• anyone have an insights on the OT101, so far i have learned quite a bit from the segments 1-4
    1. Does anyone know the link to download a Notes document that highlights the readings for this course?
      1. Click the Bible Study tab on your left and then click on Logos Documents and that will take you to the document you need to connect too.
      2. Matt, Thanks for your help!
    2. Segment 11 Suggested Reading the Lexham Bible Dictionary pointing to Exodus 20, 1-3 is pointing to nothing. There are so many readings in Mobile Ed on the LBD I do report these, but ignore everything else anymore.
      1. This was also one of my first Mobile Ed courses before the certificate program and I have completed it multiple times. Officially, started this course for the current certificate program.
        1. Why is there no link to the reading in the Logos Documents for this course?
          1. It was showing up as being shared for me. I wonder if this is an issue caused by the Notes tool being upgraded for Logos 8. I shared the "Notebook" file as well as the "Notes" file that was already shared. Are you seeing either of them?
          2. I can now see and link to the Notebook, thanks Miles.
          3. Same here, Miles, you fixed it. Thanks!
        2. I am developing a online course using this course. It will have discussion questions, quizzes(i have added more questions then Logos currently gives), and assignments. Would there be anyone be interested in taking it with me for $75?
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