• can I add an mp3 file to proclaim?
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    When I accessed our Proclaim team members in Faithlife, I received the notification that this feature will not be available after the products being sunset go away. How will we add/delete users for Proclaim going forward?
    1. Hello,  -- That seems incorrect to be getting that message as the Presentation Team will continue to be the mechanism for giving members access. I will dig into why you might be getting that message...
    2. Thanks Brian.
  • Hi! Is there a way to run video from Facebook or a website i Proclaim? When I try, I get nothing else than an error message.
    1. Are these video features only available to Proclaim PRO users?
    2. Thank you for your answer, Gissell. Actually, I was aware, and have used, Youtube and local video files. The problem is that there are videos in Facebook and on web pages that, as far as I know, are not downloadable. And these are the challenge. They run smoothly in all browsers but not in Proclaim and not in Powerpoint making the presentation tricky. I am not 100% sure but mean this works in Pro Presenter in newer versions, thinking it must be possible.
    3. Hello, -- I am not certain that we addressed your question in the midst of the others... I apologize for the delay. Use of a YouTube video in a Proclaim presentation is not dependent upon having a subscription for our ProMedia or the Partner Media. The OnAir subscription contains every function of our Proclaim software.
  • Hi, just wondering if there is a way to edit/export our list of Audio Tracks. The only place I seem to be able to access the list is to add or import an Audio Track, but I can't edit the list at all. There are a few duplicates I am wanting to get rid of. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :)
  • Having an issue where I right click on the drop down in 'Worship Team' songs and the menu just goes away. Cant delete arrangement anymore. Any help?
    1. Hello, - I could not duplicate the issue on my Windows computer, but it is not Windows 11, as yours appears to be. I can check with our Developers tomorrow, when they are back in for the work week... In the mean time, if you would be so kind as to submit the Log Files from your computer, they may give the Developers some insights: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374731-How-Do-I-Submit-Log-Files-
  • how to use you tube vid in sermon
    1. Thanks I'll look into that
  • Videos are choppy. New to the church, new to porgram, adding more videos from IgniterMedia, and they are choppy. Any ideas? Computer is relatively new. Any tricks up your sleeves?
    1. This may, or may not, help for you . In Settings in the General tab, check to see if the checkbox there is checked. Unfortunately, it may be an issue in the graphics power of of your presentation computer. One of the best parts of Proclaim is that can edit presentations anywhere you have an internet connection; even if the editing computer is a cheap low end laptop. BUT, presentation takes quite a bit of power, adding more screens, or more workload to the presentation computer can have the negative effect of things like choppy video. Currently, we run Proclaim with 3 monitors and a projector, OBS to record and stream our service plus we run 2 TVs (one up front as a confidence display the other in the lobby) wirelessly via Chromecast. Our computer is pretty high end and there is a bit of latency when using the Proclaim Remote when we stream. I'm considering sending the signal to a second computer via NDI and using that computer for the stream. Hope this helps, but if the hardware acceleration checkbox doesn't help, you may need to upgrade the presentation computer.
    2. Worked! Thank you!
    3. As part o' systemwide upgrades for OMS Japanese Christian, I'm spec'ing a SERIOUS projection 'puter for Shinoda Hall. intel® Xeon-W7 Processor and appropriate Workstation PCH, 8 RDIMMs 64G x 72-bit, ASUS® TURBO-RTX3080-10G (don't know whether nVIDIA® packs a DBB forward-curve into the RTX L6000 Ada Lovelace VDA), internal ASUS® BDR, external SCSI into a Promise rackmount stuffed with Western Digital® HDDs.
  • I am hearing rumors about Proclaim sunsetting in June. Is there any validity to this?
    1. , the Logos app doesn't appear to be on the list of sunsetting. I assume that will continue? Maybe send bulletin/announcements to that?
    2. Hello, -- You are correct -- the Logos app will continue. I suspect that will be one possible avenue for the Bulletin.
    3. I presume that Faithlife is sunsetting the Church Community apps on apple® iOS® and android™? If I'm interpreting correctly, Logos and Proclaim Remote will still be supported.
  • Is there a way to adjust which layer the textboxes and other items are on? I would like to overlap a textbox on top of another, and I've been finding it frustrating to get the desired one on top
    1. Hello, - I do not think we yet have layering control within Text Boxes. If you check our Proclaim Feature Request page here: https://feedback.faithlife.com/search?term=text+layer ...You will see several requests for similar functionality. Please feel free to add your vote for the features matching your request!
    2. Thanks, I've done that 🙂
  • Is anyone having issues with inserting youtubes into proclaim?
    1. I use 4K Video Downloader for filles off YouTube with no problems. As mentioned by Pastor Adam for files hard to download, playing the file while recording it is another way to get a usable file. OBS is rock solid for this.
    2. Some videos don’t play thru Proclaim if they have commercials in them. Is how YouTube makes money. Is better to get the videos from the source instead of ripping off YouTube , copyright infringement is still a thing that applies to churches as well
    3. Thank you everyone! I was using a convertor program but it had sense stopped. I was able to page the link in the web element but nit all videos will play that way. All of your responses helped.