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  • I recently saw this near my home. If you could what would you say to the person who wrote it?
    1. First I would say "Amen, yes to God be the glory."    I would then ask if the person thought that in writing it if there was indeed glory, praise and honor given to God.  That conversation could go wherever it leads after that.  I might also attempt to find my way to 1 Thessalonians 4 as an appeal to the way we live our lives garnering respect of those around us.  Perhaps I would also ask that person if they thought that a person who isn't a believer would be compelled to consider it having seen this.
    2. Although I agree with the post above. I think I might as dies the destruction of someone's property honor God? Or edifying the the body of Christ.
    3. In the new testament we are told to respect the government. Defacing property is a crime. If it's his property then so be it. But we are not called to commit crimes to share the truth
  • On the journey to greatness.
    Your opportunity for greatness comes from finding the talents God has given to you and then partnering with him. Don’t worry about everyone else; just pursue the greatness God has given you. Remember, “The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” Kelley, J. (2014). Radically normal: you don’t have to live crazy to follow jesus. Eugene, OR: Harvest House. I love this paragraph because it takes the seemingly ordinariness of my life and tells me I am something special not because of anything I do but because the Holy Spirit is alive, well, and working in my life. I can and am great because I have a GREATER/GREATEST GOD!
    1. Hi Josh, I apologize for not responding to your invite sooner. I have not read Radically Normal, yet. I plan to read it by the end of next month, then I 'll weight in, follow or join. Blessings to you and your, Larry
      1. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
    2. "Some things can be learned only through pain. As I thought about it, I realized that my greatest growth has been the result of suffering, whether caused by my own sin, the sin of others, or seemingly random events." I believe the above quote with all my heart. Since 1981 I have dealt with Myasthenia Gravis, 12 hip surgeries (4 replacements on both sides), four way bypass surgery, a heart attack, pulmonary fibrosis, and a couple of other life altering maladies. And each and every experience has solidified my relationship/dependence on God. Thank you God for the wonderful blessings you have brought into my life! Kelley, J. (2014). Radically normal: you don’t have to live crazy to follow jesus. Eugene, OR: Harvest House.
      1. Thank you for the invite. Just started reading. Actually reading a lot of books right now. However, I look forward to reading this one as well.
        1. Just want to write a brief note of appreciation for this book. I particularly appreciated the mess kit analogy, though there was much else that spoke to me powerfully. Thanks!
          1. Coming up within the week. I'm occupied with "much serving" at my work right now, but I will sit down and share a few more of my reactions to "Radically Normal" very soon.
          2. Josh: I remember an old cartoon in which characters find themselves in a room where the furniture–for reasons I don’t remember–has been nailed to the ceiling. These characters try repeatedly to jump back to the floor to resume what they mistakenly assume is their “normal” place in the room, but of course they fail because their perception is not based on reality. The main value–and it is a great one–of “Radically Normal” is your examination of the destructively false expectations that many of us have had about our Christian lives, coupled with the liberating conclusion that the lives we ALREADY HAVE (as husband, wife, parent, employee, etc.) are where God wants to meet us and give us his grace. This is not anything new, but what makes your book really special are the many analogies and illustrations--mostly drawn from your own experience--that are used with great effectiveness (e.g., the mess kit analogy I mentioned earlier). "Radically Normal" is a very encouraging read for sincere but exhausted Christians whose countless attempts to attain to “The Higher Life” have been meet with constant failure. So thanks again!
          3. You nailed my goal exactly! I loved how you said that, "countless attempts to attain to “The Higher Life”." No more in-crowd and out-crowd, just the "in need of grace"-crowd!
        2. Thank you, Pastor Kelley, for writing this book and sharing your unique story. I was further inspired when you remind us in Chapter 7 “that God is also working a unique story in everyone else.”
          1. Thanks Jerry. You know, that is actually one of my favorite ideas in the book. I could have written a chapter on it.
        3. In todays World we find out that a many of a Church wants; A pastor with a Dr. degree. A Worship leader and perfection to such a degree no one except said pastor can fill. Yes it does say study to show thy self approved. But a many a Bible Colleges use this to mean get your Dr. degree. I say get back to the Basics! One basic is LOVE One ANOTHER! Get out of Name it claim it! The Bible does teach long suffering! Many will say to another Christian oh look God really blessed so and so, Really? God is still God weather or not one has MONEY! The song from the rock group "Genesis"," Oh Jesus, he knows me," says it all. Note Apologetics without LOVE , is dead Apologetics. Note Theology , without LOve is dead. Hermeneutics with out LOve is dead. In Germany one can go to school for Free! Bible College should be FREE, why? More would be able to afford life's ups and downs and more could serve the Church. With out a price tag on what one has to pay! There is a lot in Church that has to be cleaned up and to get back to basics! But without LOVE Church is DEAD. We are all dirt! Just a many "THINKS" , I have the solution. Again a many a solution is DEAD without LOVE! Jesus said, "LOve one Another", so start with love!
          1. We must Love our self and then see how God sees us. All this is possible with HIS love! No Church has invited me to Preach , yet due to No said Paper on the Wall. Back to the Book Basically this author hits the hammer to the Nail. I find it easy to read and his use of said situations is done out of LOVE. I have just started reading this book , and find out it hits home. Thank you for inviting me to this group means a lot to me.
          2. Thanks Freddie!
        4. God says I'm okay!
          I've always had a little bit of an inferiority complex. Not sure where I picked it up or who I picked it up from but it's always bothered me. It is statements such as this one that is helping me not get over it but instead working with it. "By God’s grace, you are the lead actor in your story, a story that he wrote for you and no one else." Kelley, J. (2014). Radically normal: you don’t have to live crazy to follow Jesus. Eugene, OR: Harvest House.
          1. You know I do wonder though where we end and He begins. If you are satisfied with normalcy and don't strive for more where does that leave us.