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  • Introducing Proclaim 3.0

    Faithlife brings you many new features with Proclaim 3.0 and sets the stage to help your church stay connected—whether they’re in the sanctuary or at home.

    Use NDI with true transparency to painlessly integrate Proclaim with your live stream setup. Forget about chroma and luma keys, use the new alternate content virtual screens to send what you want to the displays (e.g. Foreground only for a song, and duplicate for a video) while using full-slides in the sanctuary. Setting up NDI

    Display videos on the confidence monitor and add a video countdown to see how much time is left. (Enable this by editing your confidence template and checking the box, use video player when available, on the Current Slide Content)

    Mark up scripture and maps from the Proclaim Remote with the new on-screen annotations.

    Display chords on the confidence monitor for your band, save multiple arrangements per song, and more with our integration with Faithlife Music.*

    View the full release notes.

    *requires an additional migration for your group to Faithlife Music. The migration process is automatic. If you don't notice these new features, email us at support@faithlife.com and we can check the status of your group.

  • The Bible short codes have started to fail today. I restarted Proclaim as well as my Proclaim, but to no avail. I was able to replicate this on another Mac: prior to updating Proclaim, Bible short codes works; after updating Proclaim, they failed.
    1. Hi , Thanks for the report we will further investigate on our end!
    2. Thanks for the report we just shipped version 3.0.0040 with the fix. If you are having trouble starting Proclaim after you crashed you can hold control (command on Mac) to open to a blank presentation.
    3. Thanks for the quick resolution!
  • As long as you are shipping updates weekly (I'm glad you are shipping fixes!) Is there anything you can do to get whitelisted by Microsoft? It is disconcerting when I have to "click through" several warnings that I might be doing something harmful.
    1. Hi , Unfortunately we've already contacted Microsoft about this and did what we could on our end. Windows Defender apparently takes time to learn to trust a software and there is little we can do on our end. As time goes on and Windows should resolve this is what we've been told but yes it is frustrating. I apologize about that experience we too hope to see that improve.
  • Hi All We've been using Proclaim for some years now and love it. As I'm sure will be the same for many of you, we've started streaming our service using the amazing ATEM Mini. We also use a Behringer XAir for audio. I've been using Bitfocus Companion to allow me to control the ATEM and XAir with simple single button presses, but I have been wanting to make proclaim do this through its Signals Feature. i.e. when proclaim fires a signal, companion would control all out video and audio automatically. This is possible using OSCulator, but I was wondering if Faithlife had any thoughts about including a built in OSC output feature alongside the existing MIDI output?
    1. Hi Guys. We had an issue this Sunday where Proclaim would freeze and we had to Ctrl+Alt+Del then close task and restart proclaim. This happened about five times during pre service practice and once towards the end of service. The computer was restarted a couple of times but the problem persisted. I've submitted the log file. We had also had issues getting version updates to work 37 and 38. Today the system prompted an update and version 39 installed without issue. Hope you can help. Jason
      1. Hi , thank you for the report. We'll take a look at the log files and investigate. Can I ask you to submit new log files if the issue persists on the latest version as well? Thanks!
    2. Well Glory!!!
      1. We have been having a random issue where the lyrics are missing when they use our church PC. I sent in the logs from that PC. The lyrics show up properly on my PC at home. The operator had a backup with them and restored it, which restored the lyrics properly, but this is the 2nd time it has happened. Hopefully there is an easy fix for this?
        1. Hello, -- I'm sorry for this frustration. I'm glad that you sent the Logs already -- we will look at those momentarily.
        2. Hello, -- Nothing looks off in those log files, but I will have the Developers look at them with their more experienced eyes... Would we also be able to get the Log Files from the computer on which the lyrics were added to the songs?
      2. So what's the status on Music? It's been talked about a while... we were supposedly put on a list to be activated... but haven't seen any changes Any news out there?
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          Hello, @Pastor Gary -- You Presentation Group is indeed on the list for migration to Faithlife Music when that process begins again. We found some technical issues created when doing the migrations and are making certain those get cleaned up before beginning them again.
        2. Thanks for the update, but would appreciate better communication on the status/release of issues/features like this.
      3. We have been so happy with the reliability of the Faithlife Live Streaming since we switched in March of this year. However, as the product is still in its infancy it doesn't have some of the "bells and whistles" that our previous provider included in their service. So we had been considering switching back to our previous provider. However, we have discovered a free tool that will allow us to continue to use Faithlife but also have some of the other tools we have been missing. Life Church makes this resource available for free to other churches: https://churchonlineplatform.com/. It is very easy to embed the Faithlife Stream right in their player and then use a Call to Action widget on our website to direct people to that player.
        1. I have an an image slide show setup in post-service loop. When I attach audio to the first slide and set it to play until the "end of section", the music will continue to play through the playlist until i leave the post-service section or go off air. But when I attach the audio to the second slide in the slideshow, it restarts the audio play list every time that slide comes up.
          1. Hi Kyle If you want a track to play through the whole of the post service loop it is best to attach it to the loop as a whole.
          2. Yeah. I did see that. I know I can fix it with a few extra steps I just wanted to report as a bug or ask if it was expected that the program/feature will behave differently just by moving a slide.
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            " or ask if it was expected that the program/feature will behave differently just by moving a slide." I think it is doing what is expected. The audio track is connected to that specific slide so when it comes round again it triggers the sequence again. It is a case, not so much of "a few extra steps" as attaching the audio to the loop in the appropriate place. Actually I am bemused by the behaviour you report about the attaching the audio to the first slide. I would have thought that that would trigger a restart of the track too.
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          We’re using the trial of Proclaim and ran into an issue today. When I started Bible Trivia, it wouldn’t show on the screen when in preview mode and on air selected. On the right side where it shows what’s presenting, it shows a count down that runs but when it gets to the end, nothing happens. If I go off air and change to edit mode, Bible Trivia works properly as it should. Everything else worked great. We were able to use songs and sermon notes. Any assistance would be appreciated.
          1. Sure thing. Where are the files located and where should I send? Thank you
          2. In the Proclaim file menu, click HELP, then Submit Log Files.
          3. I just submitted the log files. It may have sent under faithbap723@gmail.com. Thank you