August 15, 2021
      • 1 Peter 5:7NIV2011

  • You Are Holy (Prince Of Peace)
  • Here I Am To Worship
  • Crown Him With Many Crowns (Diademata)
  • Jesus Paid It All
  • Review

    My Desires
    My Dreams
    My Hopes
    3 Points
    Expectations/demands kill love
    A heart of agape
    Wake up, live right.
    I will teach points 1 and give overview of 3 &3
    Then Alex & Funa will join me to discuss
    Demands and debts
    Expecting is the same as saying you owe me. I deserve, or I have a right to, which quickly becomes statements like why don’t you, and we never do what I want.
    # I have even seen churches, where the pastor is supposed to guess what the expectations are fulfill those demands even when they are not told.
    Expectations create
    Debt Debtor relationship
    Debts squelch love, respect and intimacy
    “Pay everything you owe. But you can never pay back all the love you owe each other. Those who love others have done everything the law requires.” (Romans 13:8, NIrV)
    Law of God
    Fulfilled in agape
    Heart Health —Jesus spoke of
    Inner purity, results in agape
    Adultery, murder, stealing, coveting,
    ALL avoided in “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
    # Probably in every marriage a spouse has been embarrassed by the other one saying or doing something insensitive, unkind, or rude. often the response is I didn’t realize,or o didn’t mean it that way. WHY Because we are not aware, we are not seeing. In the spiritual darkness of sin, we stumble fall and do damage.
    1 Corinthians 13:4 NIV
    4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
    Live in the Light
    vv. 13-14
    Avoid evil, ‘have nothing to do’
    Create new appetites
    “We can’t avoid all evil with a mask, put on the full armour of God.” Put on Jesus Christ as your clothing.
    hunger pains, look at a greater joy, true fulfillment and contentment
    Wake up get your inner life going in the same direction as your outer life
    Be from consistent from the inside to the outside.

      • 1 Corinthians 13:4NIV2011

  • I Give You My Heart
  • How Can I Keep From Singing

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