• While Logos is (at the time of this review) putting together the <a href="http://www.logos.com/product/15471/the-works-of-jonathan-edwards">"ultimate" Jonathan Edwards collection</a>, this is a great collection for someone wanting to get into Edwards' writing. Prior to this collection, I had never read any Edwards. After getting it, I can't put him down. The depth and beauty of his sermons is something amazing to behold. I highly recommend this collection!
    1. So much Calvin, so little time. Little hard to swallow at $999, but if you can find it cheaper, totally worth it. I've particularly enjoyed the Tracts as well as the Letters in this collection.
      1. It's Calvin's birthday tomorrow. Keep on eye on the Logos Blog because we may or may not have something special planned.
    2. Not only is BNTC an affordable NT commentary set, but it is a great one. I had the honor of taking a class with Kistemaker on the book of Hebrews and I loved every minute of it. His commentary reads much like his class. One feature I really like about BNTC is that it is very approachable for the non-scholar, but it also has sections addressing issues with the original language for those who want more depth from their commentary. It is almost like 2/3 "popular" and 1/3 "technical" in its approach. Great addition to your library.
      1. I discovered AYBD for the first time in Seminary and it was one of the first titles I added to my Logos collection when I had the chance. As the description says, the print version is over 7,200 pages. The result is that words covered in AYBD usually gets more than just the quick treatment a single volume dictionary requires. I find AYBD to be approachable and helpful. Like any publication, there are contributors and point you'll have to take with a grain of salt, but in general this is a great resource and will be a great asset in your Logos library.