• When I add Scripture the formatting is all over the place-is there a way for me to fix that without going to each slide and fixing it individually?
    1. Not sure, but I'm wondering if he sees what I often see. The size of the font will change dramatically based on where I put the breaks in the text. And it seems like Proclaim isn't always consistent on where it puts those breaks. A couple other issues I have noted: 1) There doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency when it comes to what text is indented and what is not, and 2) the default alignment is left center so the text appears to move up and down on the page as you go from slide to slide. I'm going to include some screenshots to illustrate. Here is what it looks like when I insert Romans 12:1-4. Just included the first and fourth slide to show the difference in indents and where the text is aligned on the slide (I know I can "fix" the alignment by manually choosing left top alignment")
    2. Now look at the change in the font size if I edit the text and change the breaks.
    3. I've learned how to manually go in and edit the text so that I can keep the look consistent throughout my presentation, but it takes a lot of extra work to do that.
  • How to tell who is editing a Proclaim presentation
    1. Hey Towards the bottom of the screen per service item we present who was the last person to make an edit on that specific slide. Here's an image to give a visual for you, so you know what to look for.
    2. In addition, at the top of Proclaim, you should see avatars of your group members. Active or recent editors will have a yellow bar under their picture.
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    Am I doing something wrong? My sign feed won't play any video. The moving graphics are just stationary. When I go on air with a countdown my sign feeds just go blank........ any ideas what I may be doing wrong?? ... and sometimes the trivia questions will advance to the next slide before answering the question.
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      Thanks for the info Andrew -- It sounds like you added it as a motion background though. For example, you might of gone this route. Add item --> announcement. Then found your video background and chose apply as background. This results in a motion background. This sound familiar? Can you go this route instead -- Add item --> Video --> add video --> browse media --> locate video background --> apply to video item. The countdown should work if you are locating the video item and adding as a video item. It sounds like you are choosing apply as background rather than add as a video item or apply to video item.
    2. that's exactly what I was doing.... thanks for the help!!
    3. A thing to note is that, anything that isn't an .mp4 file might not work properly. Check to see if all your background videos aren't anything other than .mp4
  • Are there any issues going on with Proclaim’s media servers right now? I’m not having internet connection issues, but I cannot load any media (mine or from Proclaim) for new slides
    1. Hello , We're not aware of any current issues facing media items loading. Are you able to hit Help > Save Log Files and email us that folder to support@faithlife.com?
    2. Hey Justin, I tried it again about 10 minutes later and it worked.
  • The church I recently moved to is using ProPresenter to project songs etc during services and I am exploring moving to Proclaim. However, one of the reasons behind getting ProPresenter was the ability for people in the worship band to have lyrics and chords displayed in the associated mobile app. Are there any plans for this functionality - integrating chords - to be added into Proclaim and through to the remote app? Thanks, Graham
    1. Hey This is all planned and coming soon. I am glad you asked so others can see. We'll be utilizing the confidence output via the remote to accomplish what you are asking above. Stay tuned for it as its coming soon!
    2. Thanks very helpful to know. Apprecisted, Graham
  • make a powerpoint
    1. What about a PowerPoint? Do you mean creating/exporting a PowerPoint out of the Faithlife file? Or making a PowerPoint to import into Proclaim. As a friendly suggestion, full and complete sentences and questions help others provide accurate and timely help to you. It keeps others from having to assume what you actually want and need. Just an FYI. :-)
  • I'm having an issue. I am new to Proclaim. I cannot seem to get my presentations to stop looping. I don't have it set on a timer;...at least I don't think I do. Any suggestions? I have tried settings, view, file, others.
    1. Hi Woodland Beware of placing the Presentation in the Pre-service or Post-service areas. Saw this done last Christmas with very undesirable effects on the minister.
    2. As points out, the slides in the Pre-service and Post-service sections of your presentation will loop. The Service portion of the presentation will not loop.
    3. Hi , I made that mistake when we first began using Proclaim . . . for a memorial service!! I had to keep clicking the slide that we needed on the screen in order to make it stay up and then move each of the service items into the Service portion as I did so. Thankfully, no one noticed . . . or at least they had the grace not to mention it to me :-) It was for the father of two former Major League Baseball players, so a lot of people in the house
  • G'day, we were hoping to move from publishing our sermons on our Website as mp3s to uploading them to Faithlife Sermons via Proclaim however, I have not been able to successfully upload Sunday's message. I have submitted our log files. When I hit the 'Publish' button the 'Publish Audio' window comes up and it spins and spins and spins and then eventually times out. In about 10 minutes it has uploaded 4%... It actually seems to stall at 4% - it hasn't progressed for a few minutes now. We are located in Australia, the computer we're using has a wired ethernet connection (speed tested @ 92/37 Mbps). Thanks for your help. If you need anything further, please let me know. Tim
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    2. Hey It sounds like it's due to your file size of the mp3. Are you able to check the size as we have a 2GB limit otherwise the sermon won't upload. Feel free to upload the audio file to this drive and I can check as well.
    3. Thanks for your reply I exported the raw audio and it was about 130 meg from memory (I'm not on site today so I can't check)
  • Is it possible to look at a directory of all songs put into Proclaim's "My Songs"? Kind of like the Browse Media ability but for song lyrics?
    1. Great, thanks the reply. And I’ll keep an eye out for the update!
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      You bet! We'll probably be making a big post in this group, email or some message in Proclaim once its live as it'll be a pretty big feature update.
    3. Do you have any timelines for when you expect the song feature change will go live? I can't wait for this as well!