June 13, 2017 Because of Love Of the 1,440 minutes we get each day how many of that do we spend reflecting on the love of God? As a matter of fact with the 86,400 seconds we are blessed with in a day, how much of that are we using to think on the these things of the Lord? Then of course there are nanoseconds that if you want to go there, your brain has the capacity to think in nanoseconds because the speed of thought is quicker then the speed of light. With that being said, there are 24hrs in each day and of those hours I’ve heard it said many times I don’t have time. Granted when you look at and plan your day the typical human being plans their day according to hours. This often leads one to say I don’t have time. What if for one day you planned your day according to the 86,400 seconds you are given? Where am I going with this you may ask? Well for 86,400 seconds in a day from the beginning of time God has had you on His mind. That is a clear demonstration of God’s love. When you truly love something or someone you don’t simply just give it your physical time but you give it mental time as well which means at that moment nothing else matters. How good must that feel that The Supreme Being is spending His time thinking about you! This kind of love is what caused Jesus to give Himself physically over to death and spend 21,600 seconds of pain that we may live for eternity where there is no time. If you ever wonder does God love you, remember His word says He will be with you always even until the end. Which means for 86,400 of each day Jesus is caring about you, even while you’re caring about everything else. What would happen if you truly casted ALL those cares upon him? When it comes down to it because of the love that Jesus has for you there will come a time when in the midst of the 86,400 seconds in between one of those God is going to break the clock, crack open the sky, and call us home. Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” ~Minister Poet~