• Hey guys, we are looking to form a cohort of 8-10 men to participate in a 6-8 week virtual men’s group on Integrity starting early February. We will find a window or time that fits the cohort and the group will be cohosted by myself and Darren Grimes. Please respond to this group if you are interested. It’s an easy read(I’ve done it) and quiet engaging. At the end of the of the study we are looking for the participants to be willing to form a new cohort and lead that group through the book. The new cohort can be your family, couples, coworkers. We are launching with the men and will fan it out from there.
    1. Generally it’s one night a week.
    2. You know if Darren’s in then I’m in.
    3. I'm in! You guys decide a date and I'll try to make it work. Very excited for this cohort to get going!