• Is there a way to download audio from a sermon (or preferably the whole recording) and then insert it to another computer and upload it from there. Long story short.. our internet at the church is Wireless based (and not very good reception at that). It takes hours to upload a sermon sometimes. The average is about 75-90 minutes, but that's if it doesn't fail. So I would like to download the raw data, take it to my home computer, insert it back into the presentation, then upload it to our group.
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      Hey I'm glad you asked and I got some great news! We actually have a faster route:) For starters, your recording is actually saved to your presentation. No need to re-upload it or download it from your church computer. Next Sunday, just record as you normally do. Once the sermon recording window pops up. Go a head and hit close. (I promise it won't delete your recording) Then once you are at your house or any computer that has Proclaim installed. Open the presentation and you'll see a recording drop down menu with your recordings for that current presentation. Once selected it'll open that sermon recording window we closed earlier. Then hit publish. Hope that all helps for you and others.
  • Did you know? We recently shipped new options for how a date is displayed on an announcement slide! What do you think? Are we missing any you use?
    1. Is there a way to adjust where a, "sermon" is posted from Proclaim. We have one that can be posted to our main group, but there is another group I would like a different sermon to post to, is this possible?
      1. Hey You can't within Proclaim as we look for your church group and don't show an option to change that within your church group. However, once you hit publish from Proclaim you can head over to sermons.faithlife.com and select your sermon --> choose edit --> select Publish as --> then choose the other group you'd like. Then hit save and you'll see that sermon in the new group.
      2. Thank you , this sounds like what I was looking for.
    2. How many laptop you need to display on air
      1. Hey Technically 1, but your ideal setup will most likely be something in the 2-3 range. On a typical Sunday service you'll want to aim towards a total of 2 monitors (a laptop, desktop monitor, projector screen, etc) -- any of those will work. The key aspect is making sure all monitors are connected to your presentation computer.
      2. We use 1 laptop connected to a 65 inch TV via HDMI.
      3. Perfect you'll be set for Sunday. You'll probably want to set your laptop's display setting in Proclaim to 'not used.' That is essentially saying you want the editing/preview window up when proclaim is airing on your 65" TV.
    3. My pastor was wondering about this issue this morning: if he deletes a slide and then realizes he has made a mistake, how can he undelete it?
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        Hey We have a fairly robust undo/redo. Our preferred method is using a right click. For example, if you delete a service item you can right click on one and select undo. If you need undo a text change you can right and select undo on the textfield. Etc. Hope this helps out in the future and sorry for the disruption this Sunday. I hope it didn't cause too much of an inconvenience.
      2. Reuse items as well
    4. Today, I can’t get the slides to display on the proclaim app (iOS). Solid internet connection for both computer and iPad. Restarted iPad. Reinstalled proclaim app. Took presentation on and off air. No luck. When I hit “control” for the service in the app, I just get the spooling symbols. Where the slides should be. I can still advance the slides but can’t see anything. Tried to tap the “send support info” button under the main menu. That just immediately crashes the app every time.
      1. thanks for the explanation. Although we haven’t had a lot of issues, it seems like that from reading the posts of others, server issues on Sundays are a frequent issue. That’s a bit troubling when we’re dependent on those servers every Sunday.
      2. it may seem like it, but server issues on Sunday have been infrequent. However, we had issues with the slide renderer yesterday, and another issue with Sync a few weeks ago. Other than that, we haven't had many issues. Sunday stability is our number 1 goal and we essentially drop everything when/if an issue arises.
      3. , it probably just seems like there are more posts about server issues than there actually are. Like I say, other than not being able to print our presentation yesterday, we haven't had issues. And considering the number of people using Proclaim every weekend, the number of problems is actually very small.
    5. Slides are not displaying in my recording today. I tried to record special music before the sermon at the request of the singer. So proclaim recorded both the song and later the sermon. I edited the recording to eliminate the song before uploading, but the slides are not showing up is there any way to fix this?
      1. Same...my ipad did not show slides today.
      2. Sorry to everyone experiencing remote app problems as well, this issue does extend to the remote app. If you have a service you need up and running with the remote app, set up the remote app for a local Wi-Fi connection. This will bypass the troubles by allowing the app to download the slides from your computer
      3. The slides worked during the service but are not showing up in the Electronic Bulletin.
    6. How do you add a video from Youtube into the presentation? I urgently need to figure out how to do this.
      1. Hello , We have a web page slide in Proclaim. So you can select Add Item > Webpage, and then copy and paste the URL into here. But do be aware, some Youtube vidoes have restrictions in place, and won't allow themselves to be played inside Proclaim in that embedded format.
      2. I use iSkysoft's iTube studio to download YouTube videos, then I embed them as a video in Proclaim. It's super easy, just copy and paste the YouTube URL into iTube.
      3. I do what Pastor Michael does. Works well and seamlessly with Proclaim.