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September 4, 2022
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        Raniesha Turner

        July 28, 2022 - 7:00 AM - 7:00 AM
  • Introduction

    Today we are starting a new series on “Steps of Faith”
    We are going to look at how we can become more obedient as followers of Christ and focusing on our faith.
    We are going to spend some time looking at some giants of faith in the Bible
    People like Abraham, Joshua, Esther, Job, Mary and Joseph, and lastly Jesus.
    Today we will start with Noah.
    So what is faith?
    A constant outlook of trust and dependence toward God.
    The Oxford Dictionary defines faith as “complete trust or confidence.”
    Merriam Webster’s says, “faith is a firm belief in something for which there is no proof.”
    The Bible’s definition in Hebrews 11:1 for faith is
    Hebrews 11:1 CSB
    1 Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen.
    This is not a theological definition of faith, but a picture of the practical outworking of it.
    The term is used twenty four times in Hebrews chapter 11.
    From the OT the primary idea is “faithfulness” or “trustworthy.”
    The Greek term for “faith” (pistis) is translated by three English terms: “faith,” “belief,” and “trust.”
    Faith is a human response to God’s faithfulness and His promise.
    We trust His trustworthiness, not our own. His character is the key.
    This chapter know as the Faith Hall of Fame has examples are of people who live in
    Hope in the present and future acts of God and confidence in the spiritual promises of God.
    Their worldview guides their daily decisions, not circumstances, materialism or self-centeredness.
    Today, we’ll start with a look at Noah in Hebrews 11:7
    Hebrews 11:7 CSB
    7 By faith Noah, after he was warned about what was not yet seen and motivated by godly fear, built an ark to deliver his family. By faith he condemned the world and became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.
    Noah’s Faith is the only thing we have as an example of his life.
    From his life we may ask ourselves do you have faith
    Do you believe in the Son of God?
    That’s the ultimate step of faith for us and hopefully over next weeks, you see the importance of faith in Christ.

    Faith Was The Premise In Following

    As we look at these heroes of the faith we’ll notice a pattern in their faith in God.
    It part of the faithful steps they took to truly rely and trust God in their lives.

    First, Noah believed God in the ordinary.

    Going back to Genesis 6-9 you will find the story of Noah.
    We see that evil had consumed the people and God was going to destroy everything He had created.
    However, Noah found favor with the Lord.
    Since Noah was a righteous man, God warned him of the coming judgment.
    He made a way to deliver Noah and his family and some animals from that judgment by telling Noah to build an ark.
    They did and the water rose, killing everything.
    Eventually it receded and Noah and his family served God and repopulated the earth.
    Before the great test – Noah believed in God
    It is a great thing to have faith in the trial but the first essential is to have faith for everyday living.
    Genesis 6:9 tells us that Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his time.
    Being righteous means Noah conformed to the standard of his understanding about the will of God.
    Blameless implies that he has a complete heart toward the Lord, much like an unblemished sacrifice.
    His life was one of faithfully following God to the point it says in verse 9 “he walked with God.”
    Does that sound familiar?
    The same thing was said about Enoch.
    Remember, he was walking with God one day and was not any more.
    Listen, Faith will not come to you in the sudden dark of night if you have not used in the brightness of days.
    It’s not going to pop up in your life when you need it.
    You must develop, live out, and have faith in the good times for you to have it in the dark times.
    Faith must live with you not be an occasional visitor.

    Noah had faith in the warning.

    We must have faith not just for the promise but for the warnings.
    We need to have hope and look forward to the blessings of all the promises we have from God.
    Like, eternal life, answered prayers, God’s presence with us, and many others.
    But, when God gives us a warning, we need to heed that as well.
    Noah heard the warning, took it to heart, built the ark, and saved his family.
    The key theme is that Noah obeyed God.
    This is the appropriate response, however, Adam and Eve and the rest of mankind did not.
    If we doubt God’s Word about one thing we will have little confidence in other things.
    When we doubt that God can do what He says He’ll do in one area of our life, then why would we believe He can come through for us in others.
    If I doubt God helps me succeed because I’m that good.
    Then why would I believe that God can help me when life is a mess?

    Noah believed what was improbable as if it were possible.

    We see his faith in the actions he took after hearing the warning.
    He believed that warning about the universal flood or the outpouring of heavenly and subterranean water.
    Something I believe they had never seen - rain.
    He began to construct the ark far away from any major body of water.
    He did this because God told him to do it.
    Never having built anything like this and gathering the animals
    All of it was very new to him, the impossible of things not seen.
    With backdrop of everyone watching him, mocking him, ostracizing him, he still obeyed.
    Anyone can have faith in the possible.
    I have faith that my car will get me home because it has done it many times before.
    That’s not really having faith.
    Faith is getting in a “Jetson” like vehicle and going home in it without ever seeing one work except on the cartoon.
    Certainty is the foundation of Faith in God

    Faith was the Force of action

    Faith molded him but fear moved him.
    This fear is a devout reverence for the sovereign God.
    Noah recognized the holiness of God.
    He knew, as Hebrews states, that “God is a consuming fire” (Heb 12:29).
    Reverent fear is the only appropriate response to the justice of God.
    He is wonderfully gracious, but that grace is only truly known against the dark backdrop of his justice and wrath against sin.
    Faith that is of no value is suicide to the soul –
    There’s no hope, no life
    Faith provides hope.
    Noah knew that none could save him but God!
    We need faith that fears God for His greatness; faith that fears ourselves because of our sinfulness.
    Noah did not choose what he thought best to build the ark – He feared his own wisdom.
    Fear in God produces faith that draws and drives us closer to Jesus!

    Obedience Produced Fruit

    When fear and faith are joined they produce fruit!

    Noah obeyed God exactly

    “Noah did according to all that God commanded.” Gen. 6:22.
    There was no bargaining, no negotiation, no trying to cut corners, or get out of the project.
    He just did it.

    Noah obeyed God carefully

    People do not go to heaven in a hop, skip and jump fashion.
    There are a lot of people who believe that because they are a good person, they will go to heaven.
    There are those who don’t believe in God at all and just hope for the best.
    We are never right by accident, we are never obedient by chance.
    Faith and the results of faith are the result of preparation.
    Today we need to pray for the lost.
    Live the Christ life in front of them.
    Tell our story
    Invite them to church
    Share the gospel.

    Noah obeyed at all costs.

    Think of the cost he endured.
    120 years of scorn, jokes,
    Crafting and building a marine vessel no-where near water.
    That would be like building a boat in the middle of Kansas.
    You would be crazy to do that.
    Only his family believed and in the end they were shut off from the world!
    That means they were all saved from the judgment of God and the flood.
    They had faith in Noah, who had faith in God.
    Notice: If he had lived with the world he would have perished with the world.
    His obedience saved his family.
    He became a preacher of righteousness by obeying God thus condemning the world.
    Then, “he became an heir of righteousness that comes by faith.”
    Here we see the glorious doctrine of justification by faith alone.
    This phrase shows us that the Old Testament saints were imputed the righteousness of Christ (retroactively) when they believed (see Gen 15:6), just as Christians receive that same righteousness by faith alone. R. Albert Mohler Jr.

    Noah’s Faith

    Noah’s faith is a great model for our lives and our faith.
    It is our goal to be great believers, rather than great thinkers;
    To be child like in faith, rather than content in our experience and satisfied with our intellect.
    We are to live By Faith

    Let’s Pray!

      • Hebrews 11:1CSB

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