• I am getting a unexpected error message when trying to add my powerpoint. What might be causing this?
    1. I I tried to add a Father's Day video from YouTube to Proclaim and it says that it is unavailable but I can play it outside Proclaim just fine what do I need to do different?
      1. , some Youtube videos do not allow themselves to be played in an embedded format, and hence don't work in Proclaim. Occasionally you can get it to work but using a different URL that does not embed the video, but it will display the rest of the YouTube webpage as well if you do that. It may be easier to just switch to your web browser while you are On Air and then back to the slides after.
    2. FEATURE REQUEST: Could we have the current slide title appended to the slides window title? EG, "Proclaim Slides - Welcome" or "Proclaim Slides - Blessed Be Your Name"
      1. This may seem like a weird request, but adding this will allow for super easy integration of the Automatic Scene Switcher for streaming in OBS. One of the program features is triggering scenes based on window title. If Proclaim simple added the slide title to the program window, I would be able to do things like switch to a scene with band camera and lyrics overlayed when the slides are on a song, or switch to a different angle for communion, etc. Does this make sense?
      2. Thanks for sharing that , I didn't know that was a functionality in OBS. I'll pass this along!
    3. I can see how to set the SERVICE section to start automatically at a specific time. But, what about the WARM UP section, can I set it to start at a specific time?
      1. The warm up will start automatically based on the start time. So for instance, if you had a 5 minute countdown video in the warm up and a start time of 9:30, the warm up would begin at 9:25
      2. Perfect! Thank you! This will be my first time to use the warm up feature. Thanks again!
    4. Just an FYI, I tested an older Logitech (931307-0914) Remote Control and it works with moving forward and back through the slides, I haven't yet tested any of the other features of the remote like the black out screen.
      1. Hello, We are just starting to use Proclaim. It seems to do everything we need so far. I do have a few suggestions for added features, if I missed any of these please let me know. 1) Ability to resize the background image like you can for foreground images 2) Ability to break out the Preview into its own window. 3) NDI input and output support 4) Ability to select individual slides when importing a PowerPoint 5) Allow a "hide" option for slides. 6) When you select a text box have it highlight the text field in the edit pane or have the edit pane lines adjust accordingly to the location in the slide. Any plans for integrating with Breeze ChMS Keep up the good work John
        1. Thanks for sharing some feature requests ! Those would be super helpful improvements, I'll share this with the development team!
        2. Tanks Justin
      2. We keep having an issue where our main display loses signal and goes through the search process when On Air. Through some research I found that this was most likely an internet signal strength issue, and have since strengthened our network. We have a 2-projector stacked setup for our main display with HDMI signal transmitted over Cat5 and in and out of converters, with a powered splitter at the projector pole. I would go up there and reboot all of the hard equipment but its ~45' in the air and we would have to rent a lift to get up there. Our confidence display does not have this issue, but it is fed directly via VGA. Thoughts/Comments/Similar Issues??
        1. Usually just one of the projectors loses signal, but sometimes both do and it's very distracting.
        2.  — Edited

          Hello , I don't think this would have anything to do with network strength. Your screens should be unaffected even if the network went down. I would suspect either something is wrong with the cabling/splitter itself. I would first (if you can), try changing the first HDMI out cable and Cat5 converter, as you've said both screens occasionally both lose signal.
        3. What type of splitter are you using? That would be my first test, and see if you can try a projector without it and see if you have issues.
      3. I've noticed that when you edit songs that have been imported from CCLI, it will allow you to change the order of verses and even move the chorus to a different order, but when you run the slideshow, it just defaults back to the original song and original order. How can we get around this?
        1. What does thr check box do?
        2. The checkbox enables the custom verse order. Otherwise it will be the default based on the order the lyrics are typed in
        3. And if you for example don't want to sing the 2nd verse this Sunday, then just take out the "Verse 2," in the field right to the checkmark and it disappears from the slides. If you need it again, add the "Verse 2," again. Never delete the 2nd verse in lyrics field, or its gone for good.
      4. Proclaim opens, then shuts down totally. Same on 3 different computers. Help!
        1. Thanks. Seems to have fixed the problem. LD
        2. We ran into this at tonight's service (at 6:00pm central time, about four hours ago, when this is reported fixed 12 hours ago). Proclaim started fine, but as soon as we tried to go On Air, it would crash. Rebooting made no difference. I'm hopeful that this is resolved now, since we have three more services tomorrow.