• Any one currently taking this course besides me?
    1. Yes, but I see your post is from 3 years ago. hmmm Anyway, I'll just started this adventure.
  • Thanks for your participation, everyone! I hope you've had a fruitful two weeks of study - and are set up for many more hours of helpful study. :) This group will remain open, so feel free to come back if you have comments or questions for each other. I hope many of you are planning to move into the next Summer Session class starting Monday (July 13) and running for two weeks. There's also plenty of room for interaction in the marathon Summer Session course, TH191, so check in there if you get a chance. Good stuff. :) God's best to you in your ministries!
    1. Wendy, What's the best way to find out when new classes are starting? I wasn't even aware that the TH191 class was going on (was only aware of the three shorter courses).
    2. Eddie, There have only been three classes with this kind of schedule/moderation - the "Summer Session," which is the two 2-week courses and TH191, which is a longer one. We've done it as a bit of an experiment so see what kind of reception there is for this kind of format. When the three courses are done, Faithlife/mEd will see how things went.
    3. Thanks Wendy. I see now that many classes have discussion groups but they're not curated like these three. I'd love to see more of the curated discussions and hopefully class sizes and participation would grow over time.
  • This morning I came across another Platinum reading on Graeco-Roman religion and how it intersected with Judaism. If you have this resource, you might find the reading helpful. It starts on page 90 of David deSilva's "An Introduction to the New Testament Contexts": logosres:introntdesilva;ref=Page.p_90;off=2960
    1. Great reference! Thank you this is very helpful.
  • All the discussion topics for the first unit/week are now posted. I'll resume posting on Monday. Happy holiday weekend!
    1. Re: the numbering of segments and the screencasts. The syllabus notes this, but in case you miss it - the order of the screencast segments is off by one throughout this course (a future update will fix this). However, the course schedule in the syllabus and on the Calendar aligns screencasts with the segments they specifically supplement. In the syllabus, I italicized screencast titles to make them ready identifiable.
      1. Hi Wendy. I am having great difficulty following the class as I am traveling in in South East Asia right now. I did not anticipate the challenges I will have in getting internet connection. When I go back to the US, will I still have access to the discussions?
      2. Hi Victor. Sorry you're having so much trouble. The discussions will remain posted in this Faithlife group, so you can jump in when you return.
    2. Today is the start of NT311 in the Summer Session. There are a couple questions for discussion posted under the Discussions menu, if you haven't already checked in there. Feel free to weigh in on these or to pose some questions of your own. The schedule for the 2-week course is in the syllabus and on the course Calendar (see the tab). If you have any questions, please let me know. Note that the work load for this first week is significantly heavier than it is for the second week due to the length of the two units. If it's more than you can manage, I suggest postponing the screencast segments so you won't interrupt the flow of the course material itself.
      1. An early welcome to NT311! Some of you have already jumped in on the discussion questions I posted yesterday, and I'm glad to see your comments. I will likely stay out of the discussions until we officially kick off on Monday, June 29, but I wanted to get some topics posted for those of you who might be getting an early start. I'm looking forward to our time together!
        1. Mobile Ed Summer Session: Learn in Community! For the first time ever, Mobile Ed is introducing Summer Session—an opportunity to study in community with others and with course moderators who will provide weekly work plans, pose discussion questions, and guide conversation on the material you’re working through together. Starting June 29, Mobile Ed contributing editor Dr. Wendy Widder will walk you and others through NT311 The World of Jesus and the Gospels by renowned New Testament scholar Dr. Craig Evans. This two-week moderated course will finish July 10. You’ll find the NT311 Summer Session syllabus under the Documents tab. Starting June 29, you’ll be able to follow along with your cohort’s conversation under the Discussions tab. Know of anyone else who would appreciate this opportunity to learn from Dr. Craig Evans about the fascinating and significant history between the end of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New Testament in order to better understand the Gospels? Invite them to buy NT311 and join the conversation! We’re also moderating TH191 until July 31 and will be moderating CM102 starting June 29. You can save on these courses when you buy the Summer Sessions bundle at Logos.com/summersession.
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