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    What's the difference between a music leader and worship leader? Who is "The Worship Initiative"? Learn more in this exclusive interview with the worship leading duo, Shane & Shane.
  • No audio in Proclaim for "Recording" , was working before. Updated Realtek drivers and checked everything. (FYI I'm a 20 year IT support professional) As you can see in the pic. There's audio coming into Windows Sound but not into Proclaim. (is this an asio issue?. if so is there a recommended Faithlife fix?)
    1. Hello, -- It appears that there may be some Windows Updates available for you machine as well. Once you have Windows updated, start Proclaim, go to Help >> about Proclaim and "check for updates" there as well. The latest version of Proclaim is
    2. Which windows machine are you referring to?
    3. Hello, -- It appears that either of the computers on which you or the admin have used Proclaim today could have some updates available.
  • I imported songs lyrics but I want to know how can I view a list of the songs I imported.
    1. Hello, Josiah -- We hope to have an improved ability to do this sometime soon. In the meantime, you may click Add Item >> Reuse Item. In the subsequent panel, set the filter (upper right corner) to Songs. This will present all your songs from most recent and going back in time.
  • how can we get the template for preparing sermon from this Faithlife Proclaim, please?
    1. , what kind of template were you specifically looking for? There is a template presentation that gives you a demo on how to create sermon slides. Go to File >> New >> How to create sermon slides Let me know if you have any more questions!
  • Is there a way to copy and paste the entire Pre-service loop to the Post-service loop without doing it one slide at a time?
    1. You can select the first item by clicking on it, then hold the shift key on the keyboard and click on the last its in the loop. That should select them all and you can copy and paste, plus drag them around as one unit. You can also right click on them while they are all selected and group them which makes them easier to move around
    2. Thanks I will try this.
  • Will Proclaim work on a Chromebook?
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      Hi , Unfortunately Proclaim is it not compatible with Chrome OS. Proclaim will only run on Windows or macOS.
    2. Thanks
  • We've been using Proclaim for close to a year now, and it's been a great tool. But today I was trying to set up a responsive reading of part of Psalm 107, and I'm finding it very frustrating: issues with trying to have some verses in italics, and others not, and the scrolling getting away from me, numerous times. The way I'm describing it probably makes it sound kind of trivial, but... the frustration isn't trivial. Is there an automated feature in Proclaim for doing responsive readings that I'm not aware of?
    1. Some people use the 'Emphasize text' feature to mark the leader/respondent text. It is the last icon on the text toolbar when editing a content field.
    2. How would you like it automated? An option to auto-highlight/emphasize alternate verses after inserting a whole passage? Labels? I didn't find it too hard to emphasize alternate verses on a Bible slide for Ps 107, and even tried doing an indent paragraph on the response readings. (Though we appear to have a first-line-indent bug there...)
    3. Bob, thanks for getting back to me. I finally figured out a fix. I think part of my problem was that I trying to use the Bible option for "Add Item," and I eventually decided it would be easier to just copy and paste the passages I wanted, and then format them the way I want. Thanks for the response..
  • On a new presentation I cannot add to the preservice loop section. Each paste goes to the post-service loop
    1. , before you paste make sure you have selected the slide right before where you want to paste. There is a yellow "cursor" on the left hand side that is a little hard to see in this screenshot, but i have circled it in red. If I paste another slide, it will be inserted right after that slide.
  • Trying to create a smart media item... so I go to Media > Create Smart Media. I select Content... then I go to background... select my background and apply as background. Then some other slides background changes. This process shouldn't be so confusing or difficult.
    1. Hi , When you are applying a background image to your smart media filter, make sure you click on the blue "Use as background image" button -- instead of "Apply as Background" Let me know if you have another question!
  • Can I choose a background color besides black or white? I can't figure it out.
    1. If you go to background on the top right hand side it and click it, you will see several colors you can use or you can open the Browse Media option and see backgrounds with options of how to add them.
    2. For a solid color, choose the rectangle right below IMAGE, then pick a color from below that. Or you can import any image from your computer or pick any of the backgrounds that you get when you open the Browse Media option.