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Sunday May 9th 2021 10am
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 Rebekah: The Mother of Esau and Jacob

Genesis 25:19-28

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Safe Haven is a faith-based ministry that depends entirely upon the Lord and the generosity of God's people.

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Mother’s Day can be difficult at the best of times. There are those who have miscarried, aborted, lost a child to illness or accident. There are those who cannot or have chosen not to conceive. There are those who are alienated from their children, and those who just can’t seem to get through. There are those who weep over unsaved children and those who weep over backsliding children. Put into the mix of a pandemic and you have those who have not seen or been with their children for some time. Here we have yet another year where it almost doesn’t seem right to think of a Mother’s Day in lockdown. In one way this is the best time for thinking about Mother’s Day, because it enables us to cut through the unrealistic concept of motherhood and deal with the real difficulty that is a regular part of motherhood.


One of the prime examples of the difficulty of motherhood displayed in Scripture seems so appropriate for the difficulty of our day. Rebekah, as recorded in Genesis 25, struggled with infertility, family conflict and the future for her boys Esau and Jacob. Starting from the point of God’s apparent abandonment, well beyond her child bearing years, she wondered how God would fulfill His promises to her family. Even when God did seem to grant her prayers that her husband brought before the Lord, God did so in a way that seemed to just bring more trouble. So much trouble that she wondered why this was all happening to her. God’s answer to her plight only seemed to bring more confusion. Her story is a story of struggle, faith and mistakes. It is such a real story that we can see ourselves in the struggle.


May 2nd 2021 Collection

General Offering: $5,482.25

***Weekly amt needed to meet budget $6,700***

Building Fund: $755.00

Building Fund Project Total: $192,312.56



The Offering Envelopes for 2021 are now available. You can pick them up through the week between the hours of 10am-4pm

at 82 Church St., South, Ajax.


May we all pray that this current crisis is resolved, and let it be said that when things got tough, the loving response of the people of Safe Haven was visible like never before. God is with us and will sustain us. Great is His Faithfulness!


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