• I am a bit confused by the apparent incongruencies I've found in the first section. In the video and text Craig Evans speaks about the high quality of the text, but the suggested reading on textual criticism refers to errors by the bucket-load, indicating lower quality documents. There seems to be some varying standards of quality, about which it would be helpful to have some clarification. I'm also not sure how to use the download materials, especially the spreadsheet and other zip file.
    1. Where can i find the notes for this course? Thank you!
      1. They are under Bible Study > Logos Documents from the sidebar options on the left.
      2. Thank you
    2. well after 3 hours to complete the course i got 47% on the final exam i think i have done very well
      1. good evening all i have just started this course I am from oxford, england
          1. Greetings. I hope you enjoy the course. Feel free to share any thoughts and insights here as you work through the material.
          2. Thanks looking forward to this
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