study > Logos Documents.
              2. I just started the course today. What are some of the cities and interesting facts you have chosen in Segment 1 that you can share?