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  • Happy New Year 2022!
    1. Have a blessed Christmas!
      1. Happy Thanksgiving!
        1. Please pray for me and my family at the moment. My mother and I have been sick with the flu, and my fall semester is about to start up, and it has left me quite weak. On top of things, my dad is in the hospital on a ventilator due to a bad case of bronchitis. He is gradually doing well, but it is still a long road ahead. Please pray that the Lord will heal all of us. Feel free to circulate this around Faithlife, social media, and church prayer lists. Thanks!
          1. Dad passed away this morning. Please pray for us as we grieve.
        2. Have a blessed fourth of July!
          1. Blessed are they who step forward living in Faith while openly declaring there love and caring for others, be well. Rev.David
          1. Happy New Year to you my Brother in Christ!
        3. Merry Christmas everyone!
          1. Thank you my friend and praying you and your family the same!
        4. Happy Thanksgiving!
          1. Please pray for two fellow students of mine, Austin and Polly. Austin is dealing with the Coronavirus, and Polly is dealing with shingles.