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  • Why are my Keynote or PowerPoint slide multiplying when I import?
    1. Can't set start time for a service on a Mac!?
      1. Is there any way to change the order in which the Bible translations appear? The computer I work on at church has the two versions we use showing first in the list. On my laptop at home I have to type in the version abbreviation (ie ESV) to choose it; as opposed to being able to click on ESV in the abbreviations above the the reference.
        1. Hi folks, about a year ago whenever I hit "relaunch Proclaim to use latest version" the update didn't proceed and I got the error message "The installation of Proclaim did not proceed". I was then sent a procedure to workaround this issue but soon after someone at Proclaim fixed whatever caused the glitch and its been all good for at least a year. Today the error has returned & I can't remember the workaround :-( I am running proclaim on a windows 11 laptop Anyone got an answer? Thanks heaps Chris
          1. Have you tried running the installer from the website instead?
          2. Thanks Adrian, that was the workaround :-)
        2. We have a visiting organist at church soon. The organ is partly hidden by a pillar so I need to get this 'expert' up on the big screen. I've purchased 'EpoCam Pro'. Any ideas how I connect this to our Proclaim on the iMac?
          1. https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007375691-How-to-Show-Live-Video-in-Your-Church-Service-with-Proclaim can help you with this, . Please email us at proclaimsupport@logos.com, though, or call 800-875-6467 if we can be of any further assistance.
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          Is anyone using the new lyric scrolling option? I see that option on our machine at church to be able to try it out but not on my home computer that I work from during the week. Can anyone tell me why? When I check to see our version it says that we have Proclaim 4.0.
          1. Hi Barb- It works fine here on my Macs. Remember that you have to be in a song item and that the 'lyric panel' sometimes needs to be scrolled up to reveal the items at the bottom.
          2. Hi , thanks for the question. My guess is you're looking for the button to enable this option from Preview mode. That will disappear after awhile, and if you're mostly working from your home computer it's likely gone by now. However, this option lives in the Song's transition settings, so you can enable it from there at any time.
        4. why can I use some videos from YouTube but not others? Is there a way?
          1. Thanks
          2. Thanks for the question. Just wanted to add on to Shara's answer a bit. While we do our best, Proclaim can't control which videos are available; that comes down to both the content owner and YouTube. That's why, like Shara said, the reliable way to get the video to work is – assuming you have permission to do so – downloading the video and uploading into Proclaim if possible.
          3. Thanks, I kind of figured it was a YouTube and content creator deal. Otherwise all would work or all not work.
        5. I'm trying to add a previously saved png image to my presentation and am getting an error message. I have a large file of Advent images that I have used in the previous years. Is it now worthless, and what image format can be used?
          1. If you have used it previously it should be in the 'Group Upload' section of the media browser. I have over 3k images in there!
          2. You can email us at proclaimsupport@logos.com if you need further help, though, .
        6. How do I remove crawl text? Somehow it's on every slide now... not sure how I did that?
          1. Take a look here under the section “Show Crawl Text.” It also shows how to remove it: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007375371-On-Screen-Messages-and-Countdown-Clocks
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          How do I take a announcement photo that is in portrait change to landscape to fill all the space
          1. In Background, there are fill options, .
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