• Important news for Windows Users. There is a known issue causing Proclaim to crash on Windows 11. This issue is specific to presentations with Non-Latin Characters. When Proclaim falls back to system fonts for these characters, a new font in Windows 11 is causing the app to crash. We appreciate your patience as we work on this issue. Once a fix has been tested and released we will let you know.
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  • how do I put a white box in front of background to add words to songs or bible readings
    1. Here is the way I handle that, . For this example I made a black background then typed "Here is text on a white background" and formatted the text as red. Then in Effects, check the box for Background Shape and click Edit. There a a lot of different ways to format it, you can even use the slider to make the background more transparent (second screenshot).
  • Question about Subscriptions, we have the Proclaim Standard On Air License, does that only cover one presentation team or a whole church?
    1. that covers your whole church as long as its all in one location. You can use the same presentation team for your whole church, or you can call into customer service and have them move your license up to your church group. Then you can make multiple presentation teams (such as one for Youth and one for your Main service)
    2. I set your subscription to be associated with your church instead of a team but please feel free to message me if you need more done in this matter.
  • My content slides are not giving me the option "Page Break" and my text will not migrate to the next slide.
    1. Have you tried inserting a line with just 2 dashes '--' as a page break on Content slides? Like: Line 1 Line 2 -- New page line 3 line 4
    2. This 2-dash trick also works in lyrics for Songs too .. we use it a lot to break up verses to be larger/more readable on the projected slides.
  • How do I get the backgrounds in Proclaim to use in Logos as I am building a sermon?
    1. I find that the slide editing capabilities in Logos are more limited than in Proclaim. So I just create basic slide with no formatting in Logos and then format them in Proclaim after importing them.
  • Is there any way to use an IP camera as a Proclaim input other than to plug it into the PC?
    1. , Proclaim basically recognizes devices that your computer itself recognizes as a camera/video input. So if it's only showing up in an app but not the device list for your cameras then Proclaim will not recognize it. That being said there are lots of apps that are out there that allow your computer to recognize video/camera input that is not hardwired to your computer. One pretty versatile one would be the NDI Webcam Input: https://ndi.tv/tools/
    2. Thanks, I'll look into that
  • I'm having a few issues with 'corrupted' songs when I try to re-use some items. For example this morning I wanted to add "Yor love is amazing" so I pressed Add item > re-use item > search for 'Yor love' and there was one I'd done in 2020 - so I picked that up only to discover that the title just said ' your love is' and all the words for the verses etc were "Strength will arise" !! I looked at a few older versions - they too seemed to have the wrong words. So I dutifully changed all the words to the correct ones for todays entry. Then a little later I looked and found that now last year's 2020 version was correct and so were even the older versions. What's going on?
    1. Proclaim songs are now synced separately than the item itself. Meaning the lyrics and verse order are controlled separately than the look and format of the slide. So after you updated it, pulling in the old item again still showed the updated lyric content. You can also configure multiple Arrangements per song, if you need to have different verse orders, or text layout for different venues. If you continue to see odd songs let us know and we can try to help clean it up. Looks like we migrated your library back in July. Sometimes a song would get mismatched due to typos in CCLI numbers, mismatched titles, or other causes.
  • Hi I'm new to Proclaim and I was wondering if there is a way to share my set list with members on my worship team already added on Faithlife. Please help.
  • Help. We went on air and while we can see the backgrounds, none of our content is showing. All is there in edit mode, but not in preview or on air.
    1. Hi , are you able to check which virtual screen you have assigned to your output? This is shown in the following support article under 3. Assign Virtual Screens to your outputs. https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007127332-How-Do-I-Configure-My-Display-Outputs-
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    Hey team! Question, I am running into a new issue with my NDI Output from Proclaim into OBS Studio on 2 Windows 10 Computers hooked up to the same ethernet network. I am sending the output over NDI, and it appears as a source in OBS however it doesn't actually show any of the lyrics like it should be. We have used this exact set up for nearly a year and a half but are having issues this morning. Any idea if a new update may have caused any issues with Proclaim sending a NDI signal? UPDATE: Issue Resolved. Fix was that I needed to go into my Ethernet Firewall settings for the network and check the "public" and "private" boxes for the Proclaim exe programs that handle the NDI feature. Thanks!
    1. Issue Resolved
    2. We had this same problem - thanks for the fix!
  • will proclaim work with google chromecast
    1. Hi , Proclaim can output to a display that is detected by either Windows or macOS operating systems. Currently it is not possible to output Proclaim via Chromecast.
    2. Actually, and , it is possible. We send our Proclaim NDI output to a monitor in the booth, then we go to the Chrome 3 dot menu and choose Cast..., then under Sources we choose Cast Desktop, next we choose the Chromecast device (we have 2 hooked up) and click it. The menu in the screenshot comes up. We choose the one that is in the booth and it is then casted to our Confidence TV at the front of the sanctuary. There is a bit of Latency, but it works great!
    3. Furthermore, , with Windows, it is possible to do without a monitor. I use an HDMI dummy (headless) plug to accomplish the same thing during Summer when we hold church in the park that is adjacent to our building so some of the congregation can watch from inside.