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    New in Proclaim 3.1!

    The latest version of Proclaim is available now, and will auto update the next time you restart Proclaim. (Don’t see the update? Download here.)

    Here’s what’s new:

    Custom alternate outputs for your live stream or multi-screen setup.

    Quickly and easily customize your alt-content outputs. Go to your alt-content tab, and start editing! Drag your lyrics down to lower thirds and change the background, or apply a Smart Media Template from the media browser. Learn more

    Find and choose from new Lower Thirds media. Choose Media > Browse Media, then, under Popular Tags, select the “Lower Thirds” tag.

    New 16:10 aspect ratio! Do you have a projector in 16:10? Now you can forget the letter boxing and use the entire projector with more aspect ratios coming soon.

    Customize stage messages by changing the color, font, and size.

    And much more! Check out our release notes for the full list of feature updates.

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  • I just wanted to reach out and say what a blessing your support team is. This was the first week to use the program live and we had an issue before service. Your team was so kind to seek out the issue and allow our service to go off without a hitch. Blessings to you and all the staff. Pastor Jeff, Transformation Church - Kerrville
    1. I am having issues with videos that I upload for use in the service. When playing these videos in proclaim the video lags the audio. When I play the videos with my media player on the windows machine it works fine. I was told that my computer graphics card was not powerful enough so I purchased a brand new beefy gaming computer with the best graphics card I could get and I have the same issue with the new computer. I am at the point where I may be forced to go back to Power Point (which does work) or try Pro Presenter. I like Proclaim and want to make this work. Can anyone help me with this?
      1. I had exactly the same problems as you describe, brought a new computer, still got those problems. No idea what to fo next. 32 gbytes of ram
      2. Dave were using a Mac for propresenter or more and more miserable. With a new Windows Lenovo gaming computer and proclaim things are better. Proclaim is more functional than any worship program I have seen. RAM is not the cure all though. I have learned that much. Faithlife recommend disabling hardware acceleration... I not a full blown techie but I think software enhancements to boost performances necessarily lead to sacrifices elsewhere. Also the first thing I did was to unload programs on the computer and dedicated it to worship. I especially Killed all the unnecessary stuff running in the background, and always dump Mcafee and Norton right off the bat. AVG IS BAD ENOUGH! I also disable updates that want to surprise you in the middle of service or when you login to setup.
      3. You also might want to check your graphics hardware specs against Faithlife recommendation. We deliberately chose to go beyond that a little, especially the graphics card.
    2. Is anyone besides me having a problem with the fact that what I set up for a service on Proclaim at home does not sing with my computer at the church? When I get there I have to download all the videos via airdrop from my laptop to the computer. Both are Macs.
      1. Hi , Is this specifically only happening to videos? How large are the videos your using? If your videos are over 600MB you would normally see a window pop up that gives an option to "use on this computer only". We have an upload cap of 600MB for any videos your trying to save to the cloud. So if it's larger than 600mb you would need those video files to be saved and added through the computer your presenting with. If it's under 600MB you can save it to our servers to sync with your other accounts, you just want to make sure that check box is not enabled. https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007376131-What-if-my-video-file-is-over-600-MB-
      2. Thank you I am sure that is the problem.
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      Hello, I am a new user to Proclaim and so far love it. I have built my first presentation for tomorrows service and as I am going through the preview the system skips over a slide right after my countdown clock. What would cause it from missing the slide? And now, the music goes away on the countdown clock....HELP
      1. Well, forget what I just said.....it's doing it again now.....geez
      2. Hello, -- This is for the 2021.03.07 Presentation, I would assume... I'll pull that up, make a copy and play with it a little. The Start Time will take into account the length of the Warm-up: if you have a 5 minute Warm-Up, set the start time to 10:30. Go OnAir at any time before 10:25: the Pre-Service loop will play until the Warm-Up automatically kicks in at 10:25. At the service Start Time Proclaim will move from the finished Warm-Up to the first item in the Service.
      3. Ok thank you and yes that is the presentation. I really appreciate the help Brian.
    4. I just submitted Proclaim log files through the App. On my Windows 10 computer Proclaim crashes 100% of the time when I click On Air I will follow up with Event Viewer logs
      1. Hi , Can you send me a screen shot or your Outputs in your Display settings?
