• When we return from social distancing, we should celebrate by being together. For now, let's dream about how we'll do that! Ideas?
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  • Please consider joining me in the "45-Day Health Challenge". I know the last couple months have encouraged me into some less than perfect eating and activity habits, but it's time to get back on track. The rules are simple: To participate, simply decide to incorporate at least one healthy activity into your daily or weekly routine and stay with it for the next 45 days. Then, every 14 days or so, just check back into this group with a post on your success (or not). This is a judgment free zone, and we're all here to encourage one another. (Be wise; if such activity requires your physician's guidance, please get it.) Your activity can be something as simple as "work in the garden for 15 minutes each week", or as taxing as "train for a triathlon". And you don't even have to tell folks in the group WHAT you're doing, just share every couple weeks or so on HOW WELL you're doing it. Who's game? Lew
    1. Meeee
    2. It's looks like there are a couple of us. So, let's get started. Let's make Monday (June 8, 2020) our first day. We'll check back in in a couple weeks, around June 22. Have fun. Be healthy!
    3. Well now, if anyone is doing this, how is it going? A situation in my family has made mine easier to do than I thought. (Reveal: 6 hours of activity per week that I was not doing in the early days of staying at home.)
  • Thank you for your prayers for my daughter and grandaughter. Heidi came through surgery well and is in a rehab center, and my grandaughters are finally fully recovered from the corona virus. Kamerra went back to work last night. Praise God!
    1. All the time!
    2. So happy to hear. Angels are watching over your family. And you!
    3. That they are, Carol!
  • Since you can't make it to our church library, perhaps we can make up for it by accessing this online church library. You'll have access to this library of books until June 30. Begin by being part of this Peace Church group (which, if you're reading this, you probably already are). Then, download Logos software here: https://www.logos.com/basic
    1. Please pray.

      Awhile ago, I asked for prayers for my two grandaughters, who both tested positive for the corona virus, and are entering their second week of struggling with this awful illness plaguing the world. I thank you for your prayers, and as you continue to pray for Kamerra and Amiyah, would you also add to your list my daughter, Heidi, who will be having surgery in Iowa City on Wednesday to repair/reconstruct a knee injury. I pray you in my church family are well and safe. God bless you.
      1. I will get those prayers for you and your family. Peace be with you Carol Fuqua
    2. Check out "Content" - "Videos" to the left for fun times in February!
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        Please pray.

        I’m asking my Peace family to pray for my two grandaughters, Kamerra and Amiyah. They both work at an assisted living facility where there are 3 cases and 9 with symptoms. These are scary times, but trusting in our Lord and Savior to bring us through. God bless you all.
        1. Our prays will help. Stay well.
        2. Thank you for the prayers! Kamerra has tested positive for the virus, and we’re still awaiting Amiyah’s results.
        3. Thank you for letting us know! We'll keep praying.
      2. Let's remember Mike Smits, Bob's older brother, whose battle with cancer has taken a turn for the worse. And let's remember the family.