• One of the few books on Revelation that makes sense.
    1. Enjoyed the series and enjoy this teaching. Question: When will the audio book be available via LOGOS?
      1. Hello , Thank you for your review. At this time we currently don't have any information if this resource will be out in audio format with our platform.
    2. I had added to the WBC for several years, as the entire set was too expensive. Thank you for putting this on sale at an affordable price. That being said (and I took this from Daniel Berryhill see below comment): It is missing 3 volumes or 4 books of the NT: 37 (Acts never printed; forth-coming), 39 (1 Corinthians never printed; forth-coming), and 44 (Colossians and Philemon; out of print; no digital version available). Any idea when these volumes will be available?????
      1. My understanding is that the WBC Colossians had plagiarism and so it's no longer published or on the market.
      2. I checked the print edition and the same volumes missing in the digital is not available in the print.
    3. When I purchased this I assumed this would sync with the NKJV. Unlike the CSB Audio Bible listing (that says it does not sync) I don't see where this is stated in this listing. The reading of the NKJV has too much drama for me.
      1. When I purchased this I assumed this would sync with the CSB. NOW, as always, I read it does not. Not the fault of LOGOS since I assumed it would sync and didn't read where it says it does not. Disappointed.
        1. This is a must read for us Westerners. Very insightful on issues we probably wouldn't think about. This will certainly help in Bible studies.
          1. Sam Richardson has a good point. Here is some info on Rami Shapiro: "Shapiro moved to Miami, Florida, and created Temple Beth Or, a synagogue and think tank where he experimented with new forms of Jewish liturgy and practice, combining his experiences with Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.[6] He continued his Zen practice with the aid of Gesshin Roshi's International Zen Institute of Miami". I have nothing against a "think tank", but if Shapiro is practicing Zen then I question the validity of his writings.
            1. The Gospel of Matthew has been redacted and added to, that is one point this author failed to mention. The second point is the Romans voted these courts into position of power, this was not done according to the Torah. In the Torah the Priests had to be descendants of Aaron. The second point is the burial of Yeshua. If the Sanhedrin did sign off on his execution the Sanhedrin would also have been responsible for his burial. According to the Talmud, the Sanhedrin had two graveyards ready for the use of the court, the one was for those who were beheaded or strangled and the one for those who were stoned or burned. No where is crucifixion mentioned, this was not the method of execution according to the Jewish Laws. Many times the disgraced criminal would be put on a tree after the execution then later brought down for burial. Felons were not permitted to be buried with their ancestors, but were buried in one of the two graveyards that the Sanhedrin maintained. The third point: The Sanhedrin was composed of the leaders of the Jews and was an extension of the Roman Government. Their job was to keep the peace among their people. Anyone that was a threat to the Roman Government or the system that was established was brought up before them. They would question the person and then decide if they should be taken to the Roman Government for further action. The Sanhedrin represented their nation before the Roman administration. If the Jewish leaders did their job as the Romans required and kept the peace within their community the Romans allowed them to keep their temple, sacrifices and positions. I am disappointed in this book as there were too many key issues that were not addressed or ignored.
              1. This is a review of the book. They "tried killing Jesus" but failed. However, they devised a scheme whereby the Romans were used to kill him. The fact is: The Jews/Hebrews did not have the authority to execute him and they proved their allegiance to Rome. Just read the scriptures. The Temple system that they had established was not the same as commanded in the Torah. That is not my bias, that is what the historical accounts tells us. Considering you haven't read the book makes me wonder why you are calling what I reviewed as "biased". Read the book first then make the comments, otherwise your opinion is just opinion rather than fact.
            2. Just a word of advice: When doing a syntax search, in some of the LOGOS software this will show up as LSGNT, however, in my LOGOS Software is now displayed as GNTD:SBLE. I called Customer Service twice regarding this and on the second call I was told it was now shown as GNTD:SBLE. The other one I came across today was doing a search for Parables, all the Parables that Jesus spoke on. The Parable to click on to do this search is no longer "free standing" but is now under Accent/Parable. I right clicked on sower then clicked on Accent/Parable then selected Search this resource. I deleted out the title and reran the search. That gave me all the parables that Jesus spoke.
              1. Excellent and easy to understand. I encourage everyone to read this book.