Online Giving for Churches

Online Giving for Churches

Combine Worship & Stewardship with Faithlife Giving

Faithlife Giving seamlessly integrates with Proclaim so you can keep the focus on Jesus—even when you’re collecting offerings.

Worship + Stewardship

Worship + Stewardship

Giving isn’t about money. It’s about Jesus.

That’s why our tool teaches biblical principles of stewardship and empowers believers to make a plan to give—and stick to it. And because it’s part of Faithlife’s integrated ministry platform, it works seamlessly with Proclaim:

  • Smart Proclaim slides with media that tracks your progress to a giving goal—and auto-updates as funds come in.

  • Use Proclaim signals to ask your congregation to support your mission through their gifts and tithes.

  • Focus on Jesus with built-in resources that teach the principles of Christian stewardship.

Discipleship Resources

Create generous disciples

We created the Giving Calculator so you can transform everyone in your church into a biblical steward. With it, your members can set personal giving goals based on income. They’ll track their generosity over time and even learn biblical principles of stewardship through Bible passages, helpful articles, and books linked right inside the tool.

Raises Dollars, Makes Sense

Easy to Use

Raises dollars, makes sense

It’s stunningly simple to make an offering with Faithlife Giving:

  • Give with a link: Just share a link, and anyone can give without even creating an account.

  • On your website: Add a prominent button to give on your site.

  • Text to Give: A few thumb taps is all it takes.

  • Kiosk giving: Set up an iPad so they can give in the lobby.

  • Customizable app: Give through an app you customize to fit your church’s look.

  • Cash and check: You can quickly log your gifts later.

We help you do it all, because we don’t want to put limits on your ministry.


Integrated Ministry Platform

Share your vision with built-in communication tools

Because Faithlife Giving is part of our integrated ministry platform, you’ll also get tools to send emails, texts, instant messages, and newsletters. You can even segment your messages. For example, send a thank-you to first-time givers, or share a special message with recurring givers.

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