• Please consider joining the AV Booth Team. We are down to 2 teams. I would love to get 2 more teams so everyone can do it once a month. If you have questions about what’s involved, talk to Jean, Bev, Jackie or Clint. If you want to try it out before making a commitment, we can arrange that as well.
    1. I messaged you about this. We’ll talk.
    2. Any other takers?
    3. We are still in need for more team members.
  • Please pray.

    “Would appreciate your prayers for my husband, Terry. We came to church last Sunday and loved the worship service and had plans to attend again this Sunday. However, my husband, Terry was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent emergency surgery on Wednesday of this week. A huge mass was removed from the colon and stomach. If the removed lymph nodes come back positive, then Terry will have to undergo chemotherapy. We're hoping that he'll be discharged home tomorrow, Sunday, so we'll be with you in spirit only. We truly appreciate your prayers for us, and I'll do my best to keep you updated. Many grateful thanks. Our Lord is in full control of all of this. God bless you all. Deedy Gregg”
    1. We pray for the success of this surgery and if cemo is needed then success with that but you already know this is in our Lord's hands so we send our prayers to Him. Our hope is in Him, may He bring you peace and comfort , we have complete confidence in His love for us.
    2. Praying for you and your husband today. Lean into the Lord for your every hope and strength, and know He loves you! (And we do too!)
    3. Praying for you both. I was looking forward to seeing you this Sunday. Just know that Hod is with you both. Prayers to you!
  • Prayer Request: Prayer card from anonymous: "Marriage in shambles!"
    1. Please pray for a friend of mine in WA state, her name is Jene. She has congestive heart failure and is unable to use her arms and legs. Thank you.
      1. From Paye: ”Thank you so much for your prayers -and the whole church!!! We came home yesterday-with no tubes going in or out of me!!! That feels wonderful!!! And I finally have an appointment with an oncologist-next Tuesday, in Cottonwood-we thought we would have to go to Prescott or Sedona! God has been so good through all of this- He has gone before us, preparing for all our needs, and He has been carrying us through all we needed to have done. We realize that not only was this not a surprise to Him, but He sent it to us. It is for our good and His glory! But we need to submit to His will, which means we have to know His Word. When I’m in the midst of it, I forget!!!! Our prayer is that we be grateful for the trial as well as His bountiful provision. We are very grateful for the prayers and love of River Bible Church and the provision of meals! Thank you so very much!”
        1. Thank you, Paye, for the good report. River Bible Church is a family of which you and Rodger are a part of. We love seeing the Lord as the Great Physician and provider of comfort and hope. We will continue to provide prayer and see what God will do!
        2. Paye, your "thank you" is both inspiring and evidence of one who is firmly grounded in God's plan for each of us. It gave me encouragement as I'm sure it will for all that read it!🙏
      2. Please add Nancy Shields to your prayer list...she's going through the process to get everything approved for her 3rd kidney transplant! So far everything looks good, but there's still many hoops to go through. Pray for protection, and strength and that she can feel the arms of Jesus, and her new church family, around her as she and Lonnie walk through the path they have before them.
        1. Glory to God in the highest! Last night's City Council Meeting, according to local sources, was the largest turnout of concerned citizens that anyone can remember at a council meeting. The meeting was moved to the Cottonwood Rec Center, which it turned out wasn't even close to being big enough to accommodate the crowd. The Fire Marshall had to turn away several hundred after the Rec Center was filled to standing room only! Thanks to God first and to the citizens of Cottonwood that took a stand against "Drag" coming to our community. The citizens spoke loud and clear and let's pray that the Council Members heed the message. Also thanks to Pastor Dustin for helping lead the charge. River Bible was well represented last night!
          1. We had intercessory prayer at the RBC building last evening from 6:00 until 7:45. Those prayers were powerful and, I believe, heard by our Father in Heaven. His will be done! The community has spoken, we have prayed and the point has been made at the larger, temporary council chambers in a way, I am hearing, was expected of those present. Now we merely wait upon God for His will and trust in Him. God bless the Verde Valley.
          2. Here are some photos of the City Council meeting.
          3. WOW! Great response from the community!