• In order to protect each other as we come together to worship. We require each person who enters our area for worship to sign this waiver. This must be filled out each week you come to our worship service. Click this link to go to the form.
  • Immediate Re-Gathering Notice   Worship and Mid-Week Prayer and Bible Study will immediately recommence in our main building. Be advised, due to our recent efforts to find a new worship location, there are extensive modifications to procedure in meeting. Read important re-opening guidelines below. Services will continue to be broadcast on YouTube. To watch, click here or on the banner on the Safe Haven webpage.   Government of ON: Effective Friday, June 12, 2020 at 12:01 a.m… all places of worship in Ontario will also be permitted to open with physical distancing in place and attendance limited to no more than 30 per cent of the building capacity to ensure the safety of worshippers.   GENERAL GUIDELINES If you or anyone you have close contact with has any signs or symptoms associated with COVID-19, or are not feeling 100%, you should stay home and join our broadcast service instead. All others are welcome, but none should feel obligated to attend in-person if for any reason you do not feel it is safe or wise. Temperature checks will be performed at the main entrance (Units 10 & 11). The service will continue to be broadcast for all who cannot attend.   Symptoms associated with COVID-19 include cold/flu symptoms: ·        - fever/chills/body aches ·        - shortness of breath ·        - runny nose/congestion ·        - sore throat ·        - change in sense of smell or taste ·        - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea ·        - abdominal pain     PHYSICAL-DISTANCING AND SERVICE ETIQUETTE -Before arrival, please complete the health questionnaire available online (see link & pdf attached at the bottom of this email) or at the door. This ensures that people understand the nature of coming to worship during a pandemic, and should, heaven forbid, someone discover that they are COVID-19 positive, those who have attended will be advised to test themselves. -With an occupancy rating of 450 for the main building, government restrictions (30% occupancy) mean that a maximum of 126 people be allowed in the building. Admission to the building up to a maximum of 126 will be based on a first come first seated basis. 1. 10 a.m. Service: We will have one service at 10:00 am. There will be no Sunday School or Children’s Church available. 2. Arrival: Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early. 3. Screening: At the main entrance (Units 10 & 11), you will be greeted by an usher, and a screening station where there will be a temperature check, screen for symptoms, and offer you any personal protective equipment you may want or need. It is requested that you bring a lawn chair and mask, however, a limited number of chairs and masks will be available. These procedures will need to be done each time upon arrival. 4. Ushers will be wearing personal protective equipment and will direct you to an usher inside the building, who will direct you to your seat. Beyond members of a household, please remain 2 metres apart, and avoid physical contact beyond members of your household. 5. Singing: only those who are masked (besides those on the platform) are permitted to sing. 6. Nursery: With the removal of all nursery services, parents, please have your children stay with you during the service. 7. Washrooms: Only one bathroom for men and one for women (one person at a time) is available in the two classrooms. Disinfectant materials will be provided for you to clean all surfaces used (toilets, handles, taps) before and after your visit. 9. After the service: When the service is over, you may exit through all doors, you may mingle in the main auditorium so long as physical distancing guidelines are maintained: members of different households must stay 6 feet apart minimum; we encourage you to exit the building and mingle outside. 10. No food: There will be no food line, tea, or coffee after the service. 11. Hand shaking: We ask you not to shake each other's hands or hug or kiss, in order to respect the physical distancing guidelines and the health of others. 12. Doors: As many doors as possible will be propped open to ensure you do not need to touch door handles and surfaces.   OFFERING For your and our convenience, we encourage you to continue giving online here. If you are unable to give online, ushers only will handle collection plates.   GOING FORWARD As we progress towards fewer restrictions, we will keep you updated with our plans to move towards more normalcy on Sundays. We ask that you be patient with us, patient with your brothers and sisters in Christ, and respectful of the directives enumerated above.
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    Join us for our Sunday Worship Services at 10am Sunday mornings at West Shore Community Centre, 1015 Bayly St, Pickering . With COVID-19 safety protocols in place we ask you to fill out the form online or fill it out when you arrive. To watch our service online, you can do so by clicking on this link BELOW.
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    Sunday, October 25th  •  11:30 am – 12:30 pm
    1. Walt will have my proxy voting form.
    1. I would suggest the package be in the members hands by the 26th latest. This would provide us the time to digest the details, speak to those who do not have INTERNET and arrange for proxies somehow that would satisfy the legal requirements. There are many members who do not have INTERNET and with those covid restrictions it becomes difficult to get into their bubble to obtain proxies. I am positive about this adventure but I have some concerns. For example, are we allowed to share the current parking spaces (if not where is the overflow), there is another church service taking place at the same time as ours. Will ther be a building inspection done, also is an addition pre-fab sanctuary to be erected. I visited the location last Sunday and these are only 3 of the observations I have. I am sure that Thomas has already addressed these in his investigation and based on some calls I have received these concerns should be addressed in the package in order to provide more info and thus eliminate concerns before the meeting.
    2. Sid, there are approximately 70 parking spaces. I think as soon as we close the sale we need to inform Ajax that we will be using the parking lot on Sunday mornings so anyone renting the St. Francis centre will know that. Also, there are many things to consider and want to give all the details we can in the info pack to the members so they can prayerfully make an informed decision.