      2. Hi , It looks display/output related from the logs, one of our developers is investigating but advised it may help to toggle the virtual screen your outputs are using. If you want to go to your outputs and click on the blue text and switch from no signal back to the virtual screen you want to output (slides, confidence, an alternate content) that might help resolve the issue.
      3. When I click Settings > Display it crashes as well. I can get to all other settings though, just not Display.
    5. On Mac minis I'm unable to change the aspect ratio in the display settings. The display settings for the Mac are configured properly but the ratios in the display settings in Proclaim are whited out I'm unable to change them. I can adjust them on virtual screens but not on the actual outputs. Anyone else have this issue?
      1. Hi , The aspect ration in the output section is not something you can change in Proclaim. Essentially that aspect ratio is informational, it is what your computer is reading from the display your connected to. If you want to change the aspect ratio of what your sending from Proclaim you would do that through the virtual screen.
      2. Hi Sean, Thanks for the info. I have a follow-up question. My church runs two separate services and each service has different display configurations. Can I set up different virtual screens for each service in order to prevent one service from overriding the other?
    6. Proclaim keeps crashing on my PC. It works fine on my MAC on which I create the services. But when I go to the Windows 10 machine in the church, something goes wrong. I can get into proclaim. But when I hit on air or load the display settings, it crashes.
      1. Hi , Can you make sure your on the latest version of Windows 10 (Should be 20H2 if you look at your OS Build Info) and also make sure Proclaim is up to date. Here is the latest release note you can also use to get the latest download version as well: http://faithlife.github.io/ProclaimReleaseNotes/3.1/ReleaseNotes.html If your all up to date and still crashing, please submit your log files for us to further investigate: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007374731-How-Do-I-Submit-Log-Files-
      2. This is an interesting issue. I think if it was me I would first check to make sure Windows is fully up to date. The current version is 20H2. Then I would check the video card drivers and make sure they are up to date as well. If these things don't work, you can send the log files from Proclaim on the Windows machine to Faithlife and they will dig into them and see if anything jumps out at them as being the culprit.
      3. Thank you so much for this. I checked Windows 10 and it is up to date. I have also submitted my log files (on Saturday) if it were possible for you to have a look. Thanks.
    7. How can I create a 5 minute countdown clock slide?
      1. In proclaim you can search the assets for “countdown”
      2. There are a few different options for countdowns, . What says is a good start, Some of those were uploaded by me. If you want to customize the countdown a bit with a video editor, you can find them at the link and download them. https://media.faithlife.com/search?filter=mediaTypes%3Avideo%3Btags%3Acountdown You can add a countdown clock to any other media if you place that media in a Content Service Item and then put that in the WARM-UP section of Proclaim. Click the box marked Show a Countdown Clock and set it to automatically advance in 300 seconds and you have a static 5 minute Countdown. This as VERY basic, though. The options for the clock size and placement are pretty limited. You can do the same with an Image Slideshow item, but you have to divide 300 by the number of slides in the slideshow (30 slides = 300/30 = 10 seconds per slide). There's another option that is a bit complicated, but once you create the first one, you merely have to use Re-Use item and then change the background. Again, this one is a bit complicated, you create a Content item within the Warm-up Section. Put a video loop of some scenery you like on the content item and then add text to look like this: 5:00 -- 4:59 -- Etc. until you reach 4:00 Next, set the slide to auto advance every 1 second. This creates 61 slides and the numbers countdown when you go on On Air. It works pretty well. Duplicate that Content item and change the numbers to read 3:59 - 3:00 for the second one and then again for 2:59 - 2:00 etc. It takes 5 of them. I tried to put it all on one slide, but it never worked. You can then set your text in the location you want and the size you want. Add some music to the WARM-UP section and you have a countdown using your slides. (It looks like my second screenshot). Add some music to your WARM-UP section and you have a 5 minute countdown. When you're done, group them together and name the group something like Countdown Slide Group, then the next time you want to use use it, you go to Re-Use Item, and choose Slide Group from the dropdown menu and there it is. Change the font, the location of the text, whatever you like.
    8. the software looks interesting. but does it allow you to record the sermons live and automatically upload them to vimeo or youtube?
      1. you have a link for restream? FYI, this is a small congregation with a limited budget.
      2. We are as well. Re stream is $20 a month. We have online giving and since going live we have seen a noticeable increase. https://restream.io/join/MARRB