Smart and Powerful
Highly Customizable
You can customize Faithlife Reftagger features to match your blog or website. Simply copy the code from the text box and put it right before the closing body tag (</body>) in your blog's template file.
Customize now
Tooltip Styles
Match colors and fonts to your website or blog.
Default Translation
Choose which Bible translation your visitors will see by default.
Linked Bible Reader
Link bible references to either or the Faithlife Study Bible.
Smart Reference Detection
Faithlife Reftagger recognizes a variety of Bible reference conventions, so it won't miss a reference.
Book Abbreviations
Faithlife Reftagger knows all the common Scripture abbreviations, so you don't have to worry about finicky formatting.
  • Genesis 4:5
  • Gen 4:5
  • Gen. 4:5
  • Gn 4:5
Chapter-level Tagging
Tag entire chapters with Faithlife Reftagger — the preview will start at the first verse and link to the rest of the chapter.
  • Genesis 4
Verse Ranges
Reference entire ranges of Scripture with one link — you're not limited to a single verse.
  • Genesis 4:1-5