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    2020--It's All a Matter of Perspective

    Greetings in the Name of Christ Jesus,

    There is no name so sweet as the Name of Jesus, and it is through that Name that we find grace for each day. It is in that Name where we have forgiveness of sin, the promise of eternal life and the great abiding hope that one day soon He will return to claim His Bride, The Church. No matter what may be going on around us, those promises are all contained in the power of that One Name...Jesus.

    Well, if there is anything good that we can say about 2020 is that it is the year that 'keeps on giving.' There will also be those that will say that it is the year that 'keeps on taking.' Whether you see 2020 as a year that gives or a year that takes away, it is all about perspective. Life itself is all about perspective. Whether we believe that we live in a free nation that was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles...guess what...it's all about perspective.

    Much conversation has been going on about America, how and by whom it was discovered, how and why it was built, how and why each of our ancestors got here is all about perspective.

    There have been many discussions, and some of those very heated, about slavery and how one people can treat another people in such a cruel way. History tells us that slavery or displacement of a people isn't anything new. We will find that not only was Israel slaves in Egypt for more than four centuries after the days of Joseph, other time periods also dealt with the same issue. The European Ottoman Wars that happened for about six centuries (14th to 20th century) resulted in Christian slaves and we were reminded of that with the "Ethnic Cleansing" between the Muslims and Serbs in 1992.

    When we examine history, It doesn't take long to be reminded just how cruelly human beings can deal with one another and the residual effects of that cruelty. But, remember that God is always behind the scenes working things out according to His perfect will. The slavery of Israel resulted in the hand of God moving His Chosen people to Canaan. Many people forget that the Ottoman Empire was also allied with Germany in W.W. I, and part of the Armistice of Mudros in 1918 gave Great Britain the land that they would one day give away to a people in need of a homeland and sovereign protection in 1948---Israel (Isaiah 66:7-8).

    If we believe the Bible, and we believe what Paul wrote in Romans 8:28, then ALL (pas) things do work together for good to those who love the Lord...perspective.

    While we watch the world about us seemingly losing its mind, trust me when I say that the Bible says it is not. All things are working towards good to those who love and trust the Lord. Stay focused, keep your eyes on Christ and don't lose perspective.

    God bless and it has been good being back together at PPBC!

    Pastor Tom and Pat Campbell

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        Do We Not Remember?

        Good day to all,


        My hope and prayer is that this day finds all of you well and dealing with all of the changes that have happened in our nation as best as we can.


        As a local church, we have done pretty well with our parking lot services since the first week in April and we had a pretty good group this past Sunday as we moved back into the sanctuary. But there are a lot of unknowns still to overcome in the weeks and months ahead, and no matter what article you may read from any Convention or study or group, no one knows what things will be like once things open back up. We don’t know who will be back or when, as far as our at-risk groups go…we don’t know. Like some businesses, we don’t know what churches will come back at all…we don’t know. We don’t know what will happen with our VBS or our Wednesday night ministry to the neighborhood kids or how Sunday School will look or any of those things. Simply put and being honest, we just don’t know.

        To many, this scenario of the unknown is discouraging and frightening. But Biblically, it is anything but new. The Scriptures are all about change. My heavens, rebirth is all about change of the mind and transformation of the heart. Do we not remember that Abram was called to leave Haran and go to a land he had never even seen and from there God would raise up a Chosen Nation called Israel (Genesis 12:1-7)? Do we not remember that Ruth left the land of Moab and went with Naomi to Bethlehem and there she would be a stranger amongst a people that she would adopt as her own (Ruth 1)? What about the Apostles that would take the Gospel of Jesus Christ outside of Israel and Judea into the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe? They took the Gospel to Caesar’s household in Rome!

        We learned at Park Place that we didn’t have to have elevators after all! It is all, in the light of things, about faith. Either you have faith, or you don’t, it is really that simple. In Hebrews 11, that great chapter of faith, Paul wrote that without faith it is impossible to please the Lord BECAUSE He is a rewarder of those who seek Him diligently and believe that He is Who He says He is…the Great I Am.

        I have spoken briefly about Psalm 56 and the first three verses where David addresses his deep-seated emotions on the fear of uncertainty with King Saul or the Philistines. But in verse 4 David writes this, “In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.” Saul may have ruled Israel, but God is the King of Kings of all the earth. The Philistines may have been the bullies of the Near East, but neither their strength or numbers intimidated the God that created them, and, in whose hands, He held their very breath (Daniel 5:23).

        So, what will we do? First, we will be a people of faith. Second, we will be patient, smart and make decisions together on what/where to go or do next. Third, we will glorify the Name of Jesus Christ. Last, we will watch God move among us and make of us the Church that He wants us to be going forward. There are no easy answers. There are no secret formulas. But there is a God in Heaven and He will guide us IF we will trust Him, believe in Him, and listen to Him through His Word.


        For the next bit, we will continue with 10 AM Worship services until we get some of our folks ‘over-the-hump’ and they start coming back. Our next move should be with Sunday School and some modifications there, whether it is with a joint Adult Sunday School and something like that for our young folks. Tuesday CARE Ministry can begin to reorganize and meet because that can easily be spread out and distancing maintained. Tuesday Night Baptist Men at nursing centers is suspended indefinitely or until those centers begin opening their doors again to outside groups, but that will be a while. We may do Wednesdays online for a while longer until more of our folks are comfortable with Sundays and that will smoothly transition to Wednesday nights for adults. But for everything else, we will have to be flexible.

        Here is my advice to you. Make sure you are on our email list and are getting our emails for updates. Next, look at our Facebook page or website for additional updates. Don’t hesitate to call me at 336-870-8337 or one of our Deacons (Michael Robertson, Chris Petersen, Richard Thayer, and Don Ferguson) if you have questions OR suggestions. I have returned to the Church Office Monday-Thursday until noon. Lastly, begin easing yourselves back into active participation at church.

        We have sanitizer,  masks and pews taped off to safely distance us to respect personal space. We ask that you enter the church

        through the main entrance and from there you will find anything you may need to make your worship experience as safe as

        possible. We will get through this together as a church family if we stick together, listen to each other, respect one another’s decisions and convictions, and remember that the God of Heaven has allowed this for a divine reason. He isn’t asking that we understand. He is requiring that we trust.

        God bless and we love you in the love of Jesus Christ.

        Pastor Tom and Pat Campbell