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    Seasons of Growth

    I sense the Father saying now is a time for equipping and getting ready, as you journey into the days ahead, ready hands will be required, build with growth in mind, without limits without constraints, I will start to connect the nations to you, both in relationship, through cyber space and one by one, get the boats ready, get the nets ready, everyone will play there part. Train leaders, inspire servants, equip the Church for these are the days of the harvest.

    So I am asking everyone who is a friend of RCF to make some room, it starts with a choice to make some room for the next season, once you have some room let me know, we can work out together how your gifts can be used. I believe everyone of you has a skill, talent, gift you can bring.

    These are exciting days to serve the King and see lives changed for His glory. Spirit filled Communication and life giving connectedness will be the key, using tools like the internet flex and grow.

    Am excited for the days ahead.



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      Finding a place to serve another

      The disciples argued about who should be in the most important place around the table, Jesus turned their thinking upside down, as he served his disciples at table, later on he washed their feet.

      He the greatest King of Kings came to serve not to be served.

      He modeled a Kingdom principle to serve without thinking about the rewards or benefits we are going to get, but to serve because of the privilege and opportunity we have to serve.

      We have opportunities to serve others every time we serve food and drink at Virginia Lodge, to do this well and do this right we need to learn how to do it safely and well.

      We have access to online training materials to get an NVQ level 1 in food safety, you can do this in your own time, and will gain an NVQ certificate.

      If you want to go further and also gain certification in Food Allergies, then we can also provide access to this course.

      The Church will invest in the cost of the course to enable you to get the qualification, if you are interested in doing the course please message Julie at the Church office admin'e-runnymede.co.uk

      Lets find ways to serve.


      Dave and the Team

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        What is a good source?

        What is a good source? Who do you listen to?

        A thought from the Pastors couch

        In these times there are lots of stories going around, many rumours, some true many not. Let me encourage you not to be distracted, there is no better way to increase the likelihood of an accident, than to distract a driver when they are driving.

        Where are you going today, what is your goal, what is your purpose?

        John 10:10 says the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, no better strategy to distract you than you grab your attention in the midst of you fulfilling your purpose, in you on the way to your destiny.

        So lets be discerning in these times of fundamental change, lets press into purpose with faith in this season of doubt and questions, lets discern the times and seasons we are in.

        The simplest test you can apply to any story that comes across your path is to look for the original source, not who it came from last but the original source.

        I regularly get messages about dodgy people on facebook, not to accept them as friends, the first thing I do is go back into google and see whether trusted sources are saying this is a problem. Often it is an old story just going around again.

        Let me encourage you to take peace, to know hope and to press in to purpose, and complete your race, end your journey, fulfill your destiny.

        Enjoy your journey



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          A day in our life - the new abnormal

          A day in our life - the new abnormal - A thought from the Pastors couch

          I keep on hearing people talking about when we return to normal, we are 10 days into this, some of us are just getting used to the change, and now realise this is not a holiday, this is not novelty this is business as usual for the next few months.

          So it time for us to stop holding our breath and start living "normally", working out ways to rest, to grow to develop, to do community, to engage with God etc.....

          Let me encourage you to be deliberate with some of your choices, there are things that you cannot do today, so take control of the things that you can and make some choices.

          I am so glad that scripture has insights to our days even in the midst of these challenging days, Isaiah 43:19 says "See, I am doing a new thing!    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."

          God will make a way for you seek to engage with God in your Journey.

          These are truly exciting times, in the way a Roller Coaster ride is exciting, lets pray and proceed, seeing God doing amazing things. Reach out, connect and share what you can.

          1. I'm excited about the way God is working new things in our lives. We now remember what was important...in the time we have to be able to pause and actually breathe....we have been reminded about the importance and huge significance of our Heavenly Father in our lives and our families and friends . I want to see what God has planned out for us all .Come Holy Spirit,we need you!
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          Currently working from home all the time!

          Seeing the invisible

          Seeing the invisible - a thought from the Pastors couch

          I take our dog outside last thing at night to end the day, as we live fairly close to the M25 most nights I could hear planes, hear the motorway and hear the noise of the local community.

          In these last two weeks that has all changed, hardly any planes, very little traffic and very few people out at night at all, its almost silent, so I can hear night birdsong and other noises I have not noticed before.

          Added to that with less light pollution and with clear skies , the stars and planets are clear in the current night skies. So my last few moments at the end of the day have become a moment of worship and a moment of connection with Gods creation. The bible says the heavens declare the glory of God, this small scripture has been freshly revealed today, again.

          Let me encourage you to, enjoy moments of revelation and insight, enjoy the beauty of God's creation at the big and the small, pause in this time that we have to see the wonders of things that we have been missing, in the busyness of our lives.

          There is a spiritual dimension to our world that we often miss as well, the hidden realm, watch out for that as well as we pray, with ardour and fervency.

          Enjoy the time that we have, in the moments that we have, to see what has been invisible.



          1. Teddy looks very calm and determined.God bless you Teddy!
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          Sustainable thinking

          Sustainable thinking - a thought from the Pastors Couch

          Yesterday we had the most people we ever had on our online groups, great to see so many folk, people on ipads, laptops, smart phones and even dialled in on a normal phone. Please let me encourage you to develop a healthy routine to your day.

          For those who are free from work pressures, develop some daily habits, do a daily prayer time with 2 or 3 people, have a time for reading (something that lifts your soul), do some exercise, inside or outside, sing a song with gusto whatever your preferences are, do a task each day that is on a longer term plan etc.....

          For those who are snowed under with work, and overwhelmed with screen calls, let me encourage you to regularly step away from your desk breath and do something different, try to keep your work time to a regular fixed time in the day, avoid it filling your day completely. Find something to feed your mind and feed your spirit. Now all screen calls require you sit in front of a computer, get a wireless headset, this will free you to walk around on a call and get you away from the screen and the desk.

          In these days please do ask some one for help if you need it, offer someone help if you can, if you are going out to do your weekly shop check with someone a neighbour, an NHS worker, a vulnerable person, are there a few things you can get them?

          As it says in Isaiah 46 verse 4 we are told I am He that will sustain you, what an encouraging word from the Father.

          Blessings Dave

          1. Good report and wise encouragement, Dave!
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          A Big thank you to those who care

          A Big thank you to those who care - a big round of applause

          Thanks to all those wonderful Nurses, Doctors, Cleaners, Carers and others who are all helping us to protect and care for those who need help.

          Lets not only give thanks but pray as well for their strength, their safety and their protection

          1. Bravo !!!!!!
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          Give as you shop - RCF

          Giving without feeling the pain

          Did you know this was possible?

          You may have been asked recently whether you want to donate to a charity as you shop on Amazon? Its known as the Amazon Smile foundation.

          You log on at smile.amazon.co.uk then select your preferred charity, then for everything that qualifies 0.5% of what you spend is given to the charity you select.

          Runnymede Christian Fellowship has now been recognised by the smile foundation so now you can get Amazon to give 0.5% to RCF.

          I am working on Abba Fathers House also being a recognised charity, will let you know when AFH is also working